67-invisible circumstance...

I don't want to do anything because it's cold. I'm going home.

I sent a message with the cause and conclusion. This message may be superfluous since I haven't done anything in the last few days to begin with.
Besides, if he really started dating, I'm not the one he's going to be hanging out with after school. I know I'm not wanted from the start, but with his personality, I think he'll be considerate and send me a text message to say no. That's why I made the first move.

The best way to find out the relationship between him and his senpai is to talk to the people around them.
To begin with, we need to find out who the senior is.
If he and that senior have developed such a relationship, there should have been rumors of their interaction before, but I heard not even a whisper. Even I, who am often by his side, have not even caught a glimpse of him. Then you have to ask one of the third-year students. But unfortunately I don't know any third-year students. In my notebook, a third-year student named 'Aki Mine' was described as a person who helped me in junior high school, but I don't even recognize her face. I had no choice but to talk to him at random.

(ikigura ......)

I came to the third grade floor in high spirits.
But the serenity of the room made me flinch. Only the sound of my shoes echoed in the quiet hallway.
I glanced around to see a few students silently penning away at their desks.

(It's exam time, of course. It would be rather strange if they were making noise.)

I walked down the hallway to the stairs. I didn't have the courage to enter such a quiet space.
As I was about to go down the stairs, I happened to see a male student, who looked like a third-year student, coming up from below. Seeing my chance, I spoke to him.

Excuse me. May I have a word?

The boy overreacted to my approach.

'What, me?
'Yes, I am. Can I talk to you for a minute?
''Wait a minute, I think you're Mr. Hinoha from the second year, right?''
'Oh, ...... I'm ready for it.'
'Don't get me wrong. I don't know you and I'm not interested in you.
'...... Yes. What do you mean you want to talk about ......?'
''Do you know a third-year student, Kanzawaguchi senior?''
'Kanzawaguchi. Oh, that guy. I know him because we're in the same class.

Wow. Lucky.
I sang three cheers. In my mind, of course.

"Are you dating anyone?
'Yeah? That's out of the blue. Well, I don't think that's what they're talking about.
'Really? Are you sure?''
'There's no profit in lying. Close, close, close.

Of course, I am not going to assume that this man's testimony is true. It is not uncommon for people to hide their relationships, and I do not believe that this man is romantically savvy. There is no way that a man who gives the impression of being single for the rest of his life could know about other people's love affairs. I was a fool.

'I feel like I'm being harsh ......'
It's my imagination. Then, can anyone name a friend who is close to Kanazawa-guchi-senpai?'
'You mean his friend. Then it must be Fujikura.
'Please use your real name.'
'Fujikura Fuuka. She's probably studying in the library right now. It's so close to the center.
''Are you sure?''
'I'm going to get a regular job.
'I see. Thank you very much for your cooperation. You will never see me again.
'Oh, yes,' I'm afraid of the second half of that word: ......'

I followed the haste and headed for the library.
Kaede Fujikura. Kaeka Fujikura.
But soon I realized I had made a serious mistake. How could I find Kaeka Fujikura if I didn't know her face?
I turned back, biting back my embarrassment.

'What, I'll never see you again. ......'
'The situation has changed. Please come with me to the library. Please tell me who Fujikura Kaede-senpai is. (If you refuse, I'll throw you in the incinerator.)'
'Wow, okay.'

I smiled in place of thanks for their consent. Yes, most men are pleased when I smile. I try not to smile in public, but this time I made a special exception and smiled at him. But the guy doesn't seem to feel very good about it. He was rather frightened.

(Was it my voice that leaked out?).

Even so, he complied with my request, so I decided that the result was all right.

We went into the library together and I waited at the door. I let him look for me.
In a few seconds, the man seemed to have found Fujikura-senpai and communicated to me by pointing his finger behind her from a distance.
I indicated with my chin that she could go home and let her go. The man quickly fled the library.
I approached Fujikura and sat down on a chair in front of her.
She seemed to be studying with her notebook open while listening to music on her earphones. She did not even notice my presence, so I extended my finger and tapped on the desk to bring her into my sight.
With a snap, she took off her earphones and stared at me.

Who are you?
'Nice to meet you, my name is Arina Hinoha.
'That famous Mr. Hinoha? You wanted to see me?''
'I'm sorry to barge in here unannounced. I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.
'Of course. Why me?
Do you know Mr. Kanzawaguchi senior?
'Yeah. We're friends.
''Has anything changed recently around Kanzawaguchi-senpai?''
'Hm~? I don't think there is anything in particular.'
'For example, I'm dating someone...'
'I don't think so. Because every time someone confesses to me on the treetops, I turn them down. But it's always from the same person.
''What do you mean by the same person?''
'There is someone who likes Kozue. He's confessed his love to me many times since the first year. It would be pitiful if I said it's a familiar sight. It's funny because it's still the case even in the third year.

Fujikura shook his shoulders, killing the sound of laughter.
I think I'm starting to see something.

I understand. I'm sorry for interrupting your study.
''Oh, are you done?''
'Yes. I understand a lot now.

I left the library.

Oh, shit! I thought she went home!)

Alina's sudden appearance in the library startled me so much that all my organs almost came out of my mouth. I was lucky that she pulled them out through my esophagus, but I almost died. My small intestine almost got stuck in my trachea.

'What are you doing hiding out here all of a sudden?
'It's Alina! Alina has been in the library!
'Mr. Hiu? But do you have to hide?''

I was taken aback by the stunned Kanzawaguchi-senpai.

You don't know. You don't know how scary she is. If she saw us together, what would she do to us?
'That's fine. It's not like we're really dating.
'Even if that's the case. Alina knows that Shirana confessed her feelings to me. If she sees us having this relationship, she could come at me with a knife and say, 'I have to kill a trashy person with no moral compass! I will die without excuse! Besides, it's not good if Shirana finds out too!''
'It's okay. I'll explain it to you.

I don't trust the words of a half-asleep person.

Anyway! I don't want you coming out in my class in such a big and familiar way anymore!
'Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
'I'm anxious ...... will I be alive in a week ......'
'Wait a little longer. I'm struggling too, so help me. You said you'd pay for it.
'I believe in you. ......'
'I'll keep my promise. I know how to fix your disease.
'I'm seriously looking forward to it. ......'