315-the last episode of the main story

When the Snakes Empire had stabilized, Patrick decided to send an ambassador to the great elven nation to the west of the Snakes Empire.

'Astria, I ask for a non-aggression pact and a friendship pact, these two things. We have no intention of attacking or discriminating against the Elven nation. I think you're the best person for the job, with your connections to the royalty on the other side. Tell your brother I said hello.
Patrick said to Astria, the former steward of the Royal Capital of the Mental Kingdom and current head of the Snakes Empire Castle.

'My lord, no, your majesty. Did you know about this?
Astria asks Patrick.

'That's because you said yourself that your magic was weak for your bloodline.

'I remember saying that, but is that all?

'I've asked the others, and they say your magic is more advanced than normal. Normally, it would only increase the speed of the arrow, but changing its direction is extremely difficult. But if that's considered weak, I'd say you're royalty with more powerful magic. So I had Ein and the others look into it. They said he looked just like the second prince who ran away from the country to avoid a fight for the throne.
Patrick said with a laugh.

'You're here. I understand. I, Astraia Badenrose, by the order of His Majesty Emperor Snakes, will go to the Badenrose Kingdom as an emissary of the Snakes Empire to conclude a treaty of friendship and non-aggression.

'Mm, I hereby bestow upon you a knighthood. Your name shall be changed to Count Astraia von Badenrose, and you shall be appointed ambassador to the Kingdom of Badenrose! I beg you!

'Yes! I humbly accept your order.

And so, Astria went to the Kingdom of Badenrose and concluded the two treaties as a permanent treaty. It should also be noted that Astria married Grace, a dark elf woman that Patrick had found in the mountains.
After the marriage, Grace, who served as his bodyguard and maid of honor, told him that Noel, the young girl who was with him at the time, was the only surviving princess of the Royal House of Solomon, which was destroyed by the Xavian Empire.

Fifty years later, she married the adult Noel, and the former Solomon territory became Astraia's domain, later renamed Astraia von Baden-Solomon, and became Baden-Solomon, a vassal state of the Snakes Empire, but that's another story.


One year after the Snakes Kingdom invaded the former Zabeen Empire.

'Yes! Breathe!
A woman's voice echoed in a room.


'A little more! I can see your hair!


'Almost there!

At the same time, the baby's cry rang out.

'Yes! Congratulations! It's a healthy boy! Empress Sonali.
Then she saw the child in the midwife's arms.

'My baby has black hair.
The midwife handed her child to her and smiled as she gently held him.


A few years later: ......

Four pterodactyls flying in all directions across the Snakes Empire. It's Pooh, Peh and the kids.

The people of the Empire who see the pterodactyls offer their gratitude to the Emperor of the Sneks, who may be riding on their backs.

The tax rate in the country, which used to be different for each country and territory, was made the same as that of the Snakes Kingdom, greatly reducing the burden on the people.
Although the power of the vassal states is reduced by this, the purpose of suppressing rebellions in each country is also achieved.

The four pterodactyls travel back and forth between the Snakes Kingdom and the Snakes Empire's castle in just a few hours, making it difficult for Patrick to know which one he is in.

A dark-haired, dark-eyed man sits on the throne of the Snakes Empire's castle, a remodeled version of the old Zabeen Empire castle, sipping a homemade honey plum wine on the rocks,

'I worked hard as a soldier. I'm taking it easy. Today is peaceful. This is the slow life.
He laughed happily as he watched his children play in the large throne room, laughing as they threw themselves against the body of Pichan, who was in ecstasy as Patrick stroked her head.


Patrick von Snakes, a.k.a. Patrick van Snakes.

As the first emperor of the Snakes Empire, he laid the foundation for the next 1200 years of the Snakes Empire before dying at the age of 80.

He and his wife had one boy and two girls, and the boy was married to the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Canaan, a nobleman of the Mental Kingdom.

Decourse von Kanaan, the first wizard of the human race.
Her eldest daughter was a brilliant woman who mastered fire magic at the age of 15.

Later, the Snakes' royal bloodline would produce wizards for generations to come.

In addition, those who inherited the blood of Decourse von Canaan awoke to the ability to use magic at the age of only ten,
I've heard wizards speculate that it's a condition for the ability to manifest, that they don't have certain experiences until they're 30.
The conditions for the development of magical abilities in the human race have yet to be clarified. (Laughter)

Of her two daughters, the older one is married to the eldest son of her best friend, Wayne von Simon.
The younger daughter is married to the eldest son of Mirko von Boer.

Sonalice van Sneekes. (In the empire, the emperor's wife also has a middle name)
Wife of the first emperor of the Snakes Empire.

Her unique fashion style did not spread to the continent until the end of her life, but her dress was considered formal attire in the House of Sneks and was passed down from generation to generation even after her death.
He was also active as a novelist, and his books were all bestsellers.
His major works include "The Tragedy of Elio" and "The Grim Reaper's Smile". He died at the age of 70.

After the deaths of Patrick and Thornaris, she served as the guardian deity of the Snakes Kingdom for hundreds of years, watching over Patrick's descendants.
Her body continued to grow until it reached a height of over 50 meters.

Then, one day, it suddenly disappeared.
According to some theories, it was because he was fed up with the air pollution caused by the coal-fired steam engine, but the truth remains a mystery.
At the same time, Pu and Pei also disappeared, and it is assumed that they are working together.
The two children of Pu and Peh are still flying over the continent.
Poe and the others still live comfortably in the moat of the castle of the Snakes Kingdom.

Patrick van Sneekes.
There is no one on this continent who calls him the Red Reaper anymore.
After the establishment of the Snakes Empire, Patrick was called.

The King of Demonology, or ...... for short.

A demon king.

I'm a soldier in my reincarnation.
〜The Man Who Was Called the Red Reaper