305-to go wild

Patrick runs unnoticed.

He aims for his commander's head.

He dexterously slips through the confused Zabine Empire soldiers.

'Yeah, I guess I'll just have to hunker down in the fort and fight a siege! There's no way we can win a battle in the grasslands with that monster! Retreat!
A voice shouted behind the commander.

'Calling me a monster is disrespectful to Pichan! Anyone who speaks ill of my pet will regret it in the afterlife.
At the same time, a red liquid gushed from the commander's throat and he collapsed on the spot.

Patrick kicked the struggling commander in the head with the tip of his steel-plated boot. There was the sound of a skull cracking.

Seeing the fallen commander, Zabean's soldiers run away.

But the Snakes' Royal Army is not so kind as to let him go.
The Zabean Imperial Guard, armed and fleeing, were targeted by knives from the sky, spears of infantry and cavalry, and archers from a distance, and their lives were scattered.
And above all, there was Pichan.
The Snakes Kingdom's army was able to defeat the Zabeen Empire's soldiers without difficulty because their huge bodies limited the direction in which the Zabeen Empire soldiers could flee.

No one was strong enough to approach a giant snake demon without liking it.

'Okay, we've defeated most of them.
In Patrick's eyes, he could see Pichan and the Snakes Kingdom soldiers capturing the fleeing soldiers.

'Your Majesty! There's no damage here!
To the soldiers who came to report,

'Thank you! Captain Dixon! Tell Lieutenant Colonel Kanaan that we'll head for the fort first. I'll lead with the horses, and the infantry can come after us at fighting speed!
Patrick gave the order.

Captain Dixon, by the way, could find Patrick if he shouted.

'Yes, sir!

'Well, Wylie! Take care of the horses! Keep going!'
Patrick says and rides on Pee-chan's head.


A few minutes after sending a message to the imperial capital, the eastern fortress of the Xavian Empire was attacked by a giant snake demon, despite the fact that it was supposed to buy time.

The soldiers reported seeing the creature from the watchtower of the fort, and it was fine until they hurriedly closed the gates of the fort.
The serpent demon that hit the gate of the fort, undaunted by the bows and arrows that were fired simultaneously, entered through the broken gate and is running rampant.

With a swipe of its tail, dozens of soldiers were blown away and collapsed against the wall.
In the next instant, the walls of the building are destroyed by the head that extends at an invisible speed.
The demon devoured the fleeing soldiers one after another, as if swallowing a pea-soup.

The scene was being shown to me by the commander at the top of the fort, who was dressed in the most luxurious clothes,

'Hey! Hurry up and kill that monster!
' he shouted to his soldiers.

The soldiers inside the fort were completely blinded by the giant snake demon.

A few minutes later, the horse troops of the Snakes Kingdom entered through the collapsed gate.
In the attacked fort of the Xavian Empire, the spears of the Snakes soldiers on horseback pierced their allies one after another.

In addition to this, the soldiers are cut down by battle axes wielded by powerful beastmen who invade a few minutes later, and knives falling from the sky.

The number of Zabine Empire soldiers is decreasing with time.