10-a person who knows roses...

Today I was assigned to help the art club.
I heard that the girl who was supposed to play the role of a model was absent today due to a cold, and I overheard that, so I made a proposal to the class art club that I could bring a beautiful girl.
The head of the art club, Shinji Miyazaki, readily agreed and told me to come to the art room after school.

At the rose garden, his base of operations.


Alina was already in the rose garden. I greeted her cheerfully, but she continued reading without a glance at me. She did not respond to me, so I doubted my existence. Don't tell me I'm already dead......?

'Oh, there's more flowers. '

On the long desk, unknown flowers had been added to a new small vase.

'Is this one of those, blizzard flowers......'
'Preserved flowers'.
'Oh, that's it. What kind of flower is that?
'Heh ......'

It was the first time in my life that I had heard the word. I don't know anything about flowers.
But the beauty of flowers is that you can feel their beauty without knowledge. It is an art that anyone can enjoy.

'Alina, we're going to the art room today.
'What are you going to do to me next?
'All you have to do is read. Nothing is easier than this.
'Okay. You're paying me. I'll go.
'No, this is a free service--'
'Let's go.'

With a paperback in hand, Alina headed for the door of the Rose Garden. I can't tell if she's motivated or not these days. I think I've matured since we first met.

When she arrived at the art room, the members of the art club were generally astonished.
Alina entered the art room with an air of brazenness, as if she had come to break the rules of the dojo. I followed her stealthily. When the art club members saw me, their faces turned doubtful. Yes, I'm the bad guy.
I immediately went up to Shinji Miyazaki to explain the situation.

Thank you, comet. You came. You mean the model is ......?
'Yes. It's Arina Hiba, a tsundere high school girl. I think she'd make a good model. Gwahhh!

A sharp pain shot up my side and I screamed. I turned my head and looked behind me with a sideways glance and saw Alina. She was holding a mechanical pencil in her right hand. The tip of the pencil was digging into my side. She looked like a yandere woman who stabbed a two-timing a**h*le with a kitchen knife. No, stabbing him elevates her to a murderer. Yes, I'm going to die now.

Shinji, this is Alina Hiba.

I felt sorry for Shinji, who was so shocked, so I turned around once more and whispered to Alina.

He turned around again and whispered to Alina: 'Alina, you should be reading a book. The art club needs a model for sketching right now, so I chose you on an emergency basis. I don't want you to be nude or anything...' she says.

He punched me in the stomach. My gall bladder was displaced about ten centimeters.

'...... please keep reading. That's all you have to do. ......'
'So. I don't care.

He turns to Shinji again, holding his side and stomach.

'That's right. You may begin.
'Oh, thank you. Alina-san, it's nice to meet you today.

Alina nodded with her eyes downcast.

So began the time for drawing Alina.
She sat down on a chair in the correct posture to read a paperback book and began to dexterously flip through the pages. She did not roll up the pages, but rather shifted them with her thumbs. She seems to be trying her best in her own way.
I had nothing to do in particular, so I hung around and observed her sketching. I have no sense of art, so I was overwhelmed by the skill of the art club members as they drew smoothly on the white paper. As I followed with my eyes the lines that gradually took shape without hesitation, I realized that each member of the club had his or her own personality. The beginning of the drawing, the density of the lines, the strength of the shadows, the smoothness of the curves. It is difficult for me, an amateur, to describe, but each of them had their own sensibility infused into their paintings, and there were many different Alinas there.
Alina continues to play the role of a model. Serious (?). Seeing Alina's face, I decided to at least buy her a juice and left the art room.
When I arrived at the vending machine, I stood there wondering what Alina liked. Coffee? Green tea? Monster? Turmeric? Shijimi clam juice? Sesame oil? Cement? Mercury? Well, it's hard to imagine. It seems to drink anything.
As I was groaning, I heard a voice calling me.

It's you, isn't it? Hello.
'Isn't that Aki-senpai? It's been a while. We're in the same school, but I'm surprised we don't see each other.

I met Aki in the health committee in my freshman year. We were on the same wavelength or frequency, and Aki frequently got involved with me. She was interesting and talkative without being boring.

'What's wrong? Staring at the vending machine. You were thinking about how you could get it for free, weren't you?
It's a shame. I was just trying to figure out how to get the vending machine to spit out all the coins and bills it swallowed.
'Awful. Let me know if you come up with something. I'll try ATMs around town.
'Shall we both fall to the dark side--'

I thought he was funny as usual. Aki is a person who doesn't know what she's thinking and often cracks jokes. That's why we are on the same wavelength.

So, what were you really doing? I stared at Comet since I found him, but he seemed to be in a lot of trouble. I wasn't sure if I should talk to him or not.
It's not such a big deal. I was going to buy someone a drink, but his tastes are a bit of a mystery when you think about it. ...... He tends to say sharp things when he talks, so I was being cautious.
'Heh. Could that girl be Alina?
'Eh! Aki-senpai, you were psychic?
Isn't it amazing? I can shatter any substance without touching it.

He poked me. What a gentle touch, when I think back to the pain of the pencil prick just a few moments ago. I feel like a pudding. I bit down on the blissful climax that was melting away.

How do you know Alina?
I went to junior high school with Alina and we used to talk sometimes. I found her because she stood out among the new students at the high school. She's so cute.
'I didn't know that. Alina talks to other people too.
What do you mean by that? You're not too close to Alina, are you?

Close, huh?

'Alina, you didn't join the club, did you?
''Was Alina in any club activities in middle school?''
I was on the basketball team. We didn't have any contact as a club because we were indoor and outdoor students, but I met Arina as a member of the library committee.
''Oh, did Aki-senpai play soft tennis in junior high school as well?''
Yes, yes, it's nice and warm. It was too good to quit after middle school, so I continued in high school. The last tournament in the summer ended with a poor result, but it was fun.

I see. I think I understand why Alina knows so much about soft tennis.
I felt sorry to pry any further into her life, so I decided to leave her out of the conversation.

Aki, please do your best on your entrance exam. I'm looking forward to seeing you shine in soft tennis in college.
'You're a good girl! Comet-kun! It makes me cry!''

I bought a glass of tomato juice for myself and decided to give Alina a cup of coffee.

'Wait a minute. This is good.

Stopping my right hand, Aki-senpai pushed a cup of thick milk cocoa.

'This is the right one.

Satisfied, Aki wandered off. She was as unique as ever. It would be a shame if she could make boys fall in love with her even more if she had that kind of element in her. She doesn't seem to want to do so.