311-a haughty face

Patrick approaches the walls of the castle without a care in the world.
Slashing at any soldiers he sees.

His armor is already stained red with blood.
But he walks slowly and unobtrusively, slashing the throats of his enemies without anyone noticing.

The ground is stained with the color of blood, as if the land was originally red clay.
When Patrick arrived at the gate of the castle wall, he saw the iron gate that was tightly closed and decided to look for another place to enter.

The side gates were also made of iron and could not be burned.
Patrick is annoyed by the way the Xavian Empire stubbornly keeps the gates closed, even though the Xavian Empire soldiers have returned injured and are standing in front of the gates shouting to be let in.

He was injured fighting for his country, but they were not treating the wounded soldiers.

'Do you value your own life so much? How can a soldier risk his life just to give orders like a big shot?
Muttering, they walked along the city walls, but could not find anything that would allow them to enter.

However, the time that Patrick spent walking around was enough time for the soldiers of the Snakes Kingdom to neutralize the soldiers of the Zabean Empire. Well, most of them were Pichan.

Out of range of the arrows raining down from the top of the castle walls, the Snakes Kingdom's army was waiting.

'Lord! It's all taken care of.
Pichan, who was taking the arrows that were raining down on her, didn't seem to be in any pain at all, but on the contrary, she was smoldering, found Patrick and called out to him.

'Oh! Thanks for your help, Pichan! There's no place to break in here, so I'm wondering what to do.
I'm just trying to figure out what to do,' Patrick said to Pichan.

'Leave that to me!
With that, Pichan slammed the injured soldier into the iron gate where the injured soldiers of the Zabine Empire were gathered.
Immediately after the crashing sound, there was a thumping sound against the gate, and instead of the gate opening, the entire wall around the gate collapsed.

'Lord! It's open!
' said a smug-looking Pichan.

'That's great, Pichan!
Patrick said, but..,

'I'd say it's more like I crushed it than opened it.
'Two? Wylie, who was in command of the soldiers, said with some dismay.

'You guys neutralize the soldiers, don't waste your lives. Don't force the attack! Go in after Pichan's rampage!''
With that, Patrick walked out.

Pichan used the stairs on the inside of the castle wall, where the soldiers would be climbing, and dexterously climbed up, hooking the scales on her stomach.
Wylie and the others, who looked at Zabeen's soldiers with pity in their eyes as they fell from the top, dismounted and started walking towards the entrance of the castle.

Not knowing that Patrick has already entered the castle, the Xavian soldiers stationed near the entrance of the castle boldly attack.

The battle between Wylie and the joint forces of the Snakes Kingdom Army and the Plum Beastmen Army began, but the well-trained Snakes soldiers and the Beastmen Army soldiers with their superior physical abilities cut down the Zabeans soldiers outside the castle with ease.

Seeing this, some of the soldiers gave up and threw down their weapons, raising their hands to be captured.

Meanwhile, Patrick, who had infiltrated the castle without any sign of life, wore a black cloak over his conspicuous armor and walked slowly through the corridors with extreme caution, looking for the throne where the emperor was supposed to be.

'Isn't this castle too big? It looks like it's more than three times the size of ours.
Patrick whispered to himself.

After wandering several times, he finally found a place where many soldiers were guarding the corridor.

He took out a small bottle from his pocket, coated his sword machete and kukuri knife with the liquid inside, and ran noiselessly through the soldiers standing on both sides of the corridor.

He made light cuts on the soldiers.
The soldiers screamed at the small pain, but then moaned loudly.

The soldiers guarding the corridor leading to the throne room collapsed one after another, and the soldiers guarding the entrance to the throne room hurriedly raised their spears.

The soldiers guarding the entrance to the throne room hurriedly raised their spears, but blood suddenly sprayed from the necks of the soldiers holding the spears.
Rudolph saw it,

Rudolph saw this and said, 'A crook must have broken in! Find him! That chill running down my back is him! It's King Snakes! Rick! Find him!'

As Rudolph's shout caused a commotion in the room, Rick, the man Rudolph had brought with him, looked around the room, took up a small bow and arrow, and quickly released it.

This man, called Rick, was a survivor of the bandits that Patrick had defeated while cleaning the streets when he was an ordinary soldier. He ended up in the Empire and joined the Imperial Army,
'I can find King Snakes!
He boasted that he could find King Snakes, a skill that had become a rumor among the soldiers of the Xavian Empire, that he could not be detected.
Rudolph had heard of this, and he had been assigned as Rudolph's bodyguard.

The arrow flew into the right eye of Patrick, who was a few meters from the entrance.
When Patrick noticed the arrow, he knew there was no more time to avoid it.
He was crawling on the floor, but he was not in a position to move quickly. He realized this just as the arrow was about to pierce Patrick.
Patrick was..,
(Oh, he's dead.)
But then, with a thump, Patrick's heart beat so loudly that even he could hear it.

Then Patrick's vision went dark.