18 - 017 Entrance Examination Part 9

 Rear Admiral Girn announces the names of the candidates who will serve as examiners.

 The first was a man that everyone could agree on.

"Her Royal Highness, Merilia Lia Galderdo."


 He steps forward with such fluidity that those around him gasp.

"Of course."

"Yes. He said he wasn't here for an exam. ......"

 After listening to what I had just said, there was no dissenting voice around us, let alone from Awen and me.

 The next person called .......



 After smiling at me, Awen steps forward.

 Well, this is certainly a good choice for a practical. As well as the people around me.

"Is that the black blade ......?"

"You're a bounty hunter or ...... haven't you made a lot of money already?"

"No, it happens all the time. They go from being bounty hunters to adventurers to make ends meet, or they try to make a steady income in the military."

"Well, either way, it's nice. ...... I want to go to Merilia's."

"Speak nonsense. You've got a lot of magic power, don't you?

 I see: .......

 You're both famous.

 And here's the unexpected.

"Salas Ein."

"What? Ha, yes. ......"

 That girl is .......

"That guy! You put a stain on Ms. Beadler's clothes, and what the hell!"

 Beadle's cronies are up in arms.

 Yes. It was the dwarf girl who bumped into Beadle.

"...... Who's that girl?"

"I wonder if he's blind. ......

"I mean, why is that girl ......?"

"But aren't you lucky? If we beat her, we pass, right?"


 The evaluation took a turn for the worse.

 Some people just looked at the girl with a somewhat nervous expression on their faces. It was only at this point that I noticed it myself.

 I didn't notice it at first glance, but she has a demon eye. Looking at her again, I realized that she was wearing something quite powerful. The most famous magic eye is petrification magic or charm. .......

"What the hell is that? ......"

 It seems she is not just a girl.

 But the subject was quickly changed by Rear Admiral Girun's words.

"Well, the next one is the last."

 The students are buzzing with excitement.

"Is it me?"

"It could be me."

 Among the students who jokingly expressed their expectations, there was one person in particular who stood out.

"It's got to be me. I see...that man is surprisingly clever to create a place to fight like this."

 He didn't even say his name, but he just walked out, and the people around him looked at him in confusion.

"You don't have to say my name. It's me, isn't it? I know."

 Birdra stepped forward with a stately step, but Rear Admiral Girun gave him a look of dismay, then said nothing and told him his name.


 Birdra and his cronies freeze.

 I responded in a delicate atmosphere as Rear Admiral Girn appealed to me with his eyes to hurry up.

"Yes. ......"