307-Third Fortress

However, there were several small units of the Xavian Empire that crossed the border undetected by the Snakes' forces.

The Xavian Empire soldiers move on foot, hiding in the mountains, and find a water hole.
It was nearing dusk,

'All right, we'll take a break here. Let's get some rest and get ready for tomorrow.
The commander of the troop said in a quiet voice.

While more than half of the troops were asleep and half were on alert, not a single Zabean soldier noticed that the camouflaged men were slowly approaching on a running dragon, also clad in camouflage.

When a large number of arrows shot soundlessly pierced through the Zabean soldiers, the Zabean Imperial Army finally noticed the enemy attack.

'Enemy attack!
A soldier who was lucky enough to escape the arrow attack shouted out.
But those were the last words he spoke in this world.

One by one, the soldiers of the Xavian Empire fell.
The sleeping soldier jumped up at the sound of the voice and ran to hide in a tree. When he ran, a spear came out from the grass under the tree.

A soldier whose throat had been pierced fell, coughing up blood.
Seeing the soldiers fall one after another, the commander said,

'Where the hell is the enemy! No, how did you know our position before that?
He shouted to no one in particular.

'We were in full view of the fort.
The commander was not expecting an answer,

'There's no fort nearby! Don't lie to me!
Don't lie!' he shouts.

'You just don't know it. We've been seeing them since we crossed the border.'
Those were the last words the commander heard.

The dragon runners chase the fleeing soldiers.
Only a few of the Xavian Empire soldiers were able to escape because their speed was far different from the Xavian soldiers who were running away.

'Major General Colton, have you destroyed them?
Colton's second-in-command asked,

'Yes, I believe we killed most of them. We may have missed a few, though. But the hidden fort is a good fort. The only problem is there's no water, but we can keep an eye on the enemy from high above. Hey! Make it easy on the breathing ones there.
Colton instructs his soldiers after finding a breathing enemy soldier.

'This watering hole is a bit of a hassle, but it won't be a problem if we carry them. But how did His Majesty find such a place, a mountaintop fort? And the far-sighted tube! That thing is dangerous.

'I heard he found it from the sky, and it was specially made by His Majesty, though it was made by a Dwarf who was told by His Majesty.

'Oh, Master Pooh, is it?

'I wonder who His Majesty really is? With a pterodactyl at his side, he's definitely not a man, right?

'Would the Major General who's been with you since you were an Ensign say that? Of course not. He's the Grim Reaper. Now that we're done, we should go destroy the next unit. We need to rendezvous with whoever's tracking us! Hey, there! Let's get this over with.

This night, three covert units of the Xavian Empire will bid farewell to the world.