310-Rudolph again

Patrick and the rest of the Snakes' Royal Army continued their rapid march.

There were not many soldiers who resisted when they saw Pichan, and even when those who resisted with bows and arrows or spears appeared, they could not even put a scratch on Pichan's scales.

The soldiers were bounced by Pichan's meandering body and collapsed with bruises all over their bodies.
Seeing this, the soldiers and lords surrendered, and the king of the vassal state.

It took less than two weeks for the Snakes to take over the eastern side of the empire from the center.
This was the Two Weeks War as it was later called.

In order to prevent being pinned down by the vassal states, the forces of the Snakes Kingdom were sent to the countries they had conquered, and the number of troops following Patrick decreased.

After that, it took some time to cross the desert in the center, but it took 10 days to reach the imperial territory of the empire, or the royal capital in the mental kingdom.

A protective wall surrounds the imperial territory.
After destroying it with two blows of Pichan's tail, the Snakes Kingdom army rushed through the hole.

'Leave those who flee behind! Kill only the soldiers coming towards you! We're aiming for the Emperor and his clan, who are probably in the castle! Elvis! Wylie! You'll do well! Mirko, you're with the wagons, supply and save the wounded! Canaan, Dixon, you're with Mirko, protect the wagons and the wounded!

To Patrick's shout,
"Yes, sir!
'Yes, sir!' comes a voice.

'Yes! Charge!
Patrick shouted, standing on top of Pichan's head.

Patrick, standing on top of Pichan's head, shouted, "Pichan is in a good mood.
The horses followed at full speed.

Patrick uses his lance to knock down the arrows fired by the enemy, while Pichan does nothing but bounce them back.

The rest of the horse troop paused in a position where the arrows could not reach them, waiting for the rain of enemy arrows to stop.

The archers in the imperial territory are blown away by Pichan's body blow.
As the arrows began to fall more sparsely, the horse troops charged forward.
The vipers attacked the soldiers who had been deployed on both wings without being hit by Pichan's body.

One by one, the soldiers of the Xavian Empire fall, and some even flee, but those who escape are let off the hook as Patrick had told them.

The soldiers of the Snakes Kingdom were steadily approaching the castle of the Xavian Empire.

Emperor Xavien, who had been watching the dwindling number of soldiers from his castle, returned to his throne,

'Nergis! Can't you do something about that monster?
Can't you do something about that monster?
No enemy had entered the walls of the castle, but outside the walls there was a giant snake demon and soldiers of the Snakes Kingdom running around.

The one who was shouted at was the first prince, Nergis van Zabeen, the marshal of the Zabeen Empire. He is the most promising candidate for the next emperor, but has not yet been chosen. That is why the 2nd and 4th princes went to the front to take credit.

'Bows and arrows won't pierce, spears and swords can't even get close, and I tried to aim with the ballista in the castle, but it's flicked by the tail!
I told my father, the emperor,

'That's because you're aiming at it with a single unit, point everything at that monster!
The Emperor instructs his son.

'I'm trying, sir! But they're all being shot at!

'Then aim your arrows at the creepy thing on the monster's head!

'That's my father! He just disappeared.

'What⁉︎ Where did he go? You didn't let him sneak into the castle, did you?

'I don't know, sir.

'I don't know what's going on! Call the soldiers! Get the soldiers to guard this place!

Yes, sir!

At Nergis' order, the soldiers were placed around the throne where the Emperor sat.

'Father, I will stand by your side and protect you.
And a man appears.

'Ah, Rudolph. Are you going to help us? You failed in the invasion of the Mental Kingdom. Nergis asked me to send you out, so I did.
Yes, the third prince who was previously captured by Patrick and imprisoned after he was repatriated.

'The Snakes Kingdom is ruled by the man who humiliated me! I'll never forget his face! And I can work better than your brother Alex or Max, who won't be back. Plus, I have a trump card in my hand.

'Hmm, have it your way.

'Thank goodness. I hope I can be of service to my father and clear his name.

With that, Rudolph brought a tall man with brown hair to stand guard near the emperor.