30-What should I do?...

I've never been interested in student council.

What is it that attracts people to raise their hands? Do they want to be exposed?
I don't care about the student council.
Do they really join because they think they can change the school? Or is it for an internal report? If it's the latter, it's well planned and respectable, but honestly, if it's the former, it's dreamy.
Being the student body president does not give you any special power, nor does it mean that you can make any changes. It is really just a matter of making minor changes. You will never get out from under the control of the teachers, and even if you try, you will be stopped like censorship.

I am curious to know how Tsuru will react when I tell him what I think. I don't mean to be mean, but I want to know why he chose a committee that is obviously troublesome and that only a show-off would want to be a part of.
This curiosity is irresistible. I'll get it.

"Why did Tsuru join the student council?
'Cause they made me run for office. There was no one else. I never wanted to be president, so I accepted the offer to run for secretary. As a result, I really ended up as secretary.
'You didn't want to be. I didn't expect that.
People say that a lot. I think it's plain stupid to decide who is or is not worthy of being on the student council based solely on academic ability. What if I'm a lunatic and a pleasure killing maniac? It's offensive to those who are being evaluated, to use a numerical value without even trying to know what's inside of them. I'd tell you to get in touch with your heart.

I thought you had some interesting things to say. I wonder if they would be disgusted if I told them that I was the top of my class.

'I thought you joined the student council with a lot of motivation.'
'Of course, some people run for office with great enthusiasm. The current student body president is an example.

I flirted with Alina.

'Alina. Aren't you running for student council?
'If I'm elected, we'll have a whole country.
'It would be a dictatorship. ......'
'It starts with hanging you as an example. We draw the borders with your blood.'
'Stop the politics of fear.

Turn to the crane.

'Let's get down to business. What do the cranes want us to help them with?
'I'm thinking that you'll be the main person in charge of communicating information about each activity for the festival, and you'll be in charge of the executive role.

Well, it's that time of year. I wasn't a member of any clubs, so I was just helping out in class, basically being the guest of honor. I never thought I would be asked to join the heart of the planning.

Is that a cloak for 'join the festival committee?
No, no, no. The student council and the festival committee are independent. I'm not involved with the committee because I want to help Comet and Alina with the student council. I want you two to help me with the parts that are difficult for the student council to handle.
'I see. I can almost imagine. What about Ms. Alina, who used to be a member of the student council?
''I don't mind.

Alina has given her consent,

'I'll help you.
'Wow! Thank you! Nice to meet you!

Tsuru shook my left hand and Alina's right hand and smiled.
This is going to be a big mission.

Two days after Tsuru's visit to the rose garden.
Tsuru called me.

While I was having lunch with Makoto, Tsuru came to me and asked me to bring Alina to the student council after school.
Makoto, who was standing by listening, asked, 'Comet, what are you planning to do next? What are you going to do to infiltrate the student council? I was so impressed with his words. He seems to think that Alina and I are planning to do something terrible together, and he has been concerned about me lately.
I appreciate the concern, but I want to reassure him. I'm a gentleman and I have a strong sense of justice. Alina--I don't know.

So after the dinner with Makoto, I went to Alina's class and told her the news. She replies with an uninterested 'so' as usual. Despite this attitude, she is not the kind of person who would lie or break a promise, so I did not pester her for confirmation.

I turned around and locked eyes with Shirana.

Actually, I liked comets too--

The words come back to me. I don't know for how many seconds. I went rigid as lead.
I don't know what to do, I have to say something. I told myself, and something came out of my throat, but I quickly pulled it back in.

'Hey, you! How long are you going to be a statue?

Alina's words brought me back to reality.

'No, it's nothing. After school.

No. Awkward. I'm not sure I can talk to Hakuna. I haven't talked to her since...
I'm about to take the first step. But I don't know what to say.
What should I do?