8 - 007 Repayment

 The adventurers around us are starting to talk in hushed tones.

"Hey, that ...... doesn't have any trauma anywhere, does it?"

"So you picked it up or ...... a nappy?"

 After the surprise, the adventurers cooled down and called me a nanny.

 I'm not sure if I look like I can fight that well or not. ...... I'm losing confidence.

"No, but this is a magic bag, isn't it? Where did you get that stuff!"

"It's handy, isn't it? It's useful."

 Since we were often ordered by the Princess to carry large quantities of supplies, this was a necessity to keep the goods fresh and to carry them.

"No, no. It's not something you can just casually dismiss as 'convenient' or something! You can build a mansion in the Imperial City with one of these!"


 I knew that a magic bag was a luxury item, but I didn't know the prices in the capital.

"d*mn,...... but with this many demons, you've already reached almost half the cost of the equipment,...... so it's not worth lending,...... or even if you finish paying it back, you can still help me. Please?"

"Of course. But how can this be nearly half of what you've got?"

"That's right. I mean, even I'd have a hard time saying Flair Lizard, wouldn't I? And it's in such beautiful condition: ......"

Well, good. I can pay you back today.


 It's not good to leave a loan unpaid.

 He took the rest of the flared lizards out of the magic bag and laid them out.

"Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute! How many of them are there?

"Hmm. Eight. That's what you get when you get attacked by a herd and have to fight them back."

"Hold on a moment, please! Master! Oh, my God! There are eight Flare Lizards!"

"That's ......."

"That's right. ......"

 They've taken a big dump.

 The receptionist had run to the back in a hurry.

"Good thing ...... I didn't get involved. ......"

"Awen being close by saved my life: ......"

"Well, I knew it all along."

"Bullshit! I'll have to make him understand first, won't I? You said it yourself!"

"You idiot! What if they hear us?

 The adventurers who were watching were also making a lively noise.

"Oh ...... sorry to keep you waiting. Since you are going to deliver the flare lizard almost intact, here is the ...... amount."

"Oh ...... I didn't know it would go like this if it was in good condition."

 The fact that Awen is impressed means that the appraisal is probably a good one.

 And while we were waiting, I took a look around. With this amount of money, I should be able to live in a lodge for a while.

 On the contrary, it seemed to be enough to live a little extravagantly.

"Lucky me. I was attacked by a flare lizard."

"You ...... are a major accident that even A rank adventurers should fear for their lives, right? Normally."

Ha-ha-ha. No way."

"haha ...... well that's okay too ......"

 If that's the case, maybe the flair lizard that challenged me was weak.

 I took the money from the receptionist and gave it back to Awen.