7 - 006 Flare Lizard (Skeleton)

"Are you really penniless?"

"Haha ......"

 To be precise, I had no money to spend in the empire.

 I was happy to be self-sufficient on the road, but I need money to live here.

 I'd like to cash in. ....... We can't stay in debt forever.

 I just don't want to exchange the gold coins of the kingdom for cash. So .......

"Awen. I don't have to be an adventurer to buy materials for demons, do I?"

"Hmm? Oh. Anyone can bring in ......, you're going to go get it now?"

"No, I have a good chance of selling it, so I thought I'd go."

"Okay. I'll show you around."

 For what it's worth, he was a really caring guy.

 I followed him, grateful.

Here we are.

"Oh ......"

 We arrived at a building as large as a nobleman's mansion.

 Come to think of it, this is the capital of the empire. It must be magnificent.

"Listen. You may be well-equipped but you're not very good. Don't let them take advantage of you...

Good evening.

Hey, listen!

 I know I'm going to get my ass handed to me anyway, and I'm just selling stuff, so I just go in there on my own.

 Sorry Awen.......

 As soon as I entered, I was met with a stream of stares from a group of men with a bad attitude.

"Huh ...... where in the world are there idiots who say 'I'm sorry to bother you when you join the guild'?"

 As soon as Awen's eyes caught sight of him as he came in after her, there was a stir in the guild.

"What? Isn't that guy ...... Awen?"

"Awen, the black-bladed Awen?

"Why is that guy ......?"

"How do you know such a tall guy?

 Apparently, Awen was a celebrity.

 I remember the gatekeeper saying he was well-known on the outside.

"So you are famous."

Hm? Oh, ......, well, okay. Let's just go to the counter. The purchase is over there."

 He said he was well-known, but he seemed embarrassed when he was being encouraged, which made me think that he was very Awen-like in this short relationship.

"Welcome. Are you sure you want to buy?"

"Yes. Yes, please."

 The lady over the counter ...... was no aunt.

 It is an illusion that the receptionist is beautiful.

 According to the instructions, all I had to do was line them up on the counter. .......

"But you, the material is not so big that you can put it in your bag. ......

"Excuse me. It's a bit much. Can I put it in that space?

"What? Huh. ......"

 The lady at the reception desk gave me permission, albeit tentatively, with a dubious look on her face.

 I'll show you.

 I took the first piece of material ...... out of the leather bag, or rather, a flared lizard that I had just bled, and rolled it on the space by the counter.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

"Flare Lizard is a B-rated demon, isn't it!"

 The guild was in an uproar because the demon seemed to be better than expected.