8-a cold visit...

The unexpected turn of events froze not only me but everyone present. Everyone closed their mouths and waited with bated breath to see what she would have to say. Like the people waiting for Hitler's speech.
Some members of the basketball team practicing over there are also glued to the floor. A strange atmosphere begins to build, and Alina sucks in her breath and finally speaks up.

'Are you creatures who can't even keep a single promise?

Alina says coldly.
The sharp tone of her voice rang in my ears.
Everyone froze at her words. They did not know how to react to the relentless expression. And why was she here to rebuke us? Why was she willing to cut in, the troublemaker? No one could understand.
Both the badminton club, which was against her, and the tennis club, which was on her side, were confused.

Are you listening to me? I don't think I'm shouting loud enough to rupture my eardrums. By all accounts, this is a one-sided and unfair demand by the badminton club. Can't you even understand that in high school?

Always include a provocative phrase at the end of each word. Her tone is very typical.
The girls in the badminton team open their mouths.

'So it's your business too...'
'That again? When you said earlier that the mitochondria in the back were on trial, you were about right. You should reconsider what you are saying from a third person's point of view. Realize how much you are yelling at them with your round, boiling heads like self-centered, bratty, spoiled children. In the first place, treat the promises of your seniors as if they were rotten. What would your seniors think if they saw you?
That's a very good explanation.
'It's hard to listen to you. If you tell that to the seniors in the badminton team, the seniors in the tennis team will feel betrayed. A pretty junior being told off by the guys in the badminton club. You don't want to be pitied and bothered by the seniors like that, do you? Right, Yuri?''
''Eh? Oh, I can't be bothered with senpai.'

Yuri was momentarily upset when he was suddenly asked to speak.

If you still want to have a barren argument with me, I'll call you and the other members of the badminton club. What do you think?

Alina's almost threatening words made the girl at the head of the badminton club flinch. I can't see her from behind, but I'm sure Alina's face is colder than an ice age, frozen in place. Mammoths would be amazed. If we don't start pouring boiling water on her soon, the girl at the front is going to cry.
I think it's time. Alina has a point, but she's not the one who should be saying it. I admire her, but I think her further presence here will only serve to shift the point of the conversation. She is not wrong, but this is not the right time.

'Alina, let's go home.

I whispered in a whisper. He fixes his face in front of me without flicking his ears.
A few seconds of silence pass.

'Come on, let's go.

At the second call, Alina finally moved. Without leaving any words, she turns her body toward the exit of the gymnasium. There I saw Alina's profile. Her expression was as cold as ever. But maybe it was just my imagination, but she seemed to be alive. I must be confused too.

Yuri, I'm sorry for disturbing you. I'll go apologize later.

Yuri nodded awkwardly.
I followed Alina out of the gym. By the end, the two forces were staring at us dumbfounded as we walked away. It was as if they had seen a UFO.
I don't know what happened to the commotion after that.

Alina silently moved forward and left.
I watched her go without saying a word to her. My back told me not to follow her.
I returned to the rose garden alone and thought back to what had just happened.
I still can't figure out why Alina showed up. Was she following me because I went to the gym? Or was it because she was curious about the tennis club? But it's hard to imagine, given Alina's personality.
More than anything else, Alina hates trouble, and she went out of her way to get involved. That fact bothers me even more.

I don't understand.

I left school with my mind still in a haze.