309-Reward 2

Zabeen's skilled men started running towards the watchtower at once.
Snakes' soldiers who were guarding the castle countered, but since they were guarding the entire castle, they were delayed by the fact that their target, the tower, was a separate building.
The soldiers guarding the towers had been able to counter the attack with a few men, but their numbers were too different.
One by one, they scattered in vain.

Queen Sonalith on the top floor of the tower, and the soldiers of House Sneaks standing guard over her as if to protect her.
Zabeen's soldiers feel uncomfortable when they see a number of soldiers without one arm or leg among them.

'Boys, it's time to return the favor we've received!
Says the soldier without his right arm,

the soldiers around him shouted.

As the soldier with no right arm says this, another soldier with no left arm rushes in with a spear under his arm.

'Did you think you could stop us with your body!
The spear of Zabeen's soldier bounces off the spear of the soldier with no left arm and pierces the soldier's stomach.

''Gah! I don't think I can win!
The one-armed Snakes soldier who was speared said, grabbing the Xavian soldier's spear with his right hand,

'Now! Shoot him dead with me!
' he shouted.

At the sound of his voice, the soldiers with crippled bodies shot arrows from their bows,

A voice leaks out from a startled Xavian soldier.

One by one, the arrows pierce the soldier's arm, and he collapses.

'Are these the dead soldiers?
The Zabean soldier opened his eyes and shouted,

'We are the ones who were saved by His Majesty the Snakes. I would gladly give my life to protect your beloved! We have lost an arm and a leg, but we can repay you for hiring us like any other soldier! He even gave us the honor of dying as soldiers!
With that, another one comes running towards us, spear at the ready.

'd*mn it!
He clicks his tongue and throws his spear at the legless archer sitting on the ground.

The spear pierced the archer, who could not avoid it due to his limp.

A voice called out to the archer whose spear was stuck.

'I'm sorry, I'll go first. Take over .......'

'I got it!

The disabled soldiers struggled.
Making good use of the narrow passages and using their own bodies as shields, they desperately tried to stop the Xavian Empire soldiers from approaching Queen Sonalith. He managed to defeat some of them, but the difference in his own strength was inexcusable.
Gradually, their numbers dwindled until there were only a few left.

'd*mn it, I can't face His Majesty like this! I'll get Sona somehow.
That's when..,

A jet-black pterodactyl flew out from inside the castle.

'A pterosaur⁉︎'
Zabeen's soldiers cried out in astonishment.

'Pooh! Where's the egg?'
Thorinaris shouted at Pooh,

Pooh cried.
But Thorinaris had no idea what the cry meant. But he could imagine it.

'Did it hatch?
Thorinaris asked,

When Pooh turned his gaze to the Xavian soldier..,


When he turns his gaze to the Zabean soldier, he lets out another short squeal.
With that cry, the body of the Xavian soldier disappeared in a black blur.

The only commander who did not jump into the moat saw the pterodactyl and fled in panic, but his life was ended by a common soldier of the security force.

The commander's name was Max van Zabeen. He was the fourth prince of the empire.

'Thank you, everyone, thanks to you, I'm safe. No matter how I thank you, it won't bring back the dead. ......'
Thorinaris thanked the soldiers who had protected him.

'Forgive my rudeness in returning your words directly. Queen Thornaris, we were merely returning the favor of His Majesty the Snakes. I hope you don't mind. We would normally be dead, unable to work, but you've hired us to guard the city walls and paid us the same as the regular soldiers. We never thought we'd live such a blessed life. I'm sure those who died were happy to see us go. I'll be satisfied if you say it was a great cause.
The man in charge of the wounded soldiers said to Thorinaris on their behalf,

'Well done, all of you.
Thorinaris responded.

'Thank you for your words.
The leader of the group responded by dropping to one knee, and those behind him bowed in the manner of a vassal.
Even though they couldn't all take the same form, their loyalty was enough for Thorinaris to understand.

'Good work, Master Po and the others!
Cnut shouted from the watchtower.

'Thank you, Po!
Thorinaris also calls out to Po.

Po responds with a big wag of his tail.
Is it my imagination, or does he look like he's smiling slightly?