105-The Professional...

'Yes, ah, ah~'

I'm sitting on the floor with my arms crossed. My back is straight and my torso is strained. My body is extremely tense. This state is a defensive posture to overcome the unbearable reality.
The reason why I am tense is because Ryuka is giving Makoto the forbidden 'ahhh' right in front of me. If I remember correctly, 'aan' is listed as a violation in international treaties. It is one of the most sinful criminal acts that can be a route of transmission of infectious diseases and above all, can cause mental humiliation to those around you.
I am feeling that mental humiliation every second now, and the mental trauma continues to accumulate. Why in front of me? And why is Ryuka from another class here? I don't understand. We just signed a truce called lunch time, and yet Ryuka is proudly spying on our group. I admire your guts, Makoto, but do you have a grudge against me? You don't have to do it in front of me. Tomato juice tastes bad. Made in Sakaki bento goes bad.

I'm still embarrassed. ......
'But, but. Makoto-kun said so. ......'
'Oh, that was a joke. ......'

Will someone please shoot these two rabbits in heat. I'd love to have a French hunter come to Japan.
I thought about complaining, but then I thought, 'Are you jealous? I still can't accuse Makoto because I feel that he might say, "I'm not a good person. I'm a chicken.
To quell my anger, I took a lonely bite of a tomato. Let's get high on lycopene! I'm not afraid of anything anymore!

'Guys. Don't get your morals upset.'
'Sorry, sorry! I didn't know you were here!

No, no, no. You're right in front of me, right in front of me. Do you have a kink in your eyeballs? Oops, I'm breaking the rules.

I'm sorry!
Ryuka, look up. You don't have to be a scoundrel. It's okay as long as you don't do it in front of me.
I'm sorry I'm such a wreck!
'It's okay, it's okay. It's okay, it's okay. Compared to my Hwasai, it's much better, so don't worry about it.

Some pervert girl said, 'Don't call me names because my eardrums are sensitive! I ignored him.

'So I'm done talking about this. I won't say anything else.
'Sorry ...... so, comet. The relay race is finally starting.
'Are you going to be in it?'
'Yeah. I won't tell you in what order, okay?'
'Oh. I'm looking forward to it. '

Sorry, the badminton club is out of sight. How can we lose to someone who violates international treaties? We have a panel full of mutants.

Berserker Masao.
Intelligence Takazo
Professional Gamer Age
Heartbreak Lyon
Angel Rose Alina

'Wait. What did you just say about me?'
'It's Angel Rose Alina.'
'Alina. What can you say to a comet? You know him better than anyone else.

Rinne said that to Alina. I thought Angel Rose was a perfect nickname for Alina.
We changed into our homecoming uniforms before the brass band finished playing. Or rather, uniforms. There are no uniforms or uniforms in the homecoming club. So we had to wear uniforms.
Alina and Rinne are wearing gym clothes under their skirts so that there will be no panty-grabbing incidents.
However, since there is not much individuality in them, we all have to wear our arms around our necks. Because isn't it cool to have your arms around your uniform?
We still stood out as we waited at the entrance gate. The other clubs were in uniforms or in street clothes, each expressing their own club activities. Many of them were curious as to why some of us were wearing uniforms.

'Ugh ...... I'm so embarrassed.

Alina is ashamed.

'Don't be ashamed. Be confident. We have nothing to fear and nothing to be ashamed of.
'Even so, I'm ashamed of what I'm ashamed of. Why are you wearing this tusk?

Alina blushed and protested, holding out to me a tusk with the words 'Alina Hiba, representative of the beautiful girls' on it.

Why am I the only one with a tusk? And a beautiful girl. ...... Well, I'm happy for you. ......'
'I thought of the tusk, but it was Rinne who wrote it.'
'Rionooooo '
'Sorry. . hehe.'

Alina grabbed Rinne by the shoulders and shook her.
By the way, I've supported the idea that everyone except Arina should have something that makes them unique. I'm wearing a tomato hat, by the way. It's just a simple red knit hat with a leaf on it.
The performance ended to applause. The battle is about to begin.

First of all, I would like to thank you all.

I turn to them again.

Thank you for gathering with me, a picture-perfect pervert. Eiji, without you no one would know how to run or how to fight. Thank you for leading the team. Takakura, you will contribute a lot to the team with your eccentric ideas and your brain. Thank you for negotiating so well. Masao, I still don't understand you, but your overwhelming presence gave us all courage. Thank you. Rinne, your maidenly charm has sometimes been a pain in the ass, but this time it will be a good weapon for us. Wield it to your heart's content.

Then he looks at Alina.

'Alina. I'm not worried about you. I believe in you.
'Oh, yeah? Thanks for the compliment.'

Rinne was quick to respond, 'It's hot, it's hot. Don't show it off.

You only win once. Whether you cry or laugh, it's your first and last fight. So let's do our best.

We all nodded our heads and made up our minds.
From now on, we're going to be on the stage. Professionals who have been quietly fighting for the earth in dark alleys and dark places are about to shed their veil of darkness.
We were labeled as losers, we were persecuted in the past, but we nevertheless went home, never wavering in our beliefs. No matter what happened, no matter how tempted we were, we came home. In junior high school, there was a member of the club who went beyond the speed of light and disappeared into space-time (he fell into a swamp on a bicycle).

Don't have regrets. In other words, don't cut corners. Just keep running forward.

'Now for the first event of the afternoon, the interdivisional relay! Please enter!"

The competitors began to walk in unison at the sound of the broadcast team's voice.

'All right. Masao. Eat this.
'Isn't this a ...... mango!

I handed him an uncut mango straight from the plastic bag. I had heard that he was so mango crazy that he would even eat the skin, so I had bought some for the occasion.

'I want you to use your full strength. Here, eat it quickly.
Thank you very much. Now go to ......'

Masao took a bite and began to eat voraciously as if he had changed. It all happened so fast.

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo '

Masao has transformed into a berserker. If he had hair, it would have been blonde. He was the very god of war as he stood on all fours with his arms outstretched, looking up to the heavens. It would have been even cooler if he had not been wearing an apron, but no one would have picked on him because it would have negated his personality and his love of baking.
Alina and Rinne were a bit taken aback, but the rest of us male members were struck by his godliness.

We can win.

We were convinced of this when we saw Masao.