9-preserved flower...

School after the holidays is deadly.
I wish from the bottom of my heart that school would be closed due to terrorists or disasters. Yes, this is a kind of peace-lovin'. Let's call it a joke because it is inappropriate.
However, all Japanese people must hate Mondays. The faces of the working people who pass by are either sleeping or dead. I joined the zombies and joined the march of the dead.

As soon as I entered the classroom and took my seat, Makoto came to me.

Good morning. Comet.
'I'm sorry you had a rough Friday. I'm sorry I bothered you.
'Don't apologize. I've seen some interesting things.'

Funny thing. That's Alina. That was really funny, the way she turned the whole place upside down. Don't tell anyone I said to myself, "Drama. If Alina had asked me that, I would have been told to be quiet.

So, what happened after that? How did the badminton and tennis clubs end up?''
After that, we separated for about five minutes and talked calmly after we calmed down. We decided to share the same place in the tennis club as before. Well, I'm really glad. I was worried because I thought we were going to have another heated argument. ......'
'So it's all rounded off?'
'In a manner of speaking. I heard that the badminton and tennis clubs are going to have a final meeting today, so they'll make a decision then.''
'Oh. That's good, that's good, that's good.

If that argument doesn't happen again, I'll have no complaints.

What is it?
'I was surprised that Nippa came to ...... at first I didn't understand what happened.'
'I certainly didn't expect that.
'I knew it, Hiba and comets are ......'.
'Why would you do that?
'You'd think so! What's really going on! I won't tell anyone!
'Makoto,...... I'm not really dating anyone,...... but don't say too much, okay? Alina might get pissed off and endanger my life. ...... and actually almost kill me.'
'd*mn. I'm so worried about this.
'Let me get this straight. I'm not dating Alina.
'...... Well, I'll give you a break for today.'

Oh, are we going to continue this exchange?

Dinner with Makoto.

Well, it's a dinner party.
'Comet, stop saying that every time before we eat because it's embarrassing.'
'What? It's a noble dinner. Is the chef not here?
'I thought the chef was the comet's mother. ......'
'No, maybe it's my sister.
'Oh, let's see, was it 'Ugi-chan'?'
'That's right. Ugin Sakaki, my sister's name. What is your name?
'Makoto Takane...... you just want to say it. ......'
'Yes. Bon app tit.'
Bon app tit.

Then, while I was silently eating my maindoin sakake rice, Yuri Hiiragi invaded the classroom. She moved her head and looked at me, then approached me.

'Thanks for the other day.
'I didn't do anything. You can thank Alina. That was Alina's work.
'I did say something to him, though. But all I got was, 'Yeah.
'It's just like him.
'So, are you dating Alina-san after all? What about that part?
'Oh no, no, no! I'm not dating anyone! I'll throw a sausage!
You're so stubborn! Alina or Shirana? You've got to be clear about that!
'Shirana's got nothing to do with this! My relationships with women are super healthy!
'Don't do comets, Nippa, you'll die ....... ......'
'He who has been there speaks,' huh? I won't confess to Alina like you did. Only you will die.
'Kk, that's hard ......'

Makoto began to turn pale. This could be a flashback. Don't let PTSD set in here.

'I think it was the comet that brought you here, Alina, and I'm grateful. Thank you. We'll take care of the rest.
'I don't know about that. Get along with each other, boss.

After class I went to the rose garden as usual. Alina had not come.
Without her, this place is nothing.
I wonder how Mr. Akakusa got this space.

'Do you want to clean up ......'

I picked up the broom again and began to sweep impatiently, as the environment was still less than perfect. I open the window to let the air out. The air is terrible. I open the door for better ventilation.

"Oh, my God!
'Move aside.'

Alina was standing in front of the door. She stared at me with a slightly upturned eye, and I was a little frightened.
She walked briskly and put her bag on the long desk with a thud. Every move she made was loud. I swallowed the words that were about to come out of my throat and focused on the large paper bag in Alina's right hand.

'Alina, what's that in your right hand? That's pretty big.''
'Your head is in there. It's fresh.
'What? I think you've got the wrong guy. I don't think I'm a machine with a brain I don't even know I have...''
'Of course not. You're worth less than a cabbage.

He seems to enjoy hurting me by saying harsh things. You say it's worth less than a cabbage, but I think a cabbage is a pretty important thing. By bringing me up as an object of comparison, is he trying to tell me that comet Sakakiki is a worthy existence? Is it a compliment made to look like a put-down? You tsundere. But if housewives had to choose between my life and all the cabbages in the world, I think they'd choose the cabbage, no questions asked. Sad. This is reality. Human life is lighter than a cabbage.
Alina reaches into a paper bag and pulls it out.

Wow. Blue roses.

Many blue-tinted roses. She took out a bouquet of them.
She put them in a small vase and placed it gently on the long desk.

How often do you water roses?
'These roses don't need watering.'
''It's going to die, isn't it?
'I wonder if you know what preserved flowers are.
'It's a flower that's been dehydrated and processed. They're dead, so they're fine.'
I didn't know there was such a thing.
My mother makes preserved flowers as a hobby, so she gave it to me. So I thought I'd bring them into this drab room.

Alina gazed lovingly at the roses. She always wrinkles her brow, which is an unexpected aspect for me. Her smiling face was almost creepy. I'll be careful not to talk about this, because I'm sure I'll get the maximum punishment for it.

Alina. Why did you come?

When you showed up at the gym.

'Think with that walnut brain of yours.

This response is to be expected, as I don't expect to get an easy answer right from the start. Society is not so kind as to give us easy answers.
I stopped asking because Alina seemed to be enjoying arranging the blue roses. Alina in a good mood is a nice picture.

'Well, that's that,' she said.
'What is it?'
'Why are you talking about me dating you? I'm about to run out of patience.
'That's a problem for me, too. I'll make an excuse, but let's be cool. Don't kill me.
'No, but I hear it all around me. Do something or I'll erase your name from the family register.

What kind of state power does this woman have?
I'm going to clear up the misunderstanding, because it's annoying to me too. It will take time, but it's better to move quietly. It's better than saying it out loud and being conspicuous.

But I'm dating a beautiful girl, Arina Hiba, that's something to be proud of.
'Give me your hand. I'll peel off all your fingernails.

I ran into the men's room. I watched Alina walk away in frustration, and it was the day I felt the greatest sense of superiority I had felt in a long time.