133-White Quince, Falcon, deep emotion...

In a couple of weeks, my freshman year of high school will be over, and I have only one concern.

It's the end of the year. ......

Shirana muttered this to the side during basketball class in the gym. I was sitting on the stage watching the game until my group's game came around.

'I guess so.
I hate changing classes. It's a bit discouraging when it's a complete change.

Shirana sighed, drooping her head.
This is exactly what I was worried about," she said. I have no problem with leaving good friends and loved ones (if any). Meeting new people changes you.
The problem is that I have to explain the concept of going home all over again. This is the most troublesome part. I could tell you all about the concept and its purpose from an international point of view, but it would take an enormous amount of time. It will probably be finished when you reach the age when you will receive your pension. It is that deep.

'If you shuffle the five classes around, you'll probably get a lot of strangers.
''Don't you miss the comet?''
'Of course I feel lonely. But I like resetting relationships because it's a fresh start.
'Hmm, that's strange. Well, Comet's been a weird guy since middle school, so it's a little late for that.
'Thank you for the highest compliment.
You're welcome.

To be honest, it's a shame to leave Shirana because she's one of the few people who understands me.

Oh, the game is over. Isn't the comet group next?
I guess so. Well, I'm going to KO you in 30 seconds.
'It's not boxing!

I was pretty good at basketball. He was tall, so layups were easy to get.
Well, Makoto is in the enemy group. Good opportunity.
I'm going to make her unable to eat mini-tomatoes for the rest of her life.

I couldn't make Makoto eat nothing but mini-tomatoes for the rest of her life, but I won the game.
In basketball, the girls are always cheering for you. Just one good-looking boy can turn a basketball game into a live idol show. Unfortunately, in this case, the idol is not me. It's a love call for a student on the basketball team.
And the boys get jealous. I'm doing my best ......, I think as I dribble, and I look up to shoot. Even if I know it won't be much fun. It's too sad. Cheer for them equally.
However, the all-knowing Comet Sakakiki, a professional homecoming club member, is not going to let such cheap jealousy boil his blood. During the game, my brain was seriously thinking about how I could escape with Mr. Akakusa, how I could become a tomato ambassador, how I could pull down the pants of the basketball team, and so on. No time for jealousy.
Shirana came striding in like a small animal.

'Comet, you did it! I saw it!''
'Hi, thank you. I'm a professional. I could have put in another 30 or so. But if I stand out from the basketball players, I'll get into trouble, so I've asked my trembling right arm to stay down.

It's a lie. I was tired and defended my position in the second half.

'What was it that you and Makoto-kun were fighting about so much?
'Oh, it was just skinship. 'Oh, it was skinship. We were just trying to confirm our friendship.

It's a lie. One was just running away from the weirdos who were trying to make him eat mini-tomatoes, while the other was just running away from the weirdos who were trying to contact him for no reason at all.
In the next physical education session, I will change the direction and make them unable to drink anything but tomato juice.

Exercising in the morning makes you hungry.
Thinking that my mother's lunch box would not be enough for me, I went to the store as soon as the lunch break came.
As usual, I get into an ugly battle with the female members of the club, who look at me with disgust and loot each other for bread. I'm used to it. It would have been easier to get the bread if these guys hadn't kicked me so hard, but there was nothing I could do. It's my fault for being a man who slips into a crowded, smelly paradise of girls. Right, man? Why did you just step on my toe twice? You definitely meant to do that, didn't you? If I really wanted to, that thin uniform would be ripped to shreds.
Back in the classroom, Makoto was eating his lunch in silence.

Chef! Is the chef not here!''
'That's why you're not here. ...... How many times are you going to repeat this exchange?'
'...... Chef is Comet's mom, right?'
'Good. You'll get a job in the entertainment business in the future. Bon app tit.
'Give me a break ......'

It's a silly exchange, but it may be the last one this year. It's a bittersweet thought, isn't it?

'Are you going to join a club when you become a sophomore?
'Are you all right, or is your brain leaking out? What fantasy movie are you talking about?
'You're not going in? ......'
'You've been with me for a year, you'll understand.
'No, I still don't understand comets.

Well, I don't expect you to understand in a year. We've been living on a bloody diet for 16 years.
Makoto called Shirana to him, saying 'Shirana-chan.

'What was Comet like in middle school? Is it the same as now?''

Shirana groans and thinks.
You don't have to think that far to get the answer. It's in Japanese history.

'I don't think it's changed: ......'
'What? Really? Is this--all the way through middle school? Wow ...... wow ......'
'Yeah. I don't know about elementary school, but I've been like this for three years in middle school.
'Shirana, you're having a hard time. ......'
'I'm used to it now. Heikei.'

They treated me like an infant they couldn't wean. What do you mean, "heck," "heck"? Have you become immune, Shirana? Is the Sakakiki virus no longer effective?

'You say so, but this unchanging character is a strength. I was the only one who kept his ego in a classroom full of patients who were attacked by delusion and loss of self due to a disease called 'Chuunibyouji'.
'From my point of view, it looks like Comet is suffering from that disease too.'
'Shut up. Don't be with those who believe they are the most powerful man in the world.
'But you often say yourself that you are the strongest in the galaxy. I remember that.
It's true. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Shirana. You didn't think I was lying, did you? It's sad. I thought Shirana was the only one who ...... understood me, but alas.'
'Eh, no, I believe in comets! Mm-hm!'

Makoto quickly interrupted, 'Shirana-chan, don't be taken in by the comet's intentions. You keep quiet. I'm going to inject tomato juice from your anus.

Thank you, Shirana. I hope we'll be in the same class in the second grade.
'Yes, yes! I'll pray that we can be together!

Makoto quickly responded, 'Shirana-chan, pick yourself up! It's too cold to be heard even in the movies. This is a terrible script. Can't you please keep quiet? I'll cover your shoe box with mini-tomatoes.

Makoto. You're going to have to work on your love life before you can understand me.
What the hell, out of the blue.
'Try to attack Alina Hibane again.'
'Please don't ...... dig up the trauma ......'
'Don't worry, you'll make it. Believe in yourself. I'm the strongest man alive, I'm the strongest man alive.
'I think I can do it too!
'Stop it, even Shirana! I can't! Why don't you just go for it, comet!

I knew he didn't get it. I have Dr. Akakusa.

My love life is very flat. Nothing like the Gobi Desert.
'Bullshit! You liked Dr. Akakusa so much that you joined the health committee!''
'That was for protection. I didn't mean anything else. Don't get all excited like a rabbit in heat.
'Does Comet really like Mizuki-sensei ......?'
'Hey, hey, hey, Hakuna. Teacher-student romance is only in fiction.''
'But it seems like there are real couples like that. ......'

I kept denying it, even though I thought it was oddly biting. This is forbidden. It is a forbidden ...... relationship that should never be--.
Shirana left my and Makoto's noble dinner party with an uncomfortable look on her face.

'Oh no. Shirana-chan has gone.
'That's because you start talking about general relativity and the double-slit experiment.'
'I didn't say a word. ......'

Whatever it is, I'd be happy to be in the same class with you two again.
The two of them are really good guys, since they're willing to go out with a freak who could have been taken to a public health center if he made a wrong move. It's weird.
I vaguely calculate the time I have left, wondering where this new encounter will lead me.
Recalling our conversations.