7-a gym full of sopranos...

When I arrived at the gymnasium, I found the girls from the badminton and tennis clubs arguing with each other.
The two teams were separated by a line, as if there was a crack in the ground. Around them, men are trying their best to calm them down.
I can't tell which is the badminton team and which is the tennis team. So I guessed the one with Shirana was the tennis team.
When she saw me, she smiled like a flower in full bloom. I couldn't understand what was going on, so I decided to ask her when she came closer to me.

Why are you fighting?
'Well, you know, they promised to let the tennis club use a part of the gymnasium on rainy days, but the badminton club started saying that they won't do it anymore, but the seniors who were there last year decided that it's none of our business or something...' I don't know what to say anymore... ...'

What is this boy talking about? I don't know either. .......
Makoto is on the badminton club's side. He seems to be struggling to defuse the girls' anger, but is being completely ignored. I could roughly guess the power and power balance in the club.
The arguments are mainly centered on high school sophomores. The current senior high school students have retired after the summer games, so there are only sophomores and freshmen in the club. So I saw a familiar face here and there.

Oh, that's Hiiragi Yuri, I think. She's a friend of Shirana's.'
'Yeah. Yuri is frustrated too. ......'
'Okay. Let's talk to him for a minute.

I plunged into the mass of humanity and observed the argument.

'So, that's what the graduating seniors decided, right? It doesn't matter if we change it or not.'
But all this time you've lent me your room on rainy days. Why is it suddenly not working? Isn't that strange?
'We have a lot of members in our badminton club. We're using the same gymnasium as the basketball team, and if they take up any more space, we won't be able to play either. We've been putting up with it for a long time, but why don't you do some muscle training on a rainy day?
'Yes, yes. We have a game coming up. Can't you put up with that?
'We have our tournaments too. It's terrible to break a promise!

I was overwhelmed by the girls' relentless bickering. At first glance, the girls seem to be exchanging casual banter, but I can see the atmosphere of a blowout in the eyes and expressions of both girls. It's like a dud. Let's call the Self-Defense Forces.

In conclusion, don't you need me?
It's as if I'm there for Shirana, but she's out of the argument and next to me. I can say that what Makoto asked me to do is done. Now I guess I have to put an end to this argument, but it doesn't have to be me. I'm a complete outsider. I thought it would just add fuel to the fire.

I thought, 'How can I fix this?
I don't know. In your opinion, I feel more sorry for the tennis club. The way the badminton club said it is harsh, but I understand what they are trying to say. Personally, I don't think the tennis team is to blame. But it is better to sit down and talk about this kind of thing. If you touch them, you'll get into trouble.

While they were drinking, the girls' argument was heating up. They were shouting at each other with their mouths agape like cats threatening each other.
I decided to try to contact Yuri. I walk up behind Yuri, who is going head-to-head with the badminton team with her arms crossed. The girls were wary of me. I don't care, I've fought in the bakery section of the concession stand before.

Yuri, you look busy.
'Hmm, let's see... oh, Shirana's boyfriend?'
'No way. I'm flying you to Venus, b*tc*! I'm on your side.
'Appealing to Shirana at this time? That's great.'

Apparently, you need a language other than Japanese to communicate with Yuri. Probably the best way is to quote words from Swahili or something like that.
Deciding that communication with Yuri was impossible, I turned my attention to the girls in the badminton club. They glared at me with hatred as if they were avenging their parents. I've been exposed.

Hey, why don't you lend it to the tennis club for today? If it was a previous promise, it's unreasonable to break a promise without notice.
'It's none of your business.
If you don't listen to the opinions of those who are not a party to the case, we won't need all the judges in the world. Listen to objective opinions. Be calm.
'Why don't you just go ahead and quibble all you want? I don't care about you. We're talking to Bud. What club are you in?
'I'm a homecoming boy.'
'Eh, pfft.'

You've got some nerve laughing at the homecoming club.
You've made enemies of all the homecoming clubs in the country! We are an unaffiliated 'club without organization', a so-called 'club without borders'. I applaud you for meddling in this noble concept. Imagine. Imagine a flood of homecoming clubs from all over the country running toward you as fast as they can.
It's the end of the world.

What are you grinning at ......?

I'm sorry you're pulling your weight with me, but I'm pulling my weight with you against the homecoming club. We have nothing to lose. You may lose the concept of eligibility. The difference between the two is huge.
Makoto is looking at me and covering his face. I felt his heart was telling him that Comet had done it again. Don't you get angry when someone insults your club? What? Homecoming club isn't a club? You're going to Siberia.

You're wasting valuable after-school time, you know. You're wasting valuable after-school time, you guys. And talk about it at your desks.
'Shut up. It's none of your business.'

All right. Next time, we'll talk in Morse code. Remember, you're the bad boy of the badminton club. I memorized your big tits.
Just as I was about to leave, thinking it was too late, a woman with long hair appeared at the border between the tennis and badminton clubs.
She has her back to us and is facing the basketball team. Standing upright with her arms crossed and her legs shoulder-width apart, she was unmistakably Arina Hiba.