308-Reward 1

As luck would have it, a medium-sized unit managed to cross the border from a point halfway between the second fort in the north and the third fort on the mountaintop and invade the Snakes Kingdom.

The troops were the top-ranked elite troops of the Xavian Empire's covert forces.

They attacked the soldiers of the houses that had been incorporated into the Snakes Kingdom, and after obtaining horses one after another, they were desperately riding towards the castle of the Snakes Kingdom along the road.

The elite soldiers of the Snakes Kingdom Army went to the front line, and the security forces were unable to stop the elite troops.

When the soldiers of the Xavian Empire arrived at the Snakes Castle, they bristled at the fact that the bridge leading to the main gate was in the middle of the moat, parallel to the moat.

'Why is the bridge facing the same direction as the moat?
One of the soldiers shouted,

'It's a revolving bridge. It's a revolving bridge, the angle is changed by ropes from the inside, so there's nothing we can do about it from the outside.
The other soldier says.

'It's no use, we can climb up from the moat on the other side of the river, we'll just jump in and swim across.
Pointing to a gently sloping area on the castle side, the commander said.

'The order is to seize or kill the king or queen. The king seems to have been identified at the front, and we're after the queen! She looks like a chubby little thing. Kill any woman who looks like that.
When I said that,

I'll kill her! I'll kill you!
I swear I'll kill you!' a woman shouted.

A soldier spotted the woman he had heard about on the watchtower,

'There she is! That's her!
With that, the soldiers of the Xavian Empire jumped into the dugout.

Countless eyes, reacting to the sound of a plunge into the water, silently creep up from the water.

One of the soldiers swimming breaststroke on the surface of the water suddenly disappears into the water.
One by one, and then another.

After several of them have disappeared, someone finally notices that the number of soldiers is decreasing.

'Hey! There are fewer! We're losing people!

'What? Did they drown?
A soldier sank in front of him as he swam.

'Hey! That's strange! There's something in this moat!
The soldier who shouted this rose up from the water.

No, that's not the right word.
He was lifted above the water by a large mouth full of fangs.
A soldier who saw its distinctive mouth said,

'A water dragon! There's a water dragon!
There's a water dragon!
Hearing his voice,

'What! Oh no! Hurry up! We're being eaten!
The commander shouts.

Hearing this, the soldiers hurriedly swam to the other side of the river, but the speed of a human swimmer is negligible.
Gradually, the number of soldiers dwindled.

When the soldiers thought they were almost to the shore, a cream-colored object pulled them into the water. It had jaws a size larger than those of any water dragon he had ever seen.

When the soldier finally reached the shore and climbed out of the water, an arrow pierced his chest as if it were being sucked in.

The soldier moaned.

'Yes! I'm hit!
Thorinaris's voice came from the top of the building.
He had been aiming his bow and arrow at the soldier who had called Pechapai.
After that, countless arrows rained down from the watchtower. They were aimed at the soldiers who had landed.
A water dragon crawls out of the water, takes the fallen soldier in its mouth, and throws him into the water.
The thrown soldiers sink into the water.

The water dragons rise to the shore one after another. One water dragon stands out among them all.

'It's huge!
While the other water dragons were only a little over five meters in length, the cream-colored water dragon was the only one that stood out, and it was nearly ten meters in length.

When the soldiers saw it, they said,
'Hey, let's all go up at once! There are more of us than the water dragons! Not yet!
Those who judged that they would fall prey to the water dragons and their archers if they landed individually ordered them to do so.

Xavian soldiers rushed to the shore.
Bows and arrows rained down on the soldiers, who fell one by one.
But there were dozens of Xavian soldiers who successfully avoided the arrows and escaped the water dragon.

They were the skilled men of this unit.