20 - 019 Kirik Point of View Memories

Find it, whatever it takes!

"So, but I can't find it anywhere in the country. ......"

But we'll find it! Whatever it takes!"

"Oh, no. ......"

Can't you do it?

"No. ...... No! We will send another search party immediately!"

 It's been a few days since Riit left.

 At first Princess Kilik was angry at his absence, but then she became impatient with the butler who had not shown up after so many days.

 She is filled with regret, wondering if it is her fault that Lyto has disappeared.

 To dispel his fears, Kilik is repeating the same mistakes, and he does not realize it yet.

 Only a few days have passed, and already three stewards have resigned from their posts.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

"Why ......"

 I haven't slept well for days.

 I think about him every day.

"Why did he leave me! Riit!"

 I won't forgive you. I have to find him.

 No matter what it takes. ...... no matter what it takes. .......

"I will find him. ......"

 The first time I met him was on a visit to the orphanage where I had been taken.

"I never thought Her Royal Highness would come to visit me. ......! I am honored."

 I think it was some plump, unattractive woman saying something like that.

 Belayne, who brought me here, also said a greeting I didn't understand.

"Granma! I'll leave this here for you."

"Oh, thanks for everything. "Oh, thanks for everything, Lyto."

"How ...... did you help out at that age ......?"

"No,...... actually, I'm ashamed to say that the work she does has gone beyond the realm of nanny,...... from laundry and cleaning to feeding the entire orphanage, but these days I'm more of a nanny. It seems that ......"

"What a surprise! How old is he?

 While the two adults were talking like that, he was certainly moving around a lot.

 The maid who helped me change my clothes at the castle and the waiter who brought me meals did not move so quickly.

 I was gawking at him, who was about the same age as me, when he waved his hand at me cheekily.


 It was only for a moment.

 With that, he went back to his work, as if he had lost interest in me.

 He was a real hard worker.

"Belayne. Let's go get him and bring him home."

"Master Kilik, ...... you are a very discerning man. I would have done the same.

 It is a great honor for an orphan to be taken to the royal palace.

 The orphanage will receive money, and the chosen orphan will be promoted to the highest rank.

 I am sure they will bow their heads in gratitude to me.

 That's what I thought, so I called out to him.

"Rejoice! I will take you to the castle."

 But he didn't show much of a reaction.

"Oh. You're a princess. I'm Lyto. There are delicious apples growing over there. Let's eat them together!"

"Huh? Hey, hey, hey!

Ha-ha-ha. Be careful on your way.

"Vilain! What?

 I'd hardly ever spoken to a boy my own age.

 And then suddenly he took my hand and started running, without any regard for me, even though I couldn't move in my dress.

"Ha...... ha...... you......"


"What the hell is ...... really ......?"

"Try it."

 I was forced to nibble when I was told that.

"Oh, ......"

"How do you like it?"

 But I still don't know any food that tastes better than the apple I ate then.