313-the head of an emperor

Patrick's skull helmet suddenly shifts a few centimeters to the left, to the side.

With a high-pitched clang, the arrow shot out was deflected and changed its trajectory to stab the Xavian soldier.

'You idiot! You missed my aim⁉︎'
Rick shouts as he tries to put the next arrow in his bow.

Thank you, God of the Underworld.
(Thank you, God of the Underworld!) Patrick thanked him in his mind as he got up from his crawling position and ran toward Rick, who was about to put an arrow in his bow.
He throws the Kukri knife in his right hand at Rick, who had finished putting the arrow in the bow and was releasing it.
The Kukuri knife pierces Rick's chest, and the arrow he was about to fire flies off in the direction of the day after tomorrow.
Patrick kicks the fallen Rick in the face, looks around, and sees Rudolph's face,

'Yo! It's Rudolph, the third prince of the losers. It's been a long time. I heard you were locked up, but you're still alive? Did you come all this way to get yourself killed by me?'

''Shut up! I gave up my right to the throne to work for my brother, and he let me out! To get a chance to take revenge on you!''

''Huh! If you can do it, you can do it!
With that, I release my killing intent.

I let Patrick's killing intent wash over me,
'Hiccup ......'
Rudolph let out a small cry and slumped over.

Patrick walked up to Rudolph, kicked him once in the stomach, and then threw the sword machete he was holding in his left hand at his stomach.
The machete lodged in Rudolph's stomach made the wound even bigger as Rudolph rolled around on the floor, the blood turning the floor crimson.

Patrick lost interest in Rudolph, slashing down the nearby soldiers one by one with the sword he had pulled from his left hip,

'It is a pleasure to meet you, Emperor Xavien. I'm Patrick von Snakes, King of the Snakes Kingdom. I've come to take your life!
With that, he threw the sword in his right hand with all his might at the back of the emperor who was trying to escape from the throne.
The emperor, with the sword stuck in his back, screamed and fell to the floor.

Nergis could not help but shout at the sight.

'Father? Are you his son? Then die!'
Patrick said to Nergis as he tried to approach him,

'No! The Emperor's throne is yours! No! Please don't kill me!
The emperor begs for his son's life.

'That's what the elves, dwarves and beastmen said, did you hear them?
Patrick says to the Emperor,

'They are not men, they are sub-humans, there is no need to listen to them. The humans are the champions of this continent. It is the natural order of things that the many rule over the few.

'I see, you have a point.'

'Yes! You're right, you're right!
' said the emperor with a slightly relieved look on his face,

'Did you think I'd say that, a**h*le?
Patrick dropkicks the emperor in the face.
The sword falls from the emperor's back as he is blown up.
Emperor Zabeen managed to sit up and crawl closer to Patrick,

'Wow, you'll have an advantage if you keep me and my son alive. I'll talk to the countries we don't control yet, and my son Nergis is an excellent vizier and military commander. It will save you a lot of work in the future.'
The Emperor said, his nose bleeding profusely, probably from a collapsed nose.

'I'm not going to keep someone who might betray me at any moment!
Patrick approaches Emperor Zabeen, saying.

'Wait! Wait! Yes, my daughter! You can have my daughter! She's only 12, but she looks younger than her age, and she has no breasts! I hear you! That's what you like, isn't it?
With that, the emperor held out his hands as if to urge Patrick to be still.

'Don't talk to me like I'm a pedophile!
With that, Patrick throws a right roundhouse kick at the emperor's neck.
Emperor Zabeen was blown up and fell right in front of Nergis.
Nergis saw his father lying on the ground,

He drew his sword and ran toward Patrick.
Patrick opens his body to dodge Nergis' swing.
Patrick opens his body and ducks under Nergis' swing.
Nergis, unable to keep his momentum, falls to his knees.
Patrick kicked the fallen Nergis in the head with his steel-plated boot as hard as he could.
There was a dull thud and Nergis jerked and twitched.

'You! How dare you harm my son!
The Emperor, who had fallen, got up, forgot himself in anger, and drew the dagger on his left hip, the proof of his emperorship, and slashed at him.
Patrick dodged the dagger, grabbed the emperor's arm, pulled him by the hand, and carried him over his right shoulder in a judo Ippon-bakai.
Emperor Zabeen's body danced in an arc, and his back slammed into the floor. As if in reaction, the dagger leaves the Emperor's hand and falls to the floor.
The Emperor is still unable to move from the impact, or perhaps he is unconscious.
Patrick slowly walks over, picks up the Emperor's fallen dagger, and stabs it into the Emperor's throat, who is still lying on his back.

Staring at the emperor's blood flowing from his throat, Patrick said,

Patrick looked at the emperor's blood flowing from his throat and said, 'If Sona finds out about this, she'll send me to the other side right away, even though I wanted to live!

It was a murmur that no one heard.
Because Patrick was the only one alive in that room.