'Lieutenant General Snakes!
As Johan's body lay in the corridor, Jayjay's eyes widened as he confirmed the presence of Patrick, who was standing behind him.

In Patrick's right hand, he held his favorite sword.

'Hey, Jay Jay. Your voice is getting louder. If you're going with Prince William, unlock this door right now. You have three seconds!'
At the sound of Patrick's slightly dull voice, Jayjay hurriedly took the key from the pocket of the fallen Johan, inserted it into the door's keyhole and turned it.

'You've made a smart choice.'
With that, Patrick sheathed his sword in its sheath on his left hip, grabbed the doorknob, turned it and pushed open the door.

In the small, simple room was a boy of about five and a maidservant.

The room was dimly lit by a candle on a small table.

The boy was sleeping in a small, crude bed, and the maidservant was sitting on a chair next to the bed, lying down on it.

'Is the maid a servant of Ganash?'
Patrick asked Jayjay,

'No, she's a maid from the Gibbs family.
Jayjay replied.
Their voices are not loud, but they are not quiet either.
But there was no sign that either the maid or the boy had reacted to their voices.

'Then we'll have to take them both with us.
Patrick said as he looked at them and began to ponder.

'Jayjay, is there anyone else who might betray Ganash?
Patrick asks, looking at Jayjay's face,

'I think most of them are reluctant to do so.
He looked at Patrick with a serious face and replied quietly.

'Hmm, then take them and get out! We're going to destroy this house!
Patrick said,

'What? What about those two?
J.J. asks,

'We'll send them flying!
Patrick said.

'How much time will you give us to escape?
Jaijay asked,

'How much do you want?
Patrick asked.

'Twenty minutes! No, 15 minutes at least!
Jaijay reiterated.

'Okay, I'll wait 15 minutes for now. But we can't wait if they sense us, okay? You better get everyone out of here. I'll call Pooh in the sky to pick them up, and when he comes down, time's up. Run to the second or eighth army, raise the white flag and surrender. ''
Patrick instructed, looking at Jay Jay,

'Yes, sir!
After saluting, Jayjay hurriedly ran out the door of the room.

'Hurry up.
Patrick said quietly to the door as Jayjay walked out, but I wondered if Jayjay heard him.