45-significance of existence...

'You don't have to worry about me anymore, comet.

When I first met Alina Nippa, I regretted getting involved in something really troublesome. I complained about it to my sister, and I was confused because I didn't know what to do.
Although I was abused by her, her occasional smile made me think that she was not so bad, and my mouth would drop a little.
I enjoyed talking with Alina. I smiled to myself and thought to myself that I was being a butt.
The feeling was real.

That's why Alina's words hit me so deeply.

I can't cause any more trouble for Comet. You've done so much for us all these years, haven't you?
'I've done my best in my own way.
'It's all right now. I'll take care of it.
'......What kind of ending are you hoping for?'
'The opposite of Comet and Dr. Akakusa'.
'? You mean?''
'I'll disappear cleanly.'

Alina said such a terrible thing without hesitation. In a sense-- death. It's synonymous with death.
And the problem is that they both want to disappear. It could be seen as the flip side of suicide. If that's what they're trying to do, I'll do everything I can to stop them.
Basically, life is precious. Unfortunately, the value of life can be shaken by murder or status, and it can make a difference, but it is a very precious metaphysical concept to be cherished, and it is unforgivable to disrespect it.

I went around the school with Alina, still in a state of exclamation.
Sometimes Alina would ask me to come by here, and I would go along with her, but I was out of the loop. I felt as if I was wandering around in a fog.
I feel fearful of the possibility that I will not be able to be with Alina. I was aware that her presence had been growing in my mind day by day, but when I opened the box, it seemed to be more full than I had expected.
Then, unexpectedly, I was hit on the back. I coughed violently as the impact was so strong that my heart came out through my skin and muscles.

I coughed violently. 'I'm sorry, I just had a tarantula on my back,' he said.

The violent person was Alina Hiba. I've only known one person who would do such a thing.

'It seems you're awake.
'Yes, it is. I was surprised when my memory suddenly jumped. One minute I saw your face on that stage, and the next minute you and I were walking down the hallway together. I'd hit you with the force that would shatter your spine.
'Personality change'.
'If it were that easy to switch, all the fires of war burning on the earth would have been extinguished by now.
'Are you a god or something?

I seem to have reverted back to the poisonous rose. What is this feeling of coming home? I feel a strange sense of relief. A great irony, I know.

So, what did you and I talk about?
'Various well ......'
'Next time, if you mince your words, I'll drown you in the Indian Ocean.'
'...... a little bit about your relationship and your past. And a little bit about the notebook.

When his personality changed, his tone, his expression, his behavior, everything became different. I think I was looking at him as if I were seeing something strange because of this remarkable transformation. I'm sure that's how Alina saw it.
I don't know whether she sensed it or not, but Alina's eyes were glazed over and she looked stunned. Her mouth curled into a pout as she focused on the infinite distance.

What's wrong?

Immediately, his expression changed to a pissed-off look. Are you a 3D character texture?
In a panic, Alina pulls out the notebook and scribbles something down.
As soon as she finishes writing, she puts it away. God only knows where she has it hidden.

'If you read this again, you'll be imprisoned for 800 years.
'I'm a foreign convict?
'Oh my God, what have you done to me, you stupid idiot?
'I've seen it, I'll do what I have to do.
'Shut up or I'll kill you. You don't know what it tastes like to roll an eyeball around on your tongue.
'You'd make a good friend of Hannibal Lecter, you know that?
'Shut up, you pervert.

Alina turned away and sulked. She is becoming a tsundere. I was convinced that with more training she could become a tsundere beyond the Unit 2 pilot.
But, but... I wonder if there's a part of her that's dere. To be honest, I'm not sure if she has the right elements to be a tsundere. She blushed when she tried to enter the room while I was changing my clothes. The next time I accidentally watched her changing in public, she looked at me cold as absolute zero.
Now, is Alina going to turn on?

--Yes, she will.

What I have learned from my contact with her is that Alina is quite a 'hentai'. She is well equipped with hentai, which is becoming a universal language.

Alina. Do you know what a tsundere is?
'I know, but...'
'You're a tsundere, aren't you?
'What? Don't change the subject. Okay? Next time I see your note, I'm seriously going to boil you.'
'What kind of things do you have to say to make me derelict? Tell me about it.'
'I'm going to burn your gums.
'You're so cute! You're so cute! Alina-chan--'

My brain shook violently.
A moment later, my vision breaks. It turns white, and darkness slowly covers the world.
All that remained was the sensation that Comet Sakakimagi's brain was shaking violently and painfully.
The world shook far more than an earthquake, and I collapsed without time to be surprised. In the fine stream of time I saw Alina's face, her cheeks slightly tinted pink. If you can make that kind of face, you should keep making it. What a waste.
Alina hit me, and the concussion really knocked me out. No joke this time. The world really went dark.

I open my eyes slowly. The pain in the back of my head is sharp and clear as my consciousness fades.
A ceiling I don't know.
I know. The ceiling of the Rose Garden.
I turn my head to the right as I lie there. Alina is sitting on the long desk with her cheek on the table, staring at me. And I'm lying on the desk. Like a body used in a ritual. I wonder if the pillow is a favor.

Are you going to eat me, cannibal?

That's what I said the first time I opened my mouth.

'You look good. Good.
'I really thought you were dead.'
'I'm a little worried about you.
I don't know why you're talking like a machine.

I got off the long desk and sat down in a chair for now.
Alina is still wearing her dress. It's too glamorous, and I wish she'd go back to her uniform. I get nervous every time I see her, and it's hard to look her in the eye.

It's been a while since I've been in the rose garden.
I had been going to the student council meetings for the past few weeks, so I thought that dust and dirt had accumulated, but it was surprisingly clean.

Have you been here recently?
'I've been here almost every day.'
'Seriously, Kayo.'
'It's my space.'

You were here on your lunch break. He seems to like it very much.

'You don't seem to have any friends.
'Shut up. I just like it here.
'If you're lonely, go to Tsuru's. He'll be happy to see you.
I'm a wolf.
'I'm more comfortable with roses.'
'Oh, shut up, shut up, shut up. It's time for me to take a break, so I'm free to go.
'Be my guest.

I was tired of walking, so I decided to sleep here. But Alina said, 'Excuse me.

Let me sleep.
No. Get out.'
'Hey, hey, hey. Just because you like it here doesn't mean you should kick me out. I can't sleep anywhere else.
'Can I change my clothes?'

She held a mechanical pencil backwards. I ran away quickly. My sixth sense sent a danger signal to my whole body.
If I don't run, I'll be killed.
I realized how hard the natural world can be.