38-<> Small Universe Galaxy...

My brother, Comet Sakakiki, is an eccentric.

When he was in the third grade of junior high school, that is, when I was in the first grade of junior high school, I noticed that he was a bit strange. (More than a little...).
That was my impression when I saw my brother at school for the first time in a long time since he graduated from elementary school,

Ugin-chan's brother is that guy?

My friend pointed in the direction of a third grader in gym class. When I looked more closely in the direction of her finger, I saw her brother.
He was 6 feet tall. Short hair.
He was holding a wooden stick and swinging it around, imitating kendo and playing with his friends. I was too embarrassed to say yes.

One day.
I went to the library with a gleam in my eye when I heard that books had arrived. Books are familiar to me, but they are expensive for junior high school students, so I like the library where I can read them for free.
The library is located on the floor where the third graders are, so it is a little difficult for me to go there. The difference of two years is very big. So I went with my friend.

'Could it be Ugin's brother?

My friend and I were going and there was my brother walking like a drunk uncle.

'What are you doing, brother?
'Oh, Ugin. Move aside for a moment. I can't step on the shadow.

He seems to be walking down the hallway to avoid the light coming in through the window. I walked past in disgust.


I groaned to myself in the classroom at lunchtime.

What's wrong?

It's nice to hear him talk to me because he is concerned about me, but I always feel embarrassed because of the content of the conversation.

My brother is too stupid to do anything about it!

I can't say. I don't even know what that means.
I didn't think my brother had changed so much. I don't know what happened. He didn't change in the first place? Is it because my views have changed? It's normal at home.
Every time I ask, 'Is that Ugin's brother? It's already a hassle and a nuisance. All I can say is 'Actually, I'm his brother ......'.
I don't know.
I wonder if they don't like me.

It was really an ordinary day that changed all these doubts.
I was on my way home after school when I happened to see my brother crouching in the street. But I didn't feel like talking to him. To be honest, I didn't want to have anything to do with my brother at school - well, I didn't want to have anything to do with him in his school uniform. It wasn't contempt, but I didn't like it. Japanese is a difficult language.
I tried to walk past him. I think I looked at him condescendingly, thinking that he was probably just observing ants.

There was a dead sparrow at my brother's feet.

He wrapped the sparrow in a leaf with sad eyes.

'Brother. Are you eating a mugwort cake?

I decided to play dumb. I wanted to avoid asking him directly about the sparrows, even though I couldn't express it in words. I still wonder why.
I didn't want to get too deep into my brother's life, so on the surface.
I guess that's what I was thinking. Just a hunch. So I made a joke.
He replied.

"The sparrow-- it was dead.

I know.

I wonder why.

He said it as if he were asking a sparrow.

'Why doesn't anyone bury them in the ground?

I will never forget those words.
My brother then dug up the earth in a corner of the road and buried the sparrow. He was expressionless and nonchalant the whole time. It was not coldness or anything like that, it was more like respect.
I stood back and watched.
I felt that my big brother's back was wrapped in tenderness. He was not the no-good brother who was always fooling around at school, but the brother who was full of humanity and richness of heart that cherished life.

I felt ashamed of myself.
I felt foolish for having a selfish image of my brother. I had looked down on him.
Even if I apologize to my brother here, he will just give me a blank stare. But I want to explain. I want to apologize.
What I can do is really limited and small. So I'm going to pay him back a little bit at a time.

'On me, bro.
'Why not?
'No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'll buy you a juice from the vending machine over there.
'What in the world happened at school that Ugin would say such a thing ......?'
'Nothing! Here, drink this!
Don't throw it. Why tomato juice?
'Tomato juice is good for your health and it's the key to a long life.
'Really? Thank you. Bon app tit.

I thought it was the perfect juice for my brother, who values life.

'But I'm afraid I'll die prematurely from too much salt.

Yeah. That's like my brother.

I thought my brother might actually be a homos*xual, since I never heard any rumors about his love life.
When I told this to my friend to pass the time, his eyes lit up.

It's so much better!

My friend seemed pleased. I tilted my head because her reaction was a mystery to me, but later I found out that she was a rotten girl. There are all kinds of people in the world.

Two years have passed since my brother left junior high school.
In the third year of junior high school, I recently found out that there was a girl who was close to my brother.
Alina Hiba.
She's a very peculiar person, extremely S, extremely abusive, and extremely beautiful. I was interested in her because of her mix of various elements, so I went to the high school she went to with my brother.
It had been a long time since we went to school together.

Alina was really beautiful.
I was surprised to see them hiding in the bushes as they walked to the school gate.

(I wonder if she is a model! Amazing!)

I couldn't help talking to myself. She was that good-looking. She really is beautiful! My brother is in a haze!
They headed straight for the school gate. What about me? Leave me, brother, leave me!
My phone vibrated shakily. It's an incoming call from my brother. I felt it wasn't enough to answer the call, so I hung up the phone and jumped out of the bushes.
Bullet tackle!

Another month goes by.
My brother is going to work with Alina at the festival. He denies that they're not together, but I couldn't help but be curious. She was really beautiful, so I thought to myself, 'How could she be with my brother? The hazy feeling in my head would not go away.
I was going to find out about their love affair at the high school festival.