98-door to spring...

Spring break is a vacation that leaves little room for mental relaxation.
The afterglow of having completed a school year, the excitement of a new school year ahead, the ever-approaching class announcements, the uncertainty and hope of new classmates. We are confronted with our own problems one after another.
In addition, we are in the final year of our third year. This is the year in which we have a lot of things to finish. Whether it is club activities, academics, or relationships, we will have some sort of closure before graduation. This makes spring break even more depressing and anxiety-ridden.
However, there are always exceptions. It is like a mutation of the species, a subspecies is always born.
Yes, that's me. Comet Sakakiki.
There is no other person in the world who is as positive about spring break as I am. Anxiety about the new school year? New relationships? Can I keep up with my studies? Will I graduate? You'll die if you worry about that. You're always thinking about tomatoes so much that no other concerns come to the surface of your consciousness. Tomatoes are so strong that you can't feel anything.

Isn't that what you call a drug?

Ugin said so, but of course I don't care. I'm so high that even the noise is clear.

'It's not drugs. It's tomatoes.
'Yes, but...'
'Let me give you some trivia. Tomatoes contain toxic substances.
'What? Are you sure?
It's a poison called tomatin. You have to eat so much of it that it tears your stomach out to death, so it's not a problem. Maybe it's a pleasure substance for me.
'When my brother is cremated, I'll roast him with mini-tomatoes.'
'That's great. Even better if the farmers provide it to us as fertilizer. ...... What's with the uniform?

Ugin was wearing a strange uniform. She did not notice it because her mind and body were in the dream world with tomatoes. She was wearing the uniform of the high school she was going to enter.

Mother! There's a JK in the house! Hunting gun! Hurry up with the gun!
'I'm gonna kill you, bro.

So my sister will be a high school girl too. Having brand power in her identity will be a period of bliss for her, and for all the girls in the world. Cute uniforms and cute clothes. And a cool boyfriend. Hmm? Boyfriend?

I forgot.

When Ugin became a high school girl, there would be flies to attract. I can't let that happen. Such insolent people must be removed. Ugin should always have a stun gun and VX gas. There are people on the dark side of the world who buy people's freedom and bodies with money and exploit them until they die.
To avoid such a predicament, we, human beings, are endlessly striving for more surveillance and control society. Artificial intelligence cameras that monitor the signs of crimes, and tracking management systems that give each person a unique ID and control his or her behavior. The world in which we can provide a little privacy and security will soon be here. At that time, what will the human race think and decide? The future is coming this summer. Worldwide screening on July 14.

It's time to stop with the tomatoes. Your eyes are in dreamland.
'Watch out for guys in high school. If anything goes wrong, call me before 110. I'll come running in faster than the speed of physics and send you all to Siberia, or rather, to a black hole. I'll show you the truth of the world at the singularity.
'I'll call 110, don't worry.'

We trust that no sensible Ugin would voluntarily put himself in harm's way. Please don't do anything to betray my brother's wishes.

'Do you have any friends from junior high school with you?
'Yeah. Well, a few of them.

That's fine. It's better than "they're all strangers." She's a good communicator by nature, so she should be able to survive on Jupiter and in the deep sea. I guess there's no point in worrying.
It is fortunate that Ugin, who had recently turned into an old man, is now a girl again thanks to the arrival of her school uniform. 'Does hot sake taste good? The sound of the world collapsing in my ears roared when he asked me, "What do you mean? There was no way I would know what it tasted like, and it wasn't something a minor would know, either. I guessed he had found it when he looked up the combination of delicacies on the Internet.
I threatened to tell her that it tasted like goblin piss and warned her not to get into trouble with the police, but my attempts to warn her failed when she muttered 'I'm curious. This was the moment when Ugin decided to exterminate and massacre in advance the wayfarers who would come close to him when he entered the university.

Needless to say, Comet Sakakiki is not a man who forgets himself and gets carried away just because it is spring break, as stated in the articles of the Constitution of Japan. That is why his spring break schedule is as beautifully white as a NEET's resume.
That's why I am so sensitive to the U.S. Bank's moves at home. I watched Ugin's movements in the living room, as if I were a PC whose main power supply had been disconnected, and devoted myself to letting dust accumulate on my body. As I watched Ugin as a silent guardian, I often saw him fiddling with his phone. Curious, I asked him a question.

'I'm finding people to enroll on social networking sites,' he said.

He answered my question with a few words.
Apparently, in today's JK world, the battle begins even before entering school. It seems that they are trying to make friends on social networking sites in advance to get rid of their 'loneliness anxiety' at the time of entrance. I wondered what had happened in the last few years, but I just didn't know. It is not a supernatural phenomenon that is seen only in JKs, and it is said that boys also usually do it.
I was surprised when I found out about it, because it is not something that advanced organic organisms like me have much contact with. Don't underestimate the network of children. Seeing the complex and bizarre worldview, I decided that I would be fine with being a stand-alone.

Let's go see it together, class presentation.

It was Alina Hiba who sent me a text utilizing a strange inversion of the word.
The class composition of the entire school year is announced at the farewell ceremony. The reason why it is on the day of the leaving ceremony is probably because it is open to all. It was probably chosen as a measure to increase the attendance rate of students at the ceremony as much as possible. However, the attendance rate of leaving ceremony is always high, so it may be too much of a stretch. From a different point of view, it is also possible that the separation ceremony was chosen as the day to make the announcement because it is the day when the largest number of students gathers.

Whatever it is, we're still going. It will be the last time we see Dr. Akakusa. There's no reason not to go.
And Aki, who has just graduated, might come to see him, so I'll say a final hello to her. I thought it would be a nuisance to talk to her during the sensitive period of her university entrance examinations, but she has graduated. I have to talk with them about various things so that I don't miss them.

A few days pass by, and then comes the graduation ceremony.
I remember how to put on my school uniform and get busy in the morning, even though it's my day off.

Where are you going, brother?
'England. I'm going to miss the plane.
'You don't have a passport.
'No problem, I bought a fake passport in Hong Kong.
'You've got a big problem.

I ate breakfast as soon as possible and left home at bullet train speed.
I was tempted to use my recently acquired instantaneous movement, but I decided not to, since my life span would be reduced to three minutes if I did.
So, I ran like the opening scene of a silly youth anime. Unfortunately, it is not a beautiful opening with flowers falling, a pretty heroine smiling, and rainbow colors. It is an unbearable image of a high school boy with bloodshot eyes and blood vessels floating on his forehead, running around spraying bodily fluids of an unknown name. It is not for children.
It's free to attend, so it doesn't matter if you're late, but I'm desperate because punctuality is my philosophy in life.
Because of this desperation, I made it on time. It was truly an act of God. It was a moment when a person turned the impossible into possible, a moment when a page in the great history was written.

It's not a doldrums.

I bumped into Alina and she told me that.

'I'm aware of it. We haven't started yet, have we?
'Just in time. Let's go to the gym.

Students passing by looked at me like I was an idiot for coming to school with the flu. No wonder I ran as fast as I could. I had three transplants because my heart burst in the middle of the race.
I was looking for an empty seat in the gym when I spotted Makoto and Tsuru.

What's wrong, comet? Why are you dying?
'Every capillary in my body ruptured. I couldn't overcome the gravity of the dogfight.'
'I don't get it. ......'

Soon after, the separation ceremony began. Trying to catch my breath, I regained my composure and turned my attention to the seats lined up for the teachers who would be leaving the school this year. Among them was Mr. Akakusa, who already had tears in his eyes. Too soon.
The leaving ceremony proceeded solemnly, and the teachers on stage were presented with bouquets of flowers. Most of the female teachers were crying. The female students began to cry, too. It was a reminder that women are very sensitive. Look at Makoto next to me. She's crying. You're crying too.

After the ceremony, the students quickly exit the gym and line up in the hallway.
The last of the departing teachers walk here. This is their last conversation with their students.

'Hey, hey, hey, Makoto. Wipe your tears. Wipe your tears.
'Uggg ...... ugg'.
'If you just listen to the sound, it's like a guy almost choking.
'Shut up!

I don't know who these tears are for, but they are sad.
At last Mr. Akakusa has arrived. Holding gifts from his many students, he walked in, nodding his head.
And then Makoto's tears started to form a waterfall.

Sensei! Fan de ji de ji de!
'Thank you, Makoto-kun.

With a wry smile, the teacher shook Makoto's hand. 'I'd like a photo book, please! Then he grabbed her by the collar and pulled her back.

'Sensei. Good luck in your new position.
'Thank you. Good luck with your exams, comet.

His parting words were brief indeed. That was enough. Words would have been clich . The important thing is conveyed in the eyes.
As he left, he winked at me.

'A legacy. I left it behind.
'Oh, what is it? Where is it?'
'You'll find out soon enough.'

If it's for real, is it a photo book? Makoto stopped crying and said, 'Comet. I'll never give it to you. This is absolutely ridiculous. That's impossible.
I won't lose to you.

The students started to hang out in front of the school building.
It's time for the long-awaited class announcements.

I wonder what kind of class I'll be in...
Be at peace. No more chimps who look like they just stepped out of a zoo. May there be lots of pretty girls.
'Comets are bachelor aristocrats, so it doesn't matter.'
'It's eye candy. I'll be able to study for my exams.'
'You say that in front of girls ......'

Ignoring Alina and Tsuru's disapproval, we waited until it was time to go public.
I had some free time, so I was talking with Toma and Shinji, who were there, when I suddenly remembered Aki-senpai. I don't think she was there for the leaving ceremony. If she had been there, she would have come to Alina. It's a pity, but it can't be helped. They may have already started living alone and may be out of the prefecture. I don't think I'll be able to say a clean goodbye to all of them. I will look forward to seeing them again when I am older.

Teachers appeared with several cylindrical rolls of paper as tall as a person. The students gasp and the teachers grin in response as they prepare.

I'd be laughing if Comet's name wasn't there.
'What an insidious bully. You're going to destroy the school board.

The teachers worked in pairs, opening one end of the rolled-up paper slightly and taping the other end to the wall with duct tape. I see. And then the other one runs in and unveils the paper. The students were so impatient with this play that they said, "Hurry! I'm not going to let you do it. In the midst of the commotion, 'Hurry up, hurry up, ahn! Ahhhh, fast! I heard a very lewd tone in her voice. It was definitely Hanaya Mugiyama. Someone stop her.
The teachers are ready and check each other to make sure they are ready.
And then it was time to open the doors.

'Happy New Year, Comet!

Alina looked at me and said. I was going to say to her, "No, no, no, it's already been three months since the New Year, young lady," but I stopped when I saw the calm look on her face. She was not joking, though her tone was suggestive.
The class composition revealed.
Immediately the students started jumping up and down and yelling. I looked hard to find my name.

Oh, you're in the first class of the third grade. I'm honored to have the title of number one...'

In one of the classes was the name Alina Nippa.
I look at Arina, speechless.
The corners of her mouth turn up in a grin. Then she said, "Nice to meet you again.

'You know, no, this is what I left for you: ......?
'I don't know. Himitsu.'

She turned her head away and hugged the crane. Apparently, she's with the cranes, too.
Oh, my God. That's chaos.
I noticed Makoto was standing next to me, saluting. I looked again to see what was going on and saw that Makoto Takane's name was also in the group.
Oh my god. That's chaos.
She was with Kayla, too.
Seriously? It's the end of the world.

Comet. Three years in a row.
'It's a curse now.

I bowed in reply. It was like when two enemies who had been enemies on the battlefield met again after the war. There was no more hatred. Just two men with a strong desire for world peace.

It seems that the last year will be a good one, doctor.