99-Will the returning team members dream of winning t...

It's over. Spring break is over.
It was over like the twinkling of an eye.

Since the class announcement, time has passed without much action or anything happening.
Those of us who are in the orthodox age of adolescence would have taken the heroine, her lover-like subheroines, and absolutely harmless mob boys to the beach, pool, or hot springs to expose our naked bodies - or perhaps we would have gone to the spots to expose our naked bodies ourselves. All for the sake of the viewers.
Unfortunately, Comet Sakakiki, who belongs to the most powerful club in the galaxy, the "club of return home," which rules the Andromeda Galaxy, will not be involved in such a clich d campaign to increase his s*xual desire. Because it would be too much trouble. Going out for a vacation and exhausting one's physical strength in sweating and breathing exercises will only make one tired.
Therefore, such an event did not take place, and I hardly left my house at all. Therefore, I have forgotten the sense of the day of the week and my memory is vague. It was a spring vacation filled with a sense of stupendous happiness.

It was April, but the cherry blossoms were not in full bloom. It will be a while before the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Still, I could tell that the season had changed by looking at the scenery, which was beginning to turn brighter and darker as the ground began to grow greener and brighter. The temperature was just right and it was really comfortable.
It is a good start for the first day of school as a third-year student. However, mornings are still hard. It is the first death march in weeks. I'll be a cog in the wheel with all the dead-faced working people today, and I'll be screaming my head off.

The third grade floor is not exactly comfortable. I still have the feeling that I can't get close to the other grades. I know that Aki and the other seniors who were here are gone, and that this is the place for us new third-year students, but I still feel like a second-year student.
I enter the first class of the third year and look around. Makoto and Tsuru were already there. After our eyes meet and we bail, I check the seating order on the blackboard.

My name, my name is ......

It appears that we are near the center of the room. Or rather, the seat in front of Makoto. And Alina Hiba, the Empress, is to the left of Makoto. In other words, she was diagonally to my left, a perfect position for assassination.
I went to my seat and greeted Makoto.

You're behind me, aren't you?
'It's in order of name.'
I mean, is Alina really next to me?
I was surprised too. I'm super scared.
'It's going to be chaos.'

Makoto shivered and was frightened. Apparently, he still does not know Alina, who has become much calmer. In his mind, she is a rose with a poisonous tongue. While Makoto was taking care of his frightened friend and sorting through his belongings, Alina finally arrived.

The air in the class froze.

Those who know Alina's tongue
Those intoxicated by Alina's beauty
Those who found out that Alina is in the same class as them.
Those who fell in love with Alina at first sight

The center of attention, Alina gave a small nod and strode to the blackboard. Then, awkwardly, her classmates resumed their respective activities, chatting and packing their bags. The unnaturalness of the situation made me feel as if I were being watched by a dreadful actor.
Alina finished looking over the seating chart and walked over to us without any reaction, her shoes clacking on the floor.

''Hey,'' she said.
'You're diagonally in front of me.'
'I can't help but suspect that Dr. Akakusa planted this one, too.'
'I don't know.

When Alina sat down, Makoto let out a small shriek and was frightened.
Seeing this, Alina spoke to Makoto.

'Hey, nice to meet you.
'Yo, yo, it's nice to meet you.
'What are you scared of? I won't do anything.
'Ryoo, got it.'
'Oh, by the way, you confessed to me once, didn't you?

Makoto was dredged up from a past he didn't want touched. I groaned. He had confessed his feelings to Alina on the spur of the moment in their freshman year, and had been heartbroken when he had been rejected. He was scared like a lamb whenever Alina appeared in front of him, and the confession to her was a taboo subject for him.

I'm sorry I said those terrible things. I wish you and your girlfriend all the best.

Alina said softly to him. Immediately, Makoto's back straightened and her eyes darted to the point. She asked me for confirmation, as if she couldn't accept reality. I didn't know what she was asking me to confirm, so I just nodded.
Then Makoto leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

'What's wrong with you ......, you're just a pretty girl ......!
''Sure, I might have changed.''
'No, it's not a level of change, come on. ......! She's really turning into a mystical beautiful girl. ......!
'Calm down. Take a deep breath.
'No, it's impossible, Brother Sakakiki, ......! If it's this kind of Hiu, guys will be flocking to the level of class disruption. ......!'

I said a lot of things to calm him down after this, but he never shut up, and finally calmed down when I told him that I was going to tell Ryuka that he was cheating on her, which made him feel depressed and apart from his class.
The image of his poisonous tongue still lingered in his mind and the only person who talked to Arina was Tsuru, but gradually a few girls started to show interest in talking to her. Alina did not reject them, but smiled at them in a friendly manner, so there were no stormy waves.

The morning was consumed by the opening ceremony, the purchase of teaching materials, and the taking of photographs, and in no time at all, it was lunchtime.
I headed for the store because my mother had given me money instead of a lunch box today. Since the new semester had just started, the club activities were not yet active, which made it easy for me to get some bread. It was a miracle that I was able to pay for the bread without any complications such as broken bones or prolapse of the bowels, as the female members of the athletic club would normally try to kill me.

You're free.

As I was walking away from the concession stand, Hakuna approached me. She and I were now in separate classes.

I guess. It's a shame we can't have physical contact with the girls.
'It's nice. You're looking at us like that.
'I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
So, Comet, have you heard about the gymnastics festival?
'Is there something going on at the gymnastics festival?'
'There's a relay between clubs, right?'
'Ah, the lowly relay that doesn't recognize the homecoming club as a noble club activity.
'I heard they're going to have a team for people who don't belong to any organization. Someone in my class was talking about it.

What? Does this mean that finally our school can no longer ignore the power of the homecoming club?

'Of course. Do you finally realize how much we've contributed to the earth?
'Hmmm. So I wondered if comets would appear too.

No, no, no, if I get out, I'm usually going to win, right? If Comet Sakakiki, a member of the International Organization for Homecoming Integration, competes, the soccer team and baseball team will be like one-hour-old babies, right? It's so hard to be strong.

I'll think about it when the time comes. Stay tuned.
'You're very motivated - ......'

I thought this would be a good chance for me to proselytize for the homecoming club, so I went back to the classroom.

Makoto and I were seated in front of each other, so I inevitably turned around to have dinner with him. I was used to having dinner parties for two years in a row, so when I said, 'Well, it's a dinner party,' Makoto didn't say anything.

'Makoto. I'm going to beat you and your badminton club.
'What the hell is this out of the blue? Did I do something to the comet?

I told him about the gymnasium and why I had declared war on him. He laughed.

'No, you can't.'
'What the hell?
'It's hard to beat those of us who exercise on a regular basis, you know. Besides, I don't think the soccer team can do it. It's tough even for us.''
Don't underestimate the potential of the homecoming club. First of all, you are much closer to victory when I'm here.
''Is Comet athletic?
'I'm tall and athletic. I wasn't born tall just to pick up things that are high.

I was relatively athletic enough to get my mother's seal of approval: 'You must have been a monkey in a previous life. I may have had opportunities to show them off, but I simply didn't because it was too much trouble.
At least not in the public eye. The human race will never know that I prevented a bio-terror attack, or that I received a NASA commendation for destroying an asteroid approaching Earth.

And over here we have Alina.

She doesn't call herself a homecoming girl, but I'll bring her in at this time. I have been informed that she is an athletic girl.
At the sound of my voice, Alina, who is having lunch with the perverted girl, Hana-sai, says, "What? I reacted.

If I think it's a bad idea, I ask Alina to undress me. The guys will be glued to the floor and forget how to run. Some bigotry may stir, but I'll get naked, too. I'll turn the gymnasium into a nudist beach.
'I'll never do it. If you force me to do something, I'll report you.
'Don't worry. It won't come to that. We'll win this war by the right means.
'I'll take it off!
'Hwasai-kun, you keep your mouth shut. You should only read your health and physical education textbooks.

He takes his eyes off of the two who are pulling away and one who is getting excited, and turns to Makoto.

We can win. Okay, first we need to get the number of people together.
'Are you seriously going to win ......?'

After finishing his meal, he immediately searched for Toma Asakura. I didn't know which class he was in, so I went to each class as best I could and said, "Toma Asakura! I called out to them. It turned out that he was in class 4.

What's wrong?
'I have something I'd really like to ask you to do.'

I told Toma all about my intentions and asked him to be a part of my plan.

Later that day.
When the first-year students started attending the school, the place began to be crowded.
Certain signs appeared all over the school.
Arina approached me with the sign.

What's this? Did you make this?
'Yes. I have connections.
'Gather round, the best of the homecoming party. "Beat the Athletics Club. That's terrible.
'By the way, Alina, you're in.
'I didn't ask you.
I just said that.
'So ...... you're, uh, you're, uh, you're, uh, you're, uh, you're, uh, you're, uh, you're ......'.
'You're a chuunibyou.'
That's it, that's it.
It is indeed often misunderstood but wrong. Most of the people who develop the symptoms usually change their appearance, weapons, and gestures. How about when I tell a joke?

Alina raises one eyebrow and thinks back.

'I just talk ......'.
'Yes. I'm a no expression, no action. I'm a sounding hunk of meat.'
'I know why you like jokes.

Alina pointed a finger at him with a smug look on her face.

'You watch too many foreign movies. Too many American jokes.

I was right. It's true.
She was right, I was very much influenced by foreign movies. The characteristic irony, metaphors, jokes. I was soaked in it.

'No, of course not.
'You're lying. When you're being reasonable, that's when you're lying.
'Oh, my God. I'm going to cry.
'Well, that's the thing. You quit the homecoming club, didn't you?

'Yes, I will participate as a former homecoming member'.
'You're on your own now: ......'

However, the decision to add Alina to the force is a firm one. Both competently and visually, the homecoming team must win. Of course, for Alina's sake, I quit the homecoming club and spend my after-school hours for her.

Wouldn't you like to see the Homecoming Club win the interdivisional relay? I want to see. Just once before I die.
The planning has just begun.