125-002 The Twelfth Episode: A Innocent Girl...

'What? What's going to change?

Makoto nodded his head and said so.

'Of course it will change. The world will be turned upside down. From now on, mankind will enter a new frontier!
'No, no, no, it won't change. I mean, it's a little late for that. You weren't dating?

When I told Makoto Takane that I had started dating Alina, he gave me a very boring response. I did not expect much from him, but it is what it is. It was stupid of me to ask him, who is only worth the price of a meat bun sold at a convenience store. I should have talked to tree frogs instead of Makoto. He still talks like a goofball and is charming.

I feel like I'm being made fun of.
'Of course not. I love you, Makoto-kun.
'Stop it, you're disgusting. Eat this and shut up.'

I was invited to his house, and as soon as I arrived, I was asked for my opinion on the food.
I warned him that I was ignorant of the kind of chef he aspired to be and that my opinion would not be helpful, but he asked me with genuine eyes to see if my cooking could make people happy, so I had no choice but to eat it.
I was planning to drop a shocking remark on him while he was tasting the makoto-meshi, but he didn't seem to be interested at all.

He didn't seem to be interested at all. It's delicious.
'Okay. This one looks good, too.

My vocabulary was limited to 'good' when asked to comment on the tempura. I don't have the ability to express myself about food like a gourmet reporter. All I had to do was make a delicious face.
Makoto is working in the kitchen, and I'm sitting on the floor waiting.
I'm like a dog waiting to be fed.

How does it feel to be in a relationship with Hiu?

Suddenly, Makoto said.

'I don't feel it.
'That's what I mean. The reason I said earlier that I felt like it was too late was because everyone around us, including the comet, thought we were a 'couple now.
'Seriously. Since when?
'Since high school.'
'That was fast. But thinking back, I can't help but feel that's how it should be.
'So, which one of you told him?'

I wonder which one.
Simultaneously? Or maybe I'm a little early.

I forgot.
'That's not going to happen~. Why are you embarrassed now~''
'Shut up. Boys have many secrets.
'What did you say, by the way? I bet that's a cool line, huh?
'I forgot. Alina hugged me afterwards and broke all my ribs. I was in so much pain I don't remember.
'Oh, well. I told Hinoha via Tsuru, 'Comet is cheating on me behind my back. Maybe I should send a text message to Hiu via Tsuru saying 'Comet is having an affair secretly with Shirana.
'Makoto-kun, you can't do that even as a joke. You'll kill me and Shirana too. ' 'Makoto-kun, you can't do that even as a joke.
'Yes, I know. I'll try my best to remember.

Devil in human skin. If I had been an active homecoming party member, I would have thrown him in the blender.

'I love you more than anyone. I said that.
'Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Comet-sama cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool!''

Oh, I wish I could go home. I'm dying of embarrassment.

What did Nichiha say? Hey, I've told you this much, so just say it! We're friends, aren't we!
'I love you more than anyone. That's what he said.'
'naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Ju... a... y...! Pure love kitaaaaaa!

My shame had reached a breaking point, so I sat down on the gym and retreated into my shell. I also tore my eardrums so that I could no longer hear Makoto's fuming voice. Only the warmth of her lap was on my side. Ugin, help me.

I looked up as my eardrums finally started to regenerate.
Makoto was in the corner of the room, humming a tune and reading a girls' manga. Probably because she wanted to fall in love.

Makoto. Are you done with the poison?
'Wait a minute. I'm about to cry. Don't ruin the mood.

I don't care about the mood. I'm meeting Rinne and Alina later. Alina's threatening me, saying 'I love you' every second I'm late.
I check the time on the watch she gave me. I run from here and arrive about five minutes before the time. I better get out of here.

Makoto. We should go home. I've got people waiting.
Go on, get the hell out of here, you traitor. Be happy, you son of a b*tc*.

Your nose is dripping. See you later.

I left Makoto, whose mind had been washed by a girl's manga, and headed for the rendezvous point. I hope from the bottom of my heart that there will come a time when I can pay for his food.

I made it in time. We were closer than we had estimated.
As I look around for them, a loud voice shouts from behind me.

You're alive! You're alive, you're alive, you're alive, you're alive, you're alive!

It was the voice of the unforgettable Heartbreak Reon.
When I turned around, he was coming at me, waving his selfie stick around and laughing. Behind him was Alina.

It's been a while. What's this, you're an underground idol?
'What's that hoax? I'm a pretty college student. You must have made up some weird memory while you were sleeping.'
'Is that so? I'm glad to see you're doing well.
'And the comet. I'm glad, really. We'll talk more later, okay?

Rinne used to have wavy hair in high school, but now her hair was messy with curly ends. I wonder if she still aspires to be an idol. Or was he joking?
Alina smiled at me calmly and bailed. God, she's so cute. .

We moved to a different place and had dinner at a family restaurant.
I was not hungry because I had makoto-meshi in my stomach, but let's call it a snack.
I sat on the chair side, and Alina and Rinne sat on the seat side.

'Oh, you two are dating?

Quick! You're too quick, Alina!
Alina answered immediately. Too quickly, it was connected with Rinne's voice.

'That's right~. We've been in love since high school. I was so envious of her because she was so popular with the boys that I punched Mr. Grinden a few times to make him mad at me.
You did that to Takakura?
Because they make fun of us. The worst demon the 21st century has ever produced, and his thought process is the same as a toy rail. But it was fun.

It sure was fun. The members of the homecoming club who fought together at the gymnastic festival were the best members.

Takakura might have liked Rinne, didn't he? You know, it's called bullying someone you like.

I genuinely thought so, but Rinne looked at Arina with a puzzled look on her face. Alina, too, looked puzzled.
I thought she had said something strange, but the next thing I knew, we both started laughing. Arina looked away and shook her shoulders, and Rinne laughed, clutching her stomach.

What's going on?
'Hmph, of course not! When the comet was sleeping, the skinny guy told Tsuru! I'm really going to have an abdominal cramp just remembering it!
''That's not the first time that's happened to me.''

I vaguely remember Takakura hinting at such feelings toward Tsuru. Had they developed to that extent? You're good at that, Takakura.
But we didn't talk about it when we were together before.

He was a chicken... so he talked to us and Arina about it. I had no choice but to listen to him for the sake of the gymnastics festival. I thought it was unusual and asked him if he thought Niwadatsuru was a good woman! We were already laughing so hard our stomachs broke! I couldn't help but feel ridiculous, but he seemed pretty serious, so I gave him a lot of advice and '
'I'm not worried about your advice or anything else.'
'I did my best in my own way~! He looked at me seriously and said, 'Will you go along with me for a rehearsal? I tried the test with Alina as the crane and me as the judge.

Alina suddenly said, 'Don't get me wrong. I'm only you. I'm scared, Alina.

I think I'm biologically compatible with you! I'm too stupid already! I rolled over and laughed. I thought I was going to die from laughing so hard!
'Deadly, isn't it?'
'That's really it. I advised him not to do that, but he said it was the best line he could come up with. He ended up saying the same thing to the cranes.
What did the crane say?'
'Oh, if you beat me in the test, that's good. You've never seen a crane laugh so hard! We and Alina cheered for the hard worker, but Tsuru was in first place until the end~''

Chicken Senpai is still amazing. It's only a matter of time before birds rule the world.
I enjoyed listening to their stories, but a wave of regret quietly rumbled through me. The thought of graduating high school together rises in my chest. I missed out on experiencing a time that will never come again. It's a shame.
Alina, perhaps realizing how I was feeling, poked my hand with her finger angrily, "Hey!

Don't make that face. I'm going to cry. Your pain is my pain.
'Oh my god, comets are the worst. You're making her cry.
'I'm the happiest I've ever been! Ha-ha-ha! The sun is smiling too! Alina! Your words are too heavy sometimes!

That's right.
It's all about now. It's not about the past. I'm just happy that we're talking like this.
We should be thankful that we haven't lost touch with each other despite the time gap.
I'm not alone.
Somewhere we are connected. To someone's memory. To someone's story.