126-003 Episode 10? Bread Runner...

Have you ever heard of the "Bread Eating Contest"?
It is a traditional Japanese game, and most of the participants are elementary school students. It is a precious experience that can only be experienced in one's childhood, as it is rare for those who are in junior high school and above.
I myself have been an all-time winner in the bread-eating contest in my elementary school days. I was not in junior high school.
Such a bread-eating contest is about to take place.

Comet, a bread-eating contest?

Makoto looked as if he had encountered a grotesque larva. I'm a newcomer, but what a look in your eyes!

Of course. I didn't think there would be a bread-eating contest, but if I'm eligible, I'm in. I'm having sweet bean buns for dinner tonight.
'That's only for elementary school kids, right? ...... I think it's supposed to be a community exchange, so I'm sure it's all kids who are going to be there.'
'Shut up. Don't you know the joy of getting free bread? I am deeply disappointed in you, Homo sapiens. This is why homo sapiens can only live in three-dimensional space.
'...... I won't say anything more. Good luck,comet......'

I parted from the deflated Makoto and began stretching again.
I'm glad that the inter-club relay ended up winning, but when I hear that there's going to be a bread-eating contest, I have no choice but to get serious again. My legs have not reached their limits yet. They are in good condition thanks to the warmth.
As I prepare myself for battle by stretching my Achilles tendon and rotating my hips while watching the second inter-club relay, Masao comes over to talk to me.

'Um, are you going to participate in the bread-eating contest ......?
''Of course.''
'Bo, I hope it's okay for me to come out too. ...... I'm so hungry. ......'

After running with his blood and flesh burning and his physical constraints completely lifted at Mango, he is apparently in a state of nutritional deficiency. Indeed, he looked exhausted and pouty after his victory. I was worried that his life expectancy might have been shortened considerably.
It seems that his lunch was not enough calories for him and he wanted to participate in the crusade of bread-eating contest to make up for it.

'It's free to join, so you'll be fine,' he said.
'Oh ...... that was good ......'
'But is one loaf of bread enough? I don't think it's going to be enough no matter how you look at it.'
'Maybe, it will be enough. ......'

No, it's definitely not enough. Perhaps one loaf of bread is not enough to satisfy his muscles. Five squats would consume it.
That's when it happened.

"We have a problem?

Approaching with his hand in the shape of a gun was pro-gamer Agee.
As soon as the inter-club relay was over, he seemed to have developed FPS syndrome again. He pointed the muzzle of his gun at me and shot at me while making the motion of reloading many times.

'Not so much a problem, I was just talking about whether Masao would be satisfied with a piece of bread.
'I see. Then I'll join in and give Masao some bread.

Masao's muscles flared and he said, 'Really? His eyes lit up. I knew it wasn't enough.

It's been a while since I ran as fast as I could, and I wanted to run again. It's just right that I'm going to compete.

Eiji did so while repeatedly pulling something with his right hand. This is probably the "cocking" of a sniper rifle when a round is loaded into the chamber. Eiji has given me a lot of extra knowledge.

I'll get out of here.

It was Alina who came bouncing up and down with a smile on her face.

I wanted to run, too. I'll go get you some bread.

Alina said to Masao. Masao said, 'Thank you very much ...... thank you very much ......! He bowed his head and made the wind blow with the force of a typhoon.

Then. Let's unite again for Masao's sake. It's not a competition, so let's not get carried away.

The second inter-club relay was over and preparations for the bread-eating contest began.
We went to the entrance gate and joined the line.

What the hell. You've got a lot of participation, don't you?

As Makoto said, I thought that only children would participate, but the majority of the students were from our school.

I guess so. It looked like there were a lot of parents with their children, so I thought only children would come.
' 'That's exactly what I was thinking. This is going to be a problem. ......'

Alina tilts her head and asks me. Behind her is a girl I recognize.

'Wow, it's Sakakiki!

The person who uttered my last name without my country's permission was a regular participant in the bread fights that take place at the concession stand. I do not know his name, but I remember his face. She was one of the girls who banded together to form a wall of flesh to keep me from getting the bread. In other words, she was my enemy, yes.

You're one of those life forms that hangs out at the stall.
What's with that tone? But we're not the only ones. The whole ballet club will be there to get the bread.
'Oh. All the members of that ball-playing club are here. Hmmm...
What are you laughing at?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Are you trying to tell me that you won't let us homecoming party members take it?

We treat each other like obstacles on a daily basis, and sparks inevitably fly. At best, we're rivals. We found ourselves surrounded by a group of belligerent girls. Strictly speaking, Alina, Eiji, and Masao are not involved at all. Their nemesis was Comet Sakakiki.

'Hey. Don't fight.
'Quiet, Alina. They're more hostile to me than you can possibly imagine. If you still want to be on my side, I will gladly accept it.
'Well, then I guess we're strangers.


Alina betrayed me without a second thought.
Eiji was pulling out the pin of a grenade, and Masao was trying his best to make his volume as small as possible. There were really no allies left. Is there no mercy in this world? This is why I hate homo sapiens. Let the tomatoes take over.
The women in the club smile wryly at the sight. But we will not yield. I will save the world even if it costs me my life. This summer, you will witness a hero. August 8, nationwide roadshow.

All jokes aside, we were finally ready and walked through the entrance gate to the starting point.
No way, ten of us were running at the same time. But we had to, otherwise we wouldn't be able to keep up with the number of participants.
The rules of this bread-eating contest were quite normal, and bread was usually hung around the corner. All you have to do is eat it and reach the goal. Of course, there is no concept of rank. All you have to do is to play the role of a person who is chasing after the bread.
Gradually, your turn is approaching. Then the next ten men move forward, and Eiji is just one man ahead of the rest.

I'll go first then.

He left one word as he motioned with his knife. His unnatural behavior was met with white eyes from everyone around him. Come on, he is a professional gamer. I heard he made it all the way to the eighth rank in the world, right? But I pretended to be someone else. I was embarrassed.
With a bang, Eiji's group started. I thought he was going to be the first one to start, but he got down on the ground. He seemed to have developed FPS syndrome. It seems that he thought it was a gunshot and got down on the ground.

Eiji, you're not holding the mouse! This is real!

I shouted and pulled Eiji back to reality.
Eiji came to his senses and started to run quickly, accelerating like a cheetah as he quickly approached the corner.
The spectacle of the bread-eating contest is the dumb face desperately trying to get a bite of the bread with his mouth open. Since the bread is suspended from a single rope, the vibrations of the other competitors are transmitted to the whole area, causing the bread to dance and play tricks on us. This scene was still alive and well this time.
He caught up with a competitor who was desperately trying to eat, and he did not decelerate. Instead, he accelerated. Instead, he accelerated. Just when I was about to be discouraged, I saw an unbelievable scene.

Pro-gamer Age had two in his mouth.

It was truly divine.
He bit into the bread wrappings with such speed and precision that he took two of them in an instant. This is no human feat. How could he bite into the second one after biting into one? I realized he was the king of the bread-eating contest. Homo sapiens is not to be underestimated. Let's put off ruling the earth.

And now it's my turn.
There were three of us, me, Alina, and Masao, but all seven of the others were my enemies. All of them had broken my ribs and my femurs many times in the store. I regretted not writing my will.

Alina, Masao. Be careful of the others. They're green-blooded monsters. No mercy. They are allies with the sole purpose of defeating me.
'But it's only comets, right? I don't think it's any of our business.'
Maybe so. If you're in danger, I'll hold on to them and blow myself up. I'll protect you at all costs. You can throw the bones in the sea.
'Oh, I can count on you.

Alina answered without looking at me. I was so sad I almost cried.
Masao stood erect in fear of the overwhelming rate of girls. I don't know him anymore. I don't care what he does as long as he doesn't kill anyone.

Sakakiki. I'll kill you if you hit me like you did at the stall.

A female member of the club who has been making death threats with impunity. If I had recorded those words, I might have gained a social advantage. What a shame.

Go ahead and howl. The bread is equally prepared. There's no room for conflict.
'Well, maybe so~'

What the hell are these girls thinking? They're obviously trying to sabotage me in some way. What did I do? I just touched you.
The ten of us are standing side by side, and it's time to begin.
There's nothing to fight about. As long as you don't take two like Eiji did. Let's just get it and get to the goal.


Yes, that's it!
I fell hard. I fell flat on my face.
Cause I got my foot caught in the start dash. They're the devil's messengers. They want to bring me down so bad. Please give them justice.

I'll eat slugs, you bastard!

I screamed. I'm gonna make you eat it. I'm gonna make you eat so many slugs you'll have a mouth full. All right, I'm going to collect slugs on a rainy day!

I managed to catch up thanks to my full speed. Then I saw another startling sight. Alina took the bread in her hand without putting it in her mouth and ran away. He too is a desecrator of this crusade. Has he never thought about why there is a bread-eating contest?
Look at Masao. He is desperately trying to bite down on the bread, breaking his back in pain because it is lower than his height. He is exactly what everyone should be looking for. You're not very good at this, Masao. How many times are you going to smash the bread on your forehead? Is that where your mouth is?

Alina looks at me quizzically as I reach the finish line with a piece of bread in my mouth.

What? You couldn't have taken it with your hand ......?
'Yes, it's no good. It is an act of defiance against the name of the competition. You're a natural, Alina~''
'Why don't you tell me before you start ...... that's kind of disgusting.'

What was I supposed to teach him?
Did I do something wrong?

Masao couldn't get the bread until the end, and he ended up taking it by hand to the goal. Of course, we gave all the bread we had taken to Masao.
The last bread-eating contest in my life was a chaotic battle.