306-Snakes of Advance

'With all due respect, Your Highness Alex! Our bows and arrows and spears have been bounced back.
' reported a soldier.
The one called His Highness Alex was the second prince of the Xavian Empire. He had been waiting in this fortress for the outbreak of war between the Snakes and the Mental Kingdoms, hoping to take credit for the battle for the throne.

'Yeah, you're useless! Just aim with the ballista!
Prince Alex the Second ordered,

'The ballista is designed to target the outside of the fort, not the inside! Retreat!
The soldier tells him it's impossible.

'If we lose to those incomprehensible people and retreat! You'll be stripped of your right to the throne!
When the Second Prince Alex shouted, he felt a chill behind him and unconsciously turned his head back.

At that moment, the lance that was already in front of him pierced his right eye.
Prince Alex's brain must have been destroyed by the lance, and he collapsed in a spasm.

'Your Highness Alex!
The head of the soldier who shouted this flew off.

Patrick took his hand off the lance, pulled out the sword machete on his right hip, and cut off the head of the screaming soldier.
The soldier's head fell to the ground, and his eyes rolled on the ground with their eyes wide open.

Patrick grabbed his lance with his right hand, pulled it out, and slashed the man's head with his sword machete, grabbing him by the hair and lifting him up,

'Enemy commander, down!
He grabbed the man by the hair, lifted him up and shouted loudly, 'Enemy, commander!
The rapid advance of the Snakes Kingdom continued.

A few days after the start of the war, the Xavian Imperial Army appeared at the second fort in the Marquis of Abbot's domain in the north.

'There are more of them than we thought, but not enough to take this place.
Ryan Abbott said,

'Well, there's no road for food wagons to get through. We'll just have to make do with that.
Van Pelt says.

'What should we do?
Ryan looks at Van Pelt and asks.

'The dragon runners in the second stronghold should be enough, but please take command of the archers on the walls.
Van Pelt said, staring at the enemy troops.

'Yes, sir!
Ryan replied,

'Well then!
Van Pelt walks off.
Van Pelt's Viper Squad's running dragons are truly unstoppable in mountainous regions.
Their movement speed is moderate, but they can climb cliffs that are impossible for four-legged horses.

Xavian soldiers fell one after another to the arrows fired from the top of the cliffs.
It took less than half a day for 2,000 Zabine Imperial troops to be defeated by only 300 runners.