314-Snakes Empire

Patrick had advanced his army further west from the Imperial City, but he had passed the month promised to Thorinaris.

With the two little pterodactyls in the basket on Pei's back, Thorinaris flew over the area that Patrick and his men had occupied, looking for Patrick.

'Yo, pterodactyls! At a time like this!
The kings of the Xavian Empire, who had not yet surrendered to the Snakes, saw Pu and Pei and lamented their weakness and bad timing.

But when they saw the pterodactyl land in front of the Snakes' army,

'This is our chance! We can win if we just kick them to the curb.
I thought,

'Queen Sonalice! Excuse me for addressing you directly! Your Majesty is not here.'
'Your Majesty is not here,' shouts the Snakes' army.

'Oh, no! Where did you go?'

'We split up on the way, so we don't know, but he's probably heading west!
' replied the Snakes' Royal Army.

'All right. Well, Pooh and the others are fast fliers, so we'll just have to look around for them. Oh, should we ask Pooh and the others to destroy the enemy?
Thorinaris said,

'Well, wiping them out might cause problems later on, so we'll do it ourselves.

'Really? Goodbye.
After Thorinaris flies away, messengers with white flags approach the Snakes' army.

'We have something to ask you!
The first man with the white flag shouts.
Is it my imagination, or does one of the group look like a king to you?

''What is it?''
The commander of the Snakes' Royal Army said,

'What about that pterodactyl?

'It's a servant beast of my lord.

As soon as he said that,
'I surrender!
The man who seemed to be the king answered immediately.

The actions of Sonaris revealed the existence of giant pterodactyls named Pu and Peh to the Empire.
And it had the effect of discouraging people from even defying the Snakes.

'Lord, I smell Pooh and Peh'.
Pee-chan said to Patrick as they were moving to the next genus,

'Ah! It's been a month already?
Patrick gets impatient.

'Yes, it has.
Mirko said.

With a sound that cuts through the air, an object, or rather a pterosaur, approaches from the eastern sky.

'It's here!
Patrick is kidnapped by the owner of the voice coming from behind his back.
A whole day later, Patrick returns to conquer the Xavian Empire, and Thorinaris follows him.
Patrick's face was lifeless with dark circles under his eyes, while Thorinaris's skin was shiny and glossy.

In the next two days, Patrick and his Snakes Kingdom, along with Pee and Pupe, conquered the Zabean Empire.

The former Snakes Kingdom was renamed as the Snakes Kingdom, and the former Zabean Empire was placed under the direct control of the Snakes Royal Family, while other countries that belonged to the Zabean Empire were incorporated into the Snakes Empire as tributary states.
The Kingdom of Plum also becomes the Kingdom of Plum under the Snakes Empire.

Elves, dwarves, and beasts that had been persecuted as slaves in the former Zabine Empire were freed, and at the same time, the term "subhuman" was banned, and the term "human" was adopted to include the human race.