68-bumping into...

My reasoning .

Kozue Kanzawaguchi is in trouble because a certain male student confesses his feelings to her over and over again. In order to make him give up, she is dating Comet Sakakiki.

I'm sure of it. First of all, there's no way that that spineless guy would go out with an upperclassman so easily. Besides, he likes me. He likes me.
When Hakuna called him before the time to confess and asked him what he was going to say, he said clearly that he loves me (he didn't say it). I was just a little bit happy to add an extra bonus. I was so happy.)

(Oh man ...... I'm on fire ......)

My face is getting hot.
The heater's working too hard.

Having decided on some course of action, I first decided to find a student who is in a state of yandere against Kanzawaguchi-senpai. They are probably wandering around the school like zombies, looking for Kanzawaguchi-senpai. I felt sorry for the senior student when I pictured such a scene. It's annoying to hang out with him even if it's a lie.
After-school hours have just started, so there is a good chance that some of them are still there. I walked around as soon as I could, because the time was getting shorter and shorter.

I walked around as soon as I could. Did you leave?

Not knowing the faces and names of the yandere students, I turned to the third-year students again. He was a dull third-year student who was in the same class as Kanazawa-guchi-senpai and who told me about her friend.

She just left a few minutes ago.

A dull third-year student did so upon returning from a class with Yudai.
Yudai is the name of a yandere student who can't stop loving Kanzawaguchi Sr. This information was obtained as a result of abducting and interrogating this dull third-year student.

Hey. Can you let me go now? I said I'd never see you again, and this is the third time I've seen you. ......'
'I'm sorry, sir. It seems we're at an impasse today, so this is really the last time. Can you tell me a little more about this Yudai senior?

He breathed a sigh of relief at my declaration of release. I felt sorry for him as he continued to be held by me, so I decided to make this really the last time.

Yudai is not a bad guy. He's just in love with Kanazawa. I even heard a rumor that he confesses his feelings once a month.

That's sick, isn't it?

'I guess it's a bit of a mess because Kanazawa-guchi doesn't dump me like he's going to cut me off, too. We've been in this relationship for three years now. I'm graduating in three months, so I'm wondering if I'll get an okay at the last minute. I've been having a lot of fun talking about it.
'I hope it comes true!
'I've had a one-sided love for three years. I don't expect it to have a happy ending like in the dramas, so I'm not holding my breath.
'That's right...'

I just humored him appropriately and ended the conversation with him. No matter how much I beat up on this person, I would never get anything useful out of him but flesh and blood. Now that I have his picture and name, he is no longer of any use to me.
I thanked him appropriately and turned on my heel.

The next day.
The weather is snowing, and it's going to be a hell of a day for me with a cold sore.

I can't wait for my lunch break. I can't wait to go find this Yudai guy. A ten-minute break between classes is not enough, and above all, it's cold. Going out from the heated classroom to the hallway shortens my life span.
You shove your hands in your pockets and tuck your face into your scarf to keep warm. Skirts are the best item for fashion-conscious schoolgirls, but in winter they are the worst of all worlds for me. Did they think I could stand the cold with just a pair of stockings? If I were president of the student council, I would bend the school rules to allow girls to wear winter pants. I wouldn't do it, though, because it would be too much trouble.
Scarves are a must when you stop to use the restroom. It's really deathly cold. I don't understand students who bare their bare legs even in this season. On top of that, the water from the tap is so cold that my fingertips hurt like needles. Apparently, this school is very strict with me.

'You're gonna stand out in the school with your scarf.

As I left the bathroom, I heard a voice behind me.

'Oh, my God, that sounds disgusting. It's like the sound of cicadas being crushed.
'Seriously. Isn't my sister too tough to keep hearing that voice?
'Apologize. Your sister is a good girl.
'You know what I mean. Ugin is a goddess.
'Sissy-consumption creepy.'

They were playing catch in their usual nonchalant manner, but inside my heart was racing.
He is hiding from me the fact that he is dating Kanzawaguchi-senpai. I am pretending not to know because it is convenient for me, but if he finds out that I am aware of it, it will be troublesome for me.
Just as Shirana and this person had a falling out before, an opaque wall will be erected between this person and me. I don't want that, so I'm currently having a conversation with her with my mind fully occupied so that I don't say or do anything unnatural. Maybe, oh-berkku.

'Are we going to do something today?
'You've got your arms folded awkwardly.'
'...... s*xual harassment?'
'Yes! I'm merely tweaking you because you're acting suspiciously. ...... Why is that s*xual harassment!'
'...... you're trying to tell me that it's hard to fold your arms because of your breasts, right? Why don't you jump into a pond of piranhas for once?'
'No, I'm not! I'm calling the police!

(...... What in the world am I talking about?)

I am aware that this is a ridiculous misunderstanding. Unfortunately, my head is in a state of 'oh-berk-luk' and I can't think purely perfect thoughts right now.

(I have to cheat ...... cheat ......)

I'm free because there's nothing special today. Hmm, I haven't done anything lately.
'So, yeah? Ba, deep fried at the bus stop?

' Alina. I'll go out with you after school and we'll go to the psychosomatic clinic.'
'Are you crazy? Going out with him, you idiot! I think you're broken!
You're the one who's broken. And don't invoke tsundere when you don't know what it means.

I tucked my face into the scarf around my neck and kept my mouth shut. Everything I said could be a minefield. I'll be careful here.

It's really funny, isn't it? You can tell me if you need anything. I'm being asked to help Alina, after all. I'll do everything I can.
Well, it's time to go. ...... just wait a little longer!
'Get your ass in the classroom! You don't like the cold, do you?''

He went into his classroom to escape from the ghost.
What could I wait a little longer for? Should I just stand here? Or do you mean in time? I don't know.
I went back to the classroom with a blank mind.

It was lunchtime.
After lunch with Shirana and the others, I went right to the third grade building.
Yudai Yamagata.
The person I was looking for was a male student who had a crush on a senior. I had obtained his information from a dull student the day before, so all I had to do was to match him with the real one.
I targeted a male student who did not seem to want to communicate with his classmates and talked to him.

Do you know this man? His name is Yudai Yamagata.

I presented him with a picture and made a 'I'm in trouble' expression and asked him. The response was, as expected, love at first sight. I was about to punch him, but I let him go because my priority was to find Yudai.
After three such exchanges, the fourth person was able to have a decent conversation with me.

'Yudai? I think he's at the store, isn't he?

I thanked him and immediately headed for the concession stand.
I have to admit that I don't like the concession stand at noon because it is crowded. It is small for the number of students in the school, so the supply is not sufficient. As expected, it was overflowing with people.
I moved away a little and paid attention only to the boys' uniforms. The overwhelming number of girls made the guys stand out. I observed the situation from the outside.

'What are you trying to win at the concession stand, you weakling?

(Bad timing!)

I encountered Comet Sakakiki. He was standing next to me, looking down at me with fearful eyes.
As I am taller than average, my eyes are usually on the same line with boys, but this guy was so tall that I had to look up at him every time. I didn't like that. (*I'm actually a little nervous.)

'No, I don't mind.'
'Yes, miss? Ask me what I want. I've fought a lot of tough guys in this store, and I've been trained in a hundred battles, and there are a few things I can't ...... take away.
''You have.''
'Women's volleyball and women's basketball are f*cking strong. ...... They know my face, too, and the first thing they do when I approach them is stomp my feet. I got my gall bladder popped out when he hit me in the tail with his elbow.
'How are you still alive?
'Cause I've built up a tolerance. Just like I got used to your abuse.'
I'll be right back.
'So, what did you come here to buy?'

I was at a loss for words because I didn't come here to buy anything. I left my wallet in my bag, and I wasn't hungry.

'......Why did you come to the concession stand?'
'I knew it, I'm going to accompany you to the psychiatrist's office after school ...... because your mother will be worried.'
'You're so silly! What's the point of going out with them or something! You're going to be destroyed!
'It's your thoughts that are ruining you.

That's when we were arguing.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The tone of his voice was that of a man with a hopelessly limited vocabulary. A man's voice came out. The source of the sound is approaching us.
The man came with both index fingers outstretched, doing the old cartoon Hyakusai-ken.
It was Yudai Yamagata.

'Nn, eh! What is it?

Yudai Yamagata grabbed Comet firmly by both shoulders and pressed close. I don't think anything of it, since I don't have the "boys' love" attribute, but I think those who do would immediately draw a picture of it. I was stunned by his close proximity to me.

It's you! The two years you say you went out with Kozue?

Comet turned pale and looked at me.
No, I know. I know everything.
I felt it would be fun to corner him, so I gave him a cold stare that would make even an Antarctic penguin wince. The comet turned pale and soda-colored.

'No, you see, the thing about this is that Che Guevara, you know, the Voynich Manuscript...' he said, 'I don't know.

I'm so confused, I don't know what you're talking about.
You're the one who needs to go to the psychiatrist. You idiot.