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Tomato juice on the table.

I like tomato juice. Not only because of the taste, but also because of the feeling. It makes me feel safe or calm.
Most of the drinks I buy from the vending machine are tomato juice, and my favorite vegetable is tomato. I don't know why I like tomatoes so much. It is a mystery of mankind.
It is now a matter of human sensory qualities and qualia. There is no common standard for likes and dislikes.
There is no ruler for the senses.

'How long are you going to keep staring at tomato juice?

I am sitting face to face with Alina across the long desk. Surrounded by flowers, this space smells faintly good.
It could be Alina's perfume. Do high school girls wear perfume? Let's not even bother with that, since that's where my knowledge of the subject begins.

'Because I like tomato juice.
'Something's wrong with you. Jump before you turn. Crush his head.
'I'll bite you. I'll bite you. We'll go to the other side together.

I know I'm crazy.
Plus, I know exactly what's wrong.

Yesterday, Hakuna told me that she liked me. That seems to have affected me more than I imagined. Today, Makoto said to me, "Have you been using drugs? He jokingly worried me. Since he is worried even in jest, it seems that I am changing visibly.

Have you talked to Shirana?
'Question. Did I appear in your class today?'
'I was reading, so I didn't notice.'
'Okay, reading. Not only have I not been here, I haven't seen Shirana once. I consciously avoid her.
'I feel like an idiot. Ha-ha-ha.'

It is only recently that Alina Hiba has started to laugh.
At the time, I never thought that Arina would smile like this when I first approached her in the library that day. Arina, who was good at making a pouty face, smiled and smiled without any clouds. It made me smile.

What should I do, I wonder. I don't know, I can't. It's too awkward. I'll probably die if we see each other.
'Oh, you're going to die. Shall we go to the tennis court now?
'How cruel can you be?
'As you all call me the poison rose, I am cruel all over.
'That's horrible. Someone pluck it out for him.

I can't believe we're wasting time talking about this. She is usually silent as she reads, her mouth moving eagerly. Has she had a change of heart? It's too soon for that. Then what's the reason?

'Speaking of which...'
"That girl in the student council, what's her name?
'She's the one who came to thank me the other day. I completely forgot her name.
'Niwatatsuru? The secretary of the student council.
That's it. She told me that she wanted to see you today, and she's coming over after school.
'Where? Don't tell me it's here?

Why would he tell that to Alina when he and Tsuru are in the same class? If you're coming, tell me.
I can't do this.
I moved to collect the flowers scattered everywhere. I have a feeling something bad's gonna happen. So let's at least make this flower-strewn mess back to the way it should be.
Alina stands up and yells.

What are you doing? You don't have to clean it up. Didn't I explain to her your relationship with me the other day?
'I care. What if someone comes with the crane? I don't want any more strange rumors. This is for your own good too.
Very villainous dialogue. I wonder when he's going to get knocked down.
I am Justice. I will not be stained by evil.

Alina sat down and crossed her legs in disgust at the sight of my struggle. Whatever, don't worry about it.


Alina and I both turned our heads to the door at the same time.

Oh, I shouldn't have come in...' she said.

Nitotsuru is here.
Nitotsuru is a natural gal. With her chestnut-colored hair and slightly disheveled school uniform, she looks like a brainless idiot, but she is the highest achiever in her grade in terms of academic achievement. She outperforms Alina by a comfortable margin.
Tsuru and I have met before because of Alina. I have never had a chance to talk to her even though we are in the same class, so "met" is more appropriate.
Tsuru is indebted to Alina.
He seems to have come alone.

No problem. Right?

Don't talk to me! How am I supposed to explain this situation where I hold your flowers in both hands!
I slumped my shoulders,

Yes, I'm fine with the fact that it's no longer a problem. Please come in, Mr. Tsuru. Please come in.
Oh, that's very kind of you. I'll leave you to it.

I took out a pipe chair for the crane and made him sit down. And I sit down, too. I put the flowers in my hands on the floor for the time being.

So, you came here for me, right?
'Yes, yes. I've heard rumors that--''
Wait a minute!

Alina and Tsuru were freaked out.

'Is this rumor about a love affair?
'? I don't think so, but it doesn't look good, does it?
Then that's fine. I've been having a lot of heart problems lately. Like eggshells. If I don't keep the delicate in mind, it will collapse.

What did Alina think? She punched me in the side.

'Oh, you're unbreakable,' she said.
'Eggshells are a metaphor, you idiot. You just broke five ribs.

He stroked his side,

'So, what's the rumor?
'I heard Comet is helping people.'
'Oh, I see. I explained it to you before, didn't I? I get together after school like this to fix Alina's f*cking bad tone. Part of that is helping out in other clubs from time to time. You're not wrong.
'So that's what you meant. I thought you were doing something with Alina-san.
It's not a 100% expression, but what you're doing roughly corresponds to helping. Maybe I'm a little off, though, since I start by finding those who need help. To be precise, it's 'me and Alina lend a hand to club activities that need people.
'Wow. Are you active a lot?
'Not every day, but a lot. Tennis club, art club, tea ceremony club, newspaper club, etc.
'You sound like a volunteer.
'Well, yeah.'

Tsuru looks thoughtful, as if convinced of something.

'Listen, I'd really like to borrow your comet and Alina's help, if you don't mind.

She looks up at me and makes a pass at me. You don't have to offer me such a service, I won't refuse. Before my reason flies!

'Fine, but what can I help you with?
'Student Council.'

Wait a minute, student council is a club? No, it's not. That's a category of organization called a committee. We've been dealing with clubs, but committees are a new pattern. Can we do this?

I'm good.

Alina, who had been reading quietly, closed her book and agreed.

I was in the student council in middle school. I know some of what's going on.

I didn't know that. It's amazing that you were in both the basketball team and the student council at the same time.

Hmm? Arina Hiba was in the student council, that's not good. And if she has that memory, it must have been when she was in the third grade of junior high school.

Ten thousand dollars for the collapse of the school.