132-Galaxy, Advice...

There are only two months left in my first year of high school.
The past year has been a battle to preserve our identity as a homecoming club. We were often invited to participate in club activities, and the students of our school were desperate to make us abandon our mission to protect the earth. It seems that evil beings in human skin are even pretending to be students.
By the way, don't worry, this is not a hallucination or a false belief caused by overdose. Rest assured.

What does it mean that I'm going to be a sophomore in high school?
I'll tell you what. It means that my little sister, Ugin Sakakiki, will be a junior in high school. She is about to take the entrance examination for the first time in her life. I have heard that she is an excellent student, so I do not have any academic advice for her. However, my pure desire to help my sister is so strong that I can't seem to control it. So I decide to think about what I can do to help her.
I left my room and went to the living room, where I found Ugin staring at the TV. She was sitting on the sofa in an athletic position with a cushion tucked into her pajama pants. I wonder if that's what they call "imaginary pregnancy". It seems that I've been smart again today.
I open the fridge and take out a glass of tomato juice. I cleanse my throat healthily, moodily, and religiously. I'm ready. I take a deep breath.

'Ewahhh! You scared me! Ugh!

When I called out his name with a strong awareness of the explosion sound, Ugin jumped and reacted. I wonder if he had a bomb on his butt. It blew up nice and loud.

'...... be on your guard'.
'I don't understand ......'
'The world is not all good people like me. There are a lot of people out there who think bad things to get close to you to make your life easier. Be careful.
'...... Okay, I get it. All right, don't talk to me again. Because the bad guy for me is now my brother.

So ...... you're not allowed to talk anymore .......
But I can't sew his mouth shut with thread. I'll at least give you some mental advice.
Ugin sits down on the sofa again, and I sit down next to him. He gave me a look of disgust, but I couldn't let it bother me.

'Ugin. You're taking the entrance exam next year, aren't you?
'I told you not to talk to me again, didn't I?'
'Oh, come on, you're kidding, right? You were just copying my joke, weren't you?
'I don't like your jokes, brother.
'Don't be so sad. ...... you'll cry. My crying face is hell. Anyone who sees it will vomit on the spot.'
'Heh. It must have been hard when my brother was born. The midwife must have had a hard time.
I think I was covered in vomit when I was born. I was born in a sea of vomit. I feel sorry for all the people who were present.
'Don't cry again.

I received words that could be considered touching. Isn't he too cool, Mr. Ugin? It's a cool scene from a movie, isn't it? I'll never make you cry again. Like that.
No, that's not important. I have to give you some advice.

As someone who went through the high school entrance examination, I'd like to give some advice to Mr. Ugin.
'Ehhh, I'm so happy.'
'Too much bar reading. The poor automated voice is somewhat better.'
'Because my grades are better than when I was in junior high school, my attitude in life is more serious, and I'm not a homecoming club (laughs).

Ugin, counting on his fingers, grinned and seemed to be really enjoying himself.

Hey, what's a laugh? Don't use stupid internet slang. Don't taunt the homecoming club.
'But the only thing that bothers me is ......'
'Say it.
When I say my surname, Sakakiki, it's usually followed by, "Could it be your sister? The teachers are always surprised. I always bow to them and say, "Thank you very much for your help with my brother, who is not very good at all. I repeat this over and over again. It's stressful. My brother is famous at middle school for his weird ways. Even after we graduate and he's gone. Yes, yes, yes!
'Isn't this something to be proud of?'
'No, no, no, I think you need to go to the hospital. ......'

Does this boy not want to take advice from his brother? I feel like I am being diverted by some clever talking points. Maybe he is embarrassed? Is it no wonder he is at the peak of puberty? Am I now being bombarded with the rebellious spirit that is inflamed by the full sprouting of the ego? I don't need your advice! Or is it something like that? No, that's called a tsundere.
I have heard that adolescent girls have a hard time. They wear their underwear with their father's, and so on and so forth. It's very troublesome. Maybe I'll put my panties in there today to harass them.

Let's cut to the chase. I don't know whether UGIN is a general entrance examination or a recommendation entrance examination, but there is one thing that they have in common. What do you think it is?
'Eh, I don't know.
'You know, teachers often say. 'You see, teachers often say, "The entrance exam is a battle of ________! ''

'Group competition?'
Yes, that's it. And that's a red lie. A lie blacker than a tomato.
'Wow, you have a terrible personality.
Team competition is essentially a game of 'making up for lost points with your friends. How can someone else make up for your mistakes? That's a fundamentally wrong expression. Don't forget that it is an individual competition.

Ugino said, 'Wow. He clapped his hands with a blank expression on his face. I don't think my words are being transmitted to his brain. 'Get your inner ear nerve working!

'But you know, I think the teacher's purpose is to 'create an atmosphere'.
'Yes. It's called friendly competition. I think they're trying to help each other improve. But after all, we're fighting each other. To get even one point higher than the next guy. That's why everyone wants to show each other the results of their tests and practice exams every time they come back. It's despicable ...... for people to get a sense of superiority by winning,...... and it's sad for my brother,......'
'Well, I don't know what you mean, brother. It's the same reaction everyone has when they find out that a smart kid is aiming for the same high school as them. 'What? Seriously? A sense of crisis like '.
'You know, the entrance exam is a personal battle. You are the Lonely Soldiers. You are lonely soldiers. ......'

He ended with a cool quote that adolescent boys like to hear.
It's a little late to be worrying about Ugin, but I don't think it's worth worrying about. Ugin was supposed to be a pretty princess, but she has turned out to be a little too conservative under my influence, and maybe it has worked. She seems to have a clear view of reality. I'm glad he didn't turn out to be a sweetheart. I'm not sure even my brother can have a conversation with him.

I'll give you some advice, too.
'Well, well, well. Say it.
'You should stop being so desperately proud of your homecoming (laughs).'
'What the ...... that's a tirade tantamount to a character assassination. And don't use slang.
No, it's not that. If you say it that loud... It looks like you are desperately denying your own inferiority complex. It's like admitting that the homecoming club is an object of contempt.
'How awful ...... I don't remember raising my sister like this ......'
I think it's cooler to be quiet and to carry out one's will of non-resistance. I'd rather have a brother like that.
'Okay. I'll live as a silent hero from now on.
'Good luck like an American comic book hero.

You want me to be a vigilante. I don't want to think like a child who believes only in his own righteousness.
But when Princess Ugin is in danger, I will be fully committed to my own righteousness. Even if it means making enemies of the world. I will protect my sister... NOVEMBER 1 TICKETS ON SALE NOW .
Good luck with your exams, Ugin!