12 - 011 Entrance Examination Part 3

"As you know, cheating, whether magical or physical, is strictly forbidden. But this does not mean that the use of magic is forbidden. There may be some magic that is necessary, such as memory magic and recording magic. Please declare them first and use them during the examination time only if you are allowed to do so.

 A few moments after we entered the examination room, a fearless-looking man in his forties began to explain to us.

 He seemed to be an instructor here and a major general in the military. His name was Gilun.

 Anyway, .......

"It's amazing ...... that there is such a thing as recorded magic, and that there are users."

 I am impressed by the variety of magic in the world.

 I have never seen a person who actually uses such magic, even though I have knowledge that memory magic and record magic are useful techniques that are included in the category of life magic.

 While I was thinking that they must be very good wizards, I heard the birders who had just caused a trouble saying something to each other.

"Okay? I'll share my memory magic with you, okay?"

"I know what I'm doing!"

"If only Ms. Varda is good enough to take the test with the knowledge of all three of us, we must be in the special student group!

"Oh. Don't cut corners."


 I didn't know you could do that.

 Well, I don't have that kind of magic handy, so I'll just have to make do on my own.

 After a few warnings and explanations, and after everyone had applied for the magic they wanted to use, the test finally began.

 Write down the name of the empire.

 Is that where you're from: .......

 Fill in with Galistel, get yourself together, and move on.

 The questions seemed to start much easier than I had expected.

(Don't let your guard down: ......)

 Chanting in my mind, I proceed.

 The next problem is to fill in the military hierarchy in Gallistel.

 I have no problem with this since I have studied it in the library.

 First of all, students who enter a training school for military personnel are assigned to the military as an apprentice officer.

 This is rank 0, and the ranks are numbered one by one: 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major .......

 The highest rank is rank 10, the head of the army, the general.

 In fact, there is a pecking order within the ranks in order not to disturb the chain of command, and conversely, there have been cases in history where a person has been given more than one rank of general if he or she has performed well.

 I guess this is not in question. .......

 Oh well, let's move on.

 The level of the questions gradually increased to include the names of neighboring countries and their famous battles, and the description of important items associated with the campaign.

 And then .......

"That's it!"

"That was close. ......"

 I managed to answer all the questions just in time and submitted them to the examiner, a man named Major General Girun.