6-a false misunderstanding...

'Comet, are the rumors true?'

Makoto Takane flew in with a mysterious look on his face during a bathroom break.

'You mean I'm not really human?
'What's that? It's not that.

Makoto is trying to communicate something by wriggling his hands. Or she looks like she's trying her best to twist something. If you think you're going to leak, why don't you just go? Or is it just a habit of yours?

Why are you fidgeting? Are you a sea turtle before spawning?
'Comet, are you seeing anyone right now?

Makoto said in a whisper.

'Unfortunately, the seat next to mine is empty.
'Right, right!

I let out a breath of relief. That's why I thought he had a crush on me. Sorry, I don't accept gay men.

'You're so happy I don't have a girlfriend. Don't worry, I'll be single forever. I asked my sister for the Sakakiki gene. When I asked her for it, she hit me about ten times, but I think the Sakaki gene is safe and sound.
'No! There was a rumor going around that Comet had hooked up with Hiu. I couldn't believe that Hinoh would date a freak like Comet. ......'

I had a pretty good idea that it was something like that, but I didn't know it was true. I realized how scary rumors can be.
We cannot be too careful, because sometimes rumors can become facts. The fear is that those who hear the rumor will pass it on to others as 'reality. It branches off and eventually comes back as chaotic information.

Alina and I, huh? Do you know the source of the information?
'It's a rumor, so I don't know the details. You're not really dating, are you?'
'Yeah. We just talked for the first time recently. If that's enough to raise suspicion of a relationship, the moment you touch each other, you're married.
'Is that so? ...... Oh no, I was in a hurry, I was in a hurry. I was worried that Comet had lost his mind.

Surprisingly, Makoto seemed to take it seriously. I guess he cared about me because he once confessed to Alina and was thrown into the abyss.
Rumors about the tennis match and the two of us walking together to the school gate came from witnesses. No damage to me, but Alina would be furious.

"Why do I have to date a guy who looks like the inside of a sewer? Do you want to be socially erased? Then why don't you throw dynamite into the White House? I'd rather be kissing canary larvae than dating one of those. If you start any more rumors, you'll be cold in bed tomorrow morning.

I'm more afraid of that.
Please don't let him die before he turns 20. I was getting more and more worried and thought I would check on Alina's class, but the bathroom break was coming to an end.

I thought I would check on Alina's class, but the bathroom break was coming to an end. Makoto, thanks.
'I'm glad I'm not too late: ......'

Perhaps it was already close to too late, so I decided to leave it to fate. My next class is political science. Let's learn politics and change my fate. One man can change the world. Che Guevara did it. I can do it, too. I can change one girl's mind.

I couldn't concentrate in class the whole time.
I kept feeling unknown vibrations from the next class with my sixth sense. I was surprised that I even had the ability to sense them, but I was in awe of the strength of Alina's resentment. Well, that's all conjecture.
So I decided to take a peek.
Sure enough, as I stepped out into the hallway, I saw her. I saw a group of girls who looked at me with their eyes and said, 'Look at her, look at her. I walked by them with a nonchalant look on my face and peeked in from the hallway as the door to the next class was fully open.
I saw one of the students staring at me with a terrible look on his face. I don't know if he has a GPS on me or what, but I spotted him in an instant. Alina didn't get up from her seat, but she was firing guns at me with the force of her eyes, not even looking at the paperback in her hand, which was killing me.
I decided to leave, not wanting to die.
But when I turned around, I saw Shirana standing there. She looked me up and down.

'What's wrong?
No, no.

Shirana looked away and went into the classroom. This is going to be a problem.

A chime sounded to announce the end of the class, and the students let out the words 'It's over' in their mouths.
I went out into the hallway and took a broom out of my locker to start cleaning. When I turned around to go back to the classroom, I saw Alina approaching me with a broom as well. Her long hair is tied up and hanging down from her left shoulder, and she is holding the broom in her right hand as if it were a weapon.
I put out my right foot to close the five-meter distance from the classroom door. Judging from the speed at which Alina is walking, the door is the one that crosses her path.
I could clearly hear the sound of my shoes and Alina's. Our eyes meet and sparks fly in the air. She's trying to f*ck me. She's got the eyes of a lioness on a zebra.
I stopped when I was two steps away. Alina stops in response. We stare into each other's eyes. Students pass by and look at us curiously. That's right. I hold my broom in front of my chest so that it is divided into thirds in case of attack, and Alina stands upright with her broom hidden behind her back.

Soon war will break out.

I remember the smell of war.
I put my finger on the trigger and catch the enemy's face on the apex of the telescope. Once squeezed, the god of steel roars in a kong, and the expelled shells rain down to the ground, glistening like diamond dust.
Oh ...... eyes-- close your eyes. Can you hear me? The sound of tanks shaking the earth and brave soldiers kicking the ground with their feet together. Do you remember the humiliation of hiding in the trenches and crawling like a mole to avoid detection by the bullets that were raging overhead? Do you still have pictures of your family, obscured by a stain indistinguishable from dirt or blood? Are those bugs still burned in your mind, crawling around on your face as if they were mocking you, burying their faces in the mud, pretending to be dead just for the sake of their lives, even when enemy battalions destroy them and the enemy passes by?

'Alina. Let's take it easy.'

I spoke to him in my usual tone, trying to break the tension. But Alina's face did not move a muscle. You're a thinker.
Neither of us moved, and perhaps numb to the fact that neither of us was moving, Alina relaxed her shoulders and began to walk away from me as if I had never existed.
Thank God. Just as I thought that, I felt a strong pain in the shin of my left leg and I grunted reflexively. I thought I had broken it. Alina turned down the hallway and disappeared. It was like she had been cut by a broom at the last moment. You little bastard!

While I'm trying to think of a suitable name for the 'former staff room' since it has so many letters, the door is opened with a loud bang. I thought a dam had burst.
Here comes Alina.

Hey. How are you?

I raise my hand and try to be friendly. I try to lighten the mood, since the atmosphere is still tense from the fight.
However, Alina, in defiance of my challenge, started to read again. I wonder if her ears are just for decoration.
I was thinking of going to the soft tennis club again today. But it's raining so hard that we won't play outside. Perhaps because of the rain, the wrinkles between Alina's eyebrows are the size of the Grand Canyon.

What are you looking at? I hope you drown in Chinese rift oil.
'Don't bite so hard. You'd get full marks if you were softer and calmer, wouldn't you? Why not?

Ignoring my questions, he is following the printed page with his eyes. You type addict.

'From now on, this space is simply the "club room", right? The former staff room is long'.
'This is a club activity or something funny'.
'Well, it's not a club. Well, it's not a club, is it?
No. Why don't you just call it a thing or a va*in*?'
'Wow, that's awful. I don't accept vulgar jokes.'

I was joking. But Alina didn't get it and switched to a dead-eyed nihilistic look. You should at least be ashamed of yourself.

What about the rose garden? I don't know if you know this, but I hear you're called 'Rose.''
'They say she's good-looking, but if you try to touch her, she'll stab you. You're good-looking, but...'
"Despite her good looks...

God forbid, can't you use 'so'?

Is this Rose Garden a gang or something?
It might be a bad idea to make a 'gang. This place is for you. That's why the rose. Thank the good doctor Akakusa for getting it for you. That's why--'

My phone rang. It's Makoto.
I tell Alina no and pick up the phone.

It's a comet.
'Sorry to interrupt! Are you at school right now?
I'm here.
'Help me! Can you come to the gym right now?
'It's very tense. What's going on? If it's terrorism, call the SAT. If SAT doesn't work, then Central Readiness Force Special Operations Group. First of all, is this a story that's going to be solved when the homecoming party members go there?
The tennis and badminton clubs are fighting over a position in the gymnasium. Shirana, the girls in our badminton club are giving me a hard time. I want you to come to the comet. Can't you at least intervene?

Shirana is not the type to speak strongly. If she is told one-sidedly, she will just turn her head and bear it. When I imagine that, I can't describe how it makes me feel. I honestly wanted to help her.

I wanted to help her. I'm on my way.
'Thank you! Hurry up and get here!

I got up as soon as I hung up. It was time to execute justice like an American comic book.

'I'm going to the gym.
You coming?'

She only followed the print from beginning to end. Alina, who probably doesn't like trouble, didn't want to hear this. I didn't speak to her and left the Rose Garden.