312-Another dimension 3 ~ Face-to-face~

'Hi! It's not my pleasure to meet you, but I don't think you'll remember me, Patrick.
A voice spoke to Patrick, who was in a daze.

'Who are you?
Patrick, whose vision had not yet recovered, responded to the voice asking him.

'I am the one who brought you into this world. In simple terms, he is the god of the underworld, the god of the soul.
At the same time, Patrick's vision was restored. There was a figure in his thirties with a jet-black head of hair and dark eyes, wearing a purple fluttering dress.

'God? Another god than the one that brought Sona to this world?'

'Yes, it is. The one who called your wife, that's another god.'

'Hmm, so? Did you say the god of the underworld? Does that mean I'm dead?'

'No, just before you died.'

'Just before?

'Yeah, the arrow that flew at you in 0.1 second will pierce your eye and reach your brain. I'm going to let you choose whether you want to die and fuse with me or live a little longer.


'Even a god is not immortal, you know. You look for people in other worlds whose wavelengths match yours, call them into your world, and after your soul becomes familiar with that world, you fuse with it, transforming it, or upgrading it. In this way, you manage the world while spending eternity.

'So you're saying that Sona and I were called to merge with the gods of this world?

'Yes, and to bring about change in this world.

'I see, one more thing. As for the living thing I mentioned earlier, can I still live?'

'Yes, I thought that it would be a long time before I could merge with you, and it would be more convenient for me to do so after your soul has become more familiar with this world. Besides, it's this idiot's fault that you're dying this time, isn't it?
The God of the Underworld snapped his fingers.

A beautiful woman tied up in chains suddenly appeared.
Her beautiful face is twisted into a sullen expression.
The God of the Underworld looked at that beauty with a sideways glance,

'He's the god of jealousy. It seems he was fond of your wife. He was trying to ruin your life to spite you for stealing his favorite. Fortunately, the God of Love had blessed you and your wife, so he couldn't attack you directly, so he brainwashed a dark elf man to share his power with you. That's why your fate was changed so much. If he hadn't done what he did, you wouldn't have declared the Snakes Kingdom. The clothesline guy, well, the clothesline guy is the god who brought your wife here, right? And the clothesline found out and reported it to me, so I grabbed her.

The god of the underworld says this and decapitates the beautiful woman tied up in chains.

The jealous god complains to the god of the underworld.

'It doesn't hurt! You're the reason Patrick's in so much trouble! And on top of that, now that the dark elf is dead, you've been looking for someone you can use to interfere next!
The God of the Underworld shouted at him,

'Because he's going to take my Sona-chan!

'It's not yours!
Patrick yells.

'What! I've been watching over her since she came to this world! There's no one else who's so jealous and active like her!

'I've known you since my previous life! I've known you since my past life! Don't talk about my breasts! If Sona hears you, she'll kill you for sure, even if you are a god!

'I'm not going to die!
' said the jealous god with a smug look on his face,

'No, you can kill me.
The God of the Underworld replies.

'Please don't kill me! I can't win against you, the higher god!
The jealous god pleads with the god of the underworld.

'Then go apologize to Patrick, you scum!

'Ugh, I'm sorry.
The God of Jealousy apologizes to Patrick.

'Huh, that's okay.
Patrick says,

'So, fortunately, the arrow's not in yet, so I can take care of it with a bit of fiddling. What do you think?
The God of the Underworld asks.

'Then I want to live ...... and I don't want to leave Sona to die first!
Patrick said, his intentions clear.

'Very well! Then go ahead and live. But! I can only intervene once while you're alive. That means this is the last time. Don't expect me to do anything about it again!
The God of the Underworld advises Patrick.

'Yeah, I'll keep my head up. Thank you, Lord of the Underworld.'
Patrick bows his head,

'Then return.
The God of the Underworld snaps his fingers.

Patrick's bowed head disappears from the scene.

'Hang in there, Patrick. I'll be watching over you from here. My blessings are upon you.

The God of the Underworld's mouth was slightly smiling as he said this.