104-Nichiba Alina will not give up....

'Listen. Don't get serious. Just think of it as a warm-up.

I warned Masao before I grabbed the rope. I was a little concerned about his slow thinking, so I nailed him so that he would not miscalculate the control of his power. However, when the referee signaled the start of the match, Berserker shouted.


It was more a cry of being caught by surprise than a roar. I was holding the rope in front of him and looked twice behind me. If he opened his mouth wide like a hippopotamus and made a funny sound, anyone would look twice, right? I thought you were pooping your pants.
He was in the last row, responsible for wrapping himself around, his legs propped up on the ground, every muscle in his body flattened. His forearms, like giant trees, were terrifying. If he had been caught in the middle of it, he would have lost one of his arms.

Thanks to his efforts, the team was victorious.
Everyone, friend and foe alike, muttered, 'Who the hell is this guy?
On the way to the exit gate, ''Judo club? No, no, no, it's football.''Aren't you in the baseball team?'' The students' voices were heard gossiping about the club Masao belonged to. Hey, hey, hey, hey, they're all off. It's not a censored word. Don't be afraid to say it. What? You say "homecoming club" is not a club activity? Yes, you're in the electric chair. Hey...

What's this?

I got off to a good start in the scavenger hunt and was the first one to open the subject.
But the contents were too difficult.

The subject was "Actually, I'm bald.

What do you mean, "actually"? That's funny. You mean he's faking bald? I wonder if I should look for someone with a wig.
I can't tell if they have a wig or natural hair, and I can't say, 'You're bald, aren't you? I don't have the courage to say that. Isn't this too difficult? Without "Actually," it would have been a piece of cake because the current national teacher is reflecting the sunlight beautifully.
As I was clutching the subject and getting impatient, I heard my name coming from a pair of blue sheets.

'Alinah! If you want tomato juice, I've got it!

I was about to shout, "No one wants tomato juice, you idiot. All they want is 'fake hair'!
I looked around.

'Wiggy people...... wiggy people......'

I searched with my eyes for the person I was looking for, clutching the subject to my chest. Especially near the broadcast area. Because there are a lot of middle-aged and older teachers there. If anyone is there, it's there. Determined, I ran.
I was at a loss for words when I came face to face with them. I can't do it. I can't say it. There was no way I could say, 'Are you actually bald? It's too rude. I'll forever hate the person who came up with this question.

I wonder what's wrong. Arina Nippa is here at the broadcast table. What is she looking for?

That's what the broadcaster said.
Then it hit me. I took the microphone from the broadcaster and opened my mouth.

I said, "Actually, I'm looking for a man in a wig!

Alina's voice echoed through the ground.
And then the vice principal's hair fell out.

His hair fell out. Not a single hair fell out. It fell in a single, slippery strand.
It's hard to describe. I'd never seen anything like it before.
Suddenly, the sounds around me became muffled. And then the voice of the vice principal spoke directly to my heart.

I'd be happy to do it for the sake of my students.

All the students laughed at once.
The students laughed at the sight of the vice principal running to the finish line with Alina, holding her stomach and pointing at her. The teachers also lost their heads, and the gymnastic festival was filled with laughter.
At the expense of one brave man.
He is the epitome of an educator. I heard his words. He never willingly gave up his wig. His struggle was painful. Shame or students. He fought the fear of revealing what he had kept hidden for so long.
There was no time. Not even a few seconds had passed since Alina spoke into the microphone. In those seconds, he made a decision that would affect the rest of his life. Could he make that decision for one student? I can't do it.
Connecting with the vice principal across time and space, I learned what a person should be. I applaud his noble act of doing what he should have done as an educator without bending his principles.

Comet, why are you applauding?

Makoto, who had been laughing foolishly, said.

'It's for the philosophy of solitude.
'I don't get it. ......'

I know what I'm doing, vice principal. Ignore the students who laughed at me. I'll show them the pain later. At the opposing relay.

When other classes are competing, I'm usually free... so I lie down and look at the sky. As I was staring at the clouds that were being swept away by the wind, Intelligence Takazo came into my sight as if peeking into my eyes.

If you were a super beautiful girl, I would have cried for you.
I'm sorry, but that's a fairy tale. If you multiply the probability of meeting you by the probability of being born a person who will be given the alias "super beautiful girl", you will easily understand the story. It might happen with plastic surgery, but by the time you have the financial means to have it done, you won't be a girl anymore...'

If you speak any more, you have to pay me 100 yen per letter. What are you doing here?
'I want to talk to Futatsuru.'
'With cranes?'
'With all my brains, I've never surpassed her academically. I'm curious to know what she's like. If there's anything I can learn, I'd like to absorb it.
I see. I think he's on the air. The student council will be there.
'All right. Get up, comet.
What? Why?
'I need you to act as an intermediary. I've never communicated with her.

I can certainly understand why it's hard to talk to someone from a different world. I don't think I can get along with a race of people who yell "woe, woe, woe" like cicadas. I only wish they had a week to live.
I had no choice but to accept the role.

When I arrived at the broadcast, the cranes were still there. Under the tent, cooling off from the sun. What a good thing for him.

Tsuru. Can I come in?
'Oh, well, it's a comet. It's all right.

Tsuru looks like he's having a lot of fun at the gymnasium, with star-shaped tattoo stickers on both cheeks. Isn't he kind of cute? I wonder if there's a tomato shape.

This is the number one, Niwatatsuru. She may look like a girl who can't add and subtract, but inside she's a goddess of study.

He introduced him to Takakura. Tsuru turned to Takakura with a frustrated look on her face and said, "I can do it.

My name is Takakura Numakura. I've wanted to talk to you for a long time.

Then Tsuru came up to me and whispered in my ear.

I didn't ask you to introduce me to any guy.
It's not like that. I'm simply interested in your brains. You don't know this guy?
'I know you only by name. He's often behind me.'

Behind me. Tsuru muttered a provocative metaphor about being lower in school than me. His voice seemed to be understood by Takakura.

'Oh. Behind you, huh? That's right.
''I don't mean anything else, okay?''
'I understand. I'm always looking at your name from behind.

Hey world, looks like the fight has already begun. Why are they being so provocative?

I'm here to see how intelligent you are. I've been wondering what kind of people I keep losing to.
''It's like this...''

Tsuru stuck both index fingers into his cheeks and acted like a pretender. Comet Sakakiki-kun, who hates prettiness, felt an explosive desire to kill at that time, but he calmed himself down by cutting the cross. By the way, he is not a Christian. I was just trying to be nice. I'm afraid devout believers would be offended.

I see. So that's what you are.
'That's right - capiche*'.
'May I ask you a question?'
'Go ahead~CAPPI*'

Ugh, that character is annoying. You're making me angry. Go for it, brains of the homecoming club. Show them you're not the Intelligence Takazo.

Are you an idiot for choosing your words?

I just said, "What the hell is that? I thought the tone of the conversation was going to be unpleasant, but surprisingly Tsuru was smiling.

I thought it was going to be a bad mood because of the quarrelsome tone, but surprisingly Tsuru was smiling.

Isn't the question and answer funny?

'Okay. I'll leave you with this.
Takakura-kun, you're surprisingly funny. See you later! CAPPI*'

Mother, is this what you call chaos? I'm now dismayed by the Japanese language that doesn't mesh with my own.
Vice principal, can you hear me? I am speaking directly to your heart. What are they saying? Head teacher, why don't you pick up your wig?

On the way back to the school, Takakura opened his mouth while he was watching the ball game in a daze.

Nidatsuru is not an idiot. I know that much.
'Seriously? Why?
'My question earlier was a hidden question about whether I choose my words according to the level of intelligence of the person I'm talking to. A simpleton would have thought she was being abusive, but she understood the meaning.
So you're bitter. But you're putting yourself on the shelf too much, aren't you? I mean, it's just a condescending way of saying ......'
'That's short-sighted thinking. She does not mean to be condescending. She just feels pain at the restrictions placed on her words. But only a handful of people can understand that distress. That's how we know she is not what she seems.

I see. I don't understand.
You don't have to worry about it, do you? I've had my sister call me a 'Japanese cripple' and a 'twisted Japanese speaker' and it never bothered me.
On a different note, if you get agitated, try imitating a toddler. I once performed a crawl in front of my sister. She was speechless, just as I wanted her to be. When you are in trouble, you should regress to a toddler.

You might like Nidatsuru.

Don't let your evil intentions cause you to fail in the competing relay.
Well, you won't be overtaken. That's for sure.