17 - 016 Entrance Exam Part 8

"Now I will explain the contents of the practical test."

 Once the announcement was made to gather in the first plaza like everyone else, I followed it.

"In the military, the best often take operational command. However, now that the example of a superior individual overpowering a group has become the norm, it is the policy of the adventurers and the military to admit those with superior combat skills."

 Major General Girn's voice echoes through the square.

 With magic, it is true that heroes who can fight against tens of thousands of people by themselves can emerge.

"So, for the practical test, we will have a mock battle to see your combat skills firsthand."

 The fact that there is no buzz around the room suggests that they knew it was going to be a mock battle.

"There are risks involved when candidates fight each other. Therefore, with the exception of special cases, we will have a mock battle with each examiner, and we will make a judgment based on the results of the battle. Each of them is a fierce fighter who can take on a hundred armed ordinary soldiers. You should challenge them with the intention of borrowing their strength."

 If there is a difference in ability between the two, they can be given a little more or less to see how good they are.

 But Rear Admiral Girung's words did not end there.

"There are some who have already reached that level of ability. They will be given a special exception and will take the practical test on our side ...... that is, on the examiner's side. Of course, if there are no problems in the written exam, they will go to the highest class.

 Oh ....... I didn't know such a system even existed.

 No, the surroundings had changed, and the whispering had become louder.

"Hey ...... there is such a system?"

"No, I've never heard of it. I mean, a hundred ordinary soldiers are the equivalent of ...... rank B examiners, right? You don't come to a place like this in the first place, normally.

"No, there's no way there's anyone that good here."

 From the sound of the "B" rank, it is likely that aspiring adventurers...

 B-rank is a rank that is reserved for a handful of the most successful of adventurers. I can see why they would say that.

"Hey, hey. Maybe I'll be chosen..."

"I don't think so ......, but yes, it would be a little bit exciting if I was chosen."

 These voices were heard here and there.

 It is true that if you are selected, you have practically passed the examination. It is understandable to have high expectations.

 And Birdola was on this side of the table.

"I see......... that you would set up a duel with him in such an elaborate manner......... that Major General, you know your way around..."

"Mr. Bhadra deserves to be chosen!" 

"It's rather strange that they made us take the test so normally!"

 It seemed a given that they would be chosen.

 Well, surely, in the vein of what you just said, if I challenge myself with Bhadra as the examiner, I can make it. .......

"Now, those whose names have been called, step forward! I will begin after informing the chosen ones of the exam and how to proceed!"

"Hey, Lilt."

 Rear Admiral Girn was about to start his presentation when he was approached by Awen.


"You're almost certainly going to be called, so I'm going to go ahead and say ...... that you don't need to add or subtract anything from them, let alone the others."

 He said, referring to Birdola and the others.

"Show them here. Show them a little bit of your power."

 I was about to make a comment about his assumption that I would be chosen when Rear Admiral Girun started calling my name.