304-opening of a war

A few days after the report of food being brought into the Snakes' fort was brought to Castle Zabeen, several border guards stationed near the border at the eastern fort of the Empire appeared on horseback and shouted loudly towards the fort.

'The Snakes Kingdom army has crossed the border! It's quite a large force!
Hearing this, the soldiers guarding the gate of the fort,

'What! I haven't received any report of such a large force entering that fort⁉︎'.
He said,

'But it's true!
said the soldier on horseback.

'Yeah, and what about the border guards?

'The border guards were defeated and retreated in scattered groups. We've been ordered by our superiors to ride out and report back!

'Mmm, hey there, go report to your superiors for now! You, ring the bell! Battle positions!
He ordered another soldier to go and report, and a bell rang out in the fort to warn of the unusual situation.

'Hey you guys! I'm closing the gates, get inside now!
' said a soldier to a border guard soldier who came to report,

'And I've already explained the situation to the troops on the grassland!
' said the border guard who made an additional report.

'What did the commander say?'

'He said he would buy us a few days. In the meantime, he wants us to call the Imperial Capital for support!

'I see! In the meantime, go inside and make the same report again to the command center!

'Understood, sir!
With that, he led his horse inside the fort, the border guards.

The headquarters listened to the report of the border guards and decided to report to the imperial capital.

The commander heard the report of the border guards and decided to report to the imperial capital. Then, several soldiers on horseback hurriedly departed for the imperial capital.

After defeating the Zabeen Empire's border guards without Pichan, the soldiers of the Snakes Kingdom headed directly west.
The Zabean Empire was gathering soldiers for the battle between the Snakes and the Mental Kingdom, but Pichan, aka Picrostier, who sensed the location by smell, ran at once. No, he wasn't running.

'Pichan, he's not following us!
Patrick shouts to his feet.

'You didn't do anything earlier, so you've got a lot of energy! I'm fine! I'll take care of him! I'll take care of it! Lord, get your lance ready and go for the kill! It's cooler that way!
Pichan says back.

With that, Patrick held up the lance he'd gotten Thorinaris to make for him to carry when he rode Pooh as a formality.

What the hell is that⁉︎?

That must have been the consensus of the soldiers of the Zabean Empire gathered in the grasslands.
They had just learned from a report that the Snakes Kingdom army had crossed the border and was attacking, and were hurriedly preparing for battle and waiting.

However, the first thing we saw was not a Snakes soldier, but a huge snake-like demon.
It had a body like a black pearl glittering with rainbow colors, and eyes as red as rubies. Two black horns stretching forward from its head.

And on its head, right between the two horns, is a man wearing skull armor.
The killing power he radiates is enough to shatter a fighter's spirit, but how many of you felt that power?
The lance he wielded seemed to be telling the demon where to go.

'I've received reports that Snakes' soldiers crossed the border and the border guards were defeated. But I've never heard of a demon like that.'
The commander who saw the snake demon muttered to no one in particular.

The soldiers fled the moment they saw the demon.
A huge snake demon is advancing, flicking away the soldiers who failed to flee with its body, and a person wearing a red variant of armor shows the way forward with a lance.
The commander of Zabeen's army was trying to stop the fleeing soldiers by shouting at them, but it was quite impossible to stop those who were caught up in the crowd mentality.


'Lord! Maybe that's the commander!'
Pichan said, dexterously pointing her forked tongue at him.

'Right! I'm off! Pichan, do well so that our soldiers won't be harmed!
Patrick jumped from Pichan's head and ran towards the commander in a straight line.

'Of course! I'll leave it to you!'
Pichan says to Patrick's back, and then proceeds to lay waste to the enemy soldiers.

With Patrick gone from her head, Pichan can do as she pleases, and she vomits a black blur from her mouth.
It is a fine mist of his own poison, and when it mixes with the air, the toxicity is diminished, but it acts on the optic nerve, blinding the eyes for several hours.

The blind soldiers wielded their spears in the dark, but to Pichan, a spear was like being stroked with a cotton swab.

But for Pichan, a spear was like being stroked with a cotton swab. Those who were unlucky enough to be hit by the wagging tails of the spears flew through the air and crashed into the ground, ending their lives.

The Snakes Kingdom troops who arrived a little later saw soldiers moaning as they fell from the sky, corpses crushed by Pichan with their internal organs blasted out, and soldiers wielding spears without recovering their sight.

'I hate dying like that.
A soldier of the Snakes Kingdom said to himself as he looked at the gutted and dead bodies of his enemies.