10 - 009 Entrance Exam Part 1

"You're kidding me. ......"

"I guess it didn't work."

 I was standing in front of a pile of books in the library, my shoulders slumped.

 Awen is beside me, looking crestfallen.

 It was no use.

"I only got through 70% of it."

"No, no, no? How many books do you think there are in here!"

"I wanted to read all of it if I wanted to be sure I was doing everything right. ........."

"All that's left are the classic stories! You're a ...... Bakemon who's going to remember all the contents just by flipping through a book like that?"

"That's rude."

 The library attached to the guild had quite a collection of books.

 Piles of books lined up tightly on bookshelves taller than I was. I don't remember how many books I read, but I think I read several thousand.

"Hmmm ...... I'm worried ......"

"Be confident! That's all you've got!"

 Awen encouraged me to go to training school.

 Awen is a good guy. He really is.

 Soon the entrance to the training school came into view.

"Well, there are a lot of people here already. Are we late?"

"It's not like the first one to arrive wins, right? It's okay, isn't it?"

 The people who gather at the training school range in age from relatively young-looking teenagers to those who look to be in their forties or older.

 There are a lot of beastmen and subhumans to begin with, so age doesn't really matter. ....... There are elves who look the same but have lived for hundreds of years.

There are also many children of nobles.


 You can tell by the clothes.

 Awen seemed nervous, but I felt more at ease because I was used to seeing nobles in their clothes. Maybe I missed something.

"Why do I have to learn with these lowlifes at all ......?"

"It's true! Ms. Badra is smart enough to be a military strategist right now!"

"Totally! What a waste of time to work with these people! I can't wait to see what Mr. Bardola can do."

 A group of three men dressed like aristocrats were making noise.

 They seemed to be keeping their distance from the others, but unfortunately a little girl was wandering toward them.

"Hey ......, can't you see what's in front of you?"

 As Awen pointed out, the girl was walking dizzy, as if she could not see what was ahead. Her bangs are too long, hiding the front, and maybe that's why.



 We bumped into each other.

"There's a stain on Ms. Beadle's clothes!"

"Hey! What are you going to do about it!"

"Oh, sir! I'm sorry!"

 The girl who bows her head. Petite, long hair, and above all, that blindness.

 Dwarves, I'd guess.

"You ...... dirty body of yours soiled my clothes ...... and you think you're allowed to do that!"

"What? He pulled out his wand. ......? Chant-destroying ice magic!"

 Awen seems surprised because he's a swordsman and magic chanting is inconvenient.

 The fact that she uses a wand is probably to control her less-than-skillful technique, or to take it easy on her. In fact, he didn't hit the girl, he just stabbed her to the ground.

"I'm sorry, ......."

"d*mn ...... lucky bastard."

 Because of his conspicuous appearance, the nobleman's son, called Bird-dra, backed out after that point.

 Then, as if to drown out the commotion, the next commotion erupted.