316-mental king

King William Von Mental.

The Kingdom of Mental is currently surrounded on three sides by the Snakes Empire.
This is because the Snakes Frontier Counts and the Abbott Frontier Counts have separated from the Mental Kingdom and call themselves the Snakes Kingdom.

The factions of the two houses and the houses that were friends with them were incorporated into the Kingdom of Sneks, and the houses that were sandwiched between the two houses fell into the Kingdom of Sneks because they could not stand to be crushed by the sandwich.

After that, the Snakes Kingdom invaded the Zabeen Empire in the west.
They occupied the huge Zabine Empire in only a month and proclaimed the Snakes Empire.

As a mental kingdom, we had signed a friendship treaty with the Snakes Kingdom, so they didn't attack us, but now the west and north side is the Snakes Kingdom of the Snakes Empire, and the south side is the Plum Kingdom of the Snakes Empire.

The only direction that is not surrounded is the eastern forest, commonly known as the Dragon Forest, a very troublesome land that is home to flying dragons called wyverns.

In addition to that, the Snakes Empire has almost completely taken over the means to obtain salt.
This is because most of the salt that used to come in from the friendly Kingdom of Plum in the south and from our own territory in the north has now gone to the Snakes Empire.

Going through the Dragon Forest to the east and out to sea is like going to die.
Going to the nearby coast is also dangerous because of the risk of wyverns and the many water dragons in that area.

There is only a small amount of rock salt and a few salt fields.
We have to rely on imports from the Snakes Empire for the most part.

Next, iron. One-third of the iron is produced by the Snakes Empire, and we are digging up the remaining mines to secure the necessary quantity, but the output is gradually decreasing, so we will have to rely on imports as well.

Next, alcohol.
The Snakes Kingdom, which was the largest producer of liquor, became independent, and even if they tried to produce liquor in other regions, the wheat and other materials used to make the liquor would be consumed as food for the people, so there would be little extra food and less to go around for liquor.

As a result, the amount of liquor produced in the country decreases and the price of liquor rises. Imported liquor from the Snakes Kingdom is then available, but the problem is that there are disputes over the quality of the Snakes Kingdom liquor.

Since the liquor from the Snakes Kingdom has a good taste and is very popular, the nobles all want it, and a faction has even formed over the liquor.

Even though the faction was eliminated, it was created again. There was even a fool who said we should attack the Snakes Kingdom for the sake. Well, we're getting rid of them.

'Now that the Plum Kingdom has become the Snakes Empire, shall we become the Mental Kingdom of the Snakes Empire?
When I muttered this, the Prime Minister, Duke Dixon,

'There's been a lot of fighting over alcohol. But are you sure?
The third son of the Duke of Dixon.

Kevin, the third son of Duke Dixon, is currently a nobleman of the Snakes Kingdom.
Well, my sister is the wife of the Emperor of the Snakes.

As a subordinate of the Snakes Emperor, Patrick van Snakes, Kevin has fought well on the battlefield.
His wife is Aisha, the sister of our court sorceress, Decourse von Kanaan.

Aisha is a cousin of the Emperor and is said to be favored by him.
That means, of course, that Decourse is also her cousin.
The center of our country is already full of relatives and friends of Emperor Snakes.

The commander of the Royal Guard, Wayne von Simon, is a close friend of Emperor Snakes.

'What's more, I'm still on good terms with Patrick, and my sister has written to offer me preferential treatment if I join her. In any case, he holds most of the salt, so I can't go against him. Wouldn't it be better to get in on good terms with Patrick while he's still king? Patrick's recently born son, my nephew, may not be as friendly to us when he grows up and takes the throne.'
He replied,

'I'm sorry for your loss.
Prime Minister Dixon bows his head.

'Well, looking at the situation in the Kingdom of Plum, what we have to do is the same. I'm just going to be the king of my country.
With that, he informs the Snakes Empire embassy in our nation's capital.

Later that day, Emperor Patrick van Sneks arrived on a pterodactyl with my sister Sonalis.
Patrick steps down from the pterosaur, looking much the same as before, but a little more powerful.

'Welcome. I'm sorry you had to come all this way.
I spoke to him frankly,

'No, it's faster for me to come than for you to come.
He said this and shook Patrick's hand, who held out his right hand.
I'm glad that he still calls me brother.

'Long time no see, brother!
My baby nephew is in my sister's arms as she speaks to me.

'I'm glad to see that Sona and Alphonse are doing well.
I said as I looked at Alphonse, my nephew,

'I'm fine.
I'm glad to see that Sona and Alphonse are doing well.


'Are you good?
I asked,

'It's fine. It's like a brotherhood.
Patrick replied, smiling smugly.

A vassal state must pay taxes to the empire, but my mental kingdom was told that 10% of the tax revenue would be fine.
This is a better condition than the Plum Kingdom's 10% and 50%.

The other tributary kingdoms were allowed 30%. Still, it is less than that of the Zabeen Empire.

'Thank you for your help.
I said,

'In return, please make sure to control the stupid nobles. I hear some of them are still complaining about me.'
Patrick said.

'Well, I'll be d*mned. I've been trying to get rid of them, but there are still many who have a grudge against Patrick. I found out after I became king that Patrick was a bit much, don't you think? It's a bit much, isn't it?
Yes, it was only after he became king that he learned the full extent of what Patrick had done to our country.

'It's my policy to be merciless to those who oppose me.
'I'm a firm believer in showing no mercy to those who stand in my way,' said Patrick, not taking offense.

'Well, I've got Canaan and Simon helping me, so we'll get rid of it. I mean, you're going to have a drink with them afterwards, right? I mean, Canaan's been so happy all morning that he hasn't had brandy in a while.'

'Brother Decourse and Wayne are insisting that I bring them a good bottle. Why don't you join us if you don't have plans?'
He invited me.

'Is that okay?
I asked,

'Of course!
My brother-in-law smiles at me.


The mental kingdom of the Snakes Empire.

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