11 - 010 Entrance Exam Part 2

"Isn't that the car reserved for the royal family? ......"

"Oh, come on, seriously, ......, who's coming to the training school?

Like the Third Prince Marc?

"No, I heard that the 6th Prince Bildo is joining the army!"

 The royal carriage...... was indeed a carriage drawn by a magnificent horse.

 Amidst all the attention, out of it came .......

"Second Princess Merilia! She is as beautiful as they say she is: ......"

"It's really soooo beautiful. ......"

"But then ...... even the royal family came out, so this time the synchronization is going to be amazing!"

"If you can pass the exam, that is."

 The princess called Merilia is close to our age and looks like us. She must be in her teens.

 At a quick glance, I got the impression that she is as beautiful as the reactions of the people around her. Her translucent white skin, light-colored hair, and slender eyes gave her an aura that was unmistakable.

"Well, ...... I'm the one closest to you in this place. I'll call out to him."

"Great work, Mr. Birdola!"

"Of course!"

 Just when I thought that the children of the noble families who had just been making a fuss had been distracted by the princess.

"I won't forgive you, though!"


 Vadra pretended to move to call out to the Princess, and again shot out ice magic at the Dwarf boy who had just bumped into him.

"Ah ......"

"They ......!"

 Everyone's eyes were on Merilia at the time. It seems that only Awen and I noticed. Awen moves to do something about the Dwarf boy.

 But the magic did not hit the Dwarf girl, but flew straight to the Second Princess Merilia.

"Oh no!

"Mr. Birdra!

"This is a bad one. ......"

 As the three of them reacted, I found myself moving in a different direction from Awen.

 I knew it was not a good idea to stand out too much.


"Are you hurt? Miss."

"What? Yeah. ...... can we step back?"

"As you wish."

 I just got out of the usual habit. .......

 It's probably a good thing I got away from him right away.

"Hey. Who was that?

"I don't know? But you looked pretty good, didn't you?"

"No, no, no, what kind of swordsmanship can move faster than a magic attack and shoot them down? You're a pretty good shot."

 I stood out.

"d*mn ......, I was just about to call out to him."

"He has no common sense to call out to the Princess without Ms. Bardola."

 And for some reason, the birders, who were at the center of the commotion, resented me.

 If we hadn't stopped them, I think it would have been a rather big problem. .......

"You ...... are really awesome. ......"

"Haha ......"

 As I laughed at Awen's words and tried to cover them up, an official finally showed up.

 First of all, they are going into the school building to give everyone a written exam.

 We stepped into the school building, facing strange stares from everyone around us, including hostility from Vadra and the others.