66-a simmering Esprit...

'Comet. Let's eat lunch.

A voice calling my name in a hushed tone echoed through the lunch break. I was about to start a noble dinner party (just to spread out my lunch) with Makoto.

Who is that guy?

Makoto, with a quizzical look on her face, pointed her chin at the person at the door and asked me.

It's Kozue Kanzawaguchi-senpai.
'What, a senior? Third year?''
'She's also my girlfriend.'
'Kano,eh? Ogggghhh, hannnee!

Makoto raised his hands like a civilian A at gunpoint, dripping with cold sweat and wobbling his jaw as if he couldn't accept the reality.
He looked at me and Kanzawaguchi-senpai alternately with his eyes swimming.

You got a girlfriend?

Tsuru entered the conversation. She, too, is astonished like a scientist who has encountered an 'impossible fictitious phenomenon.

'You don't have to be so brash,' she said.
'Because you've been mumbling about single aristocrats and single aristocrats like a bunch of idiots. ......'
'It was a joke. It's always a joke. I really wanted a girlfriend.
'Arienai ...... what are you going to do, Alina?'
'Thanks a lot. The activity doesn't change.
'But ......'
'I don't want to keep you waiting, so let's go. Makoto, no dinner today.
'So don't call it a dinner party because it's embarrassing.
'Have dinner with Ryuka instead. Hey! Ryuka! Makoto wants to have dinner with you and look at each other!

Ryuka blushed and turned her head down. But her right hand was firmly making a good sign. Ryuka and I could communicate silently. I responded in the same way.

'Well then.

I took my lunch box and went out into the hallway with Kanzawaguchi-senpai.

Thanks, darling.

Again, in a hushed voice, she hugged my left arm and leaned her weight on it.

'Senpai. You're too close to the stones,......, the eyes around you,......'
''Do you mind?''
'Yes, of course. I'll get stared at by the student advisors.
'Well, it can't be helped then.

My left arm is free. Even the sleepy-looking Kanzawaguchi-senpai seems to be bold enough to do something unexpected. I was embarrassed, so I turned my face away from him.
Kanzawaguchi-senpai turned up the corners of his mouth with a grin.


d*mn ......! Hard to get a lucky break. ......!

I hate the cold.
I am cold, and this season is a matter of life and death for me, so I try to stay out of the classroom as much as possible to sustain my life. I can finally walk outside wearing black tights and three layers of innerwear. A scarf is a must, and I will freeze to death without gloves. I will buy some ear warmers next time.
This year will be over in about half a month. Time has passed so fast from the time I met him to today.
Looking back, my high school life was like a black-and-white world, faded and suffocating. I knew that the cause was me. It was not until I met Comet Sakakiki that my life was suddenly filled with color like when ink is dropped into water, and my days became vivid.

'Are you cold, Alina-san?

Shirana came up to my seat. Lately I have been talking to my classmates. Especially with Shirana.
After the breakup of the Rose Garden, I started to change my ways and followed their advice. Gradually, the physical distance between me and my classmates naturally became smaller and smaller, and the number of times I open my library book has decreased drastically.

'Yes. I'm cold.
'I see. My mom is also oily, but she drinks ginger tea a lot. She says it warms her up!
'Yeah, I'll give it a try: ......'

Of course I had tried it and continued for a few days. I drank lemon tea and cocoa. But there was no significant effect, and I quit them once and for all. My sensitivity to cold is as peculiar as hers.

I was curious about the result of Hakuna's confession in front of me, so I unwillingly called her last night. I knew that my intervention would only be brazen. But I couldn't resist my curiosity.
And I was relieved. The moment it was confirmed that he had dumped her and that he had not gone out with her, I felt more than a little elated. I despised myself for being such an outrageous woman. That made me feel a little pained that she was fine with it.

I decided to have a cup of cocoa to warm myself up. I decided and left my seat. It was very hard for me to run out into the corridor without air conditioning, so I wrapped a scarf around my neck. I tucked my face into the scarf and headed for the vending machine.
Before I passed the staircase landing, I saw a familiar back for a moment. It was a comet. I passed by the staircase and caught a glimpse of him going downstairs.

(What? ......?)

He is descending the stairs with an unidentified female student at a distance where their shoulders touch or not. Obviously, it is the distance between lovers, and it is a meaningful distance. The girl is leaning in close to him. I was subconsciously annoyed at the fact that the girl seemed to be in a relaxed mood.
Are they dating?

No, but he's been proclaiming his bachelorhood to the point of earwax. And he dumped Shirana yesterday. Just now. Could it be that you dumped Shirana because you hooked up with her? Since when? What's that? I feel like an idiot for getting passionate and calling you to the Rose Garden.
I could feel my brow creasing. I'm sick of not knowing. I quickly bought a cup of cocoa from the vending machine and went back to the classroom.

(Moo ......)

I wrap my cocoa in my hands and sip it.
If they went out with me, they could have at least told me a few words about it," I complain.
You take another sip to distract yourself.
I don't feel good until it's clear. One of my classmates looks at me and shudders. My expression must have been quite frightening. Once he said to me, 'When you are angry, you look like a snake planning to swallow a mouse. I reflexively threw the eraser at him, but maybe he had a point.
I felt bad for him if I ruined the change of my stance, so I decided to search for the truth on my own.

Comet must not have returned to the classroom yet. He went down the hallway, so he should be gone for a while.
I tried to put on a nonchalant face and opened the door of the second class. Perhaps I was too expressionless, but the students in the second class looked at me and gave me a shudder. And then they asked me, "Comet? They asked each other. No, I'm not dealing with a comet this time.
I found my target and went straight for him.

What the hell? Comet went away.

Makoto Takane. The guy who fell in love with me at first sight and got dumped by me (I don't remember). He is the man who knows the most about Comet Sakakiki as far as I know. He was having dinner with Ryuka Mimori.

'Come here for a minute.
'Well, wait a minute. I'm eating.'
'So. Come here.
'Listen to me ......'
'It's really just a minute. I'll let you go in 10 seconds.'
'...... okay. Ryuka, wait for me.

Ryuka nodded her head.
I herded Makoto into a corner of the classroom and stood on my haunches so that he could not escape. Makoto is frightened like a sheep being chased by a wolf.
I whispered in a low voice so that the others could not hear.

Is he dating her?
'......Oh, I'm not sure either.'
'What do you think? You're like his instruction manual, aren't you? Don't you know?
'I don't know every detail of it. ...... I was surprised too. I was surprised when a guy named Kazawaguchi-senpai came to my classroom all of a sudden. Comet said she was also his girlfriend.
''Third year?''
''Yeah. I had no idea who he was because I didn't know him. Quick, let me go. ......
'Yes, go back to your nest.

I turned on my heel and went back to my classroom, ignoring Makoto who slumped down.
I sip my slightly chilled cocoa again.

(You're really together, aren't you? ......)

This kind of talk about who went out with whom and who got dumped is a staple among girls, but it doesn't interest me at all. However, I was surprised that I was so moved when someone I know well gets together with someone I don't know.
Perhaps it was because I was too accustomed to the daily routine of simply cursing and dismissing those who professed their love to me, but I had thought that there would be no more waves within me from romantic affairs, but I was foolishly pissed off at the present situation.

(I'll have to check this out: ......)

I grabbed the can and made up my mind.