21 - 020 Kirik Point of View, and then

 After six months, there was no job he couldn't do, and by the time a year had passed, he was already doing more than anyone else I had ever seen.

 I had brought him here to take care of me, but before I knew it, Lyto, who could do anything, had become a favorite among the adults.

"Lyto. Can I have some tea?"

"I'm sorry, Master Kilik. I have a favor to ask you."

"Lyto. I'm looking for these clothes.

"I'm sorry, Master Kilik. I'm sorry, Master Kirik. I can't take my hands off you right now. ......"


I'm sorry, Kirik-sama.

 Normally, it would be outrageous to ignore what I have to say.

 But Lyto does everything so well that before I knew it, he had been taken over by adults who have more say than I do.

 So I made him my personal butler.

"Does it hurt? Miss?"


 Lyto asks me while brushing my hair. My tailcoat is looking good, and it's now my job to think of me first.

 For a while, I have the place to myself.

 But it didn't last long.

 Lyto was too good.


"Yes. Here's today's haircut."

"What, when did you go to ......?"

We also have food available in the cafeteria.

"Yes. ......"

I'm off to see Lord Bilrain for a few minutes.

"Let's see, ......."

 I have to do everything I need to do in my life ahead of time, and I have to take on other tasks as well.

 Naturally, the people around me would not let go of the talented Lyto.

 As I had my own things to do, the time with Lyto was disappearing day by day.


"Can I help you? Miss."

 And yet, he does his job perfectly.

 I call out to him and before I know it, he's right in front of me.

 That's why I'm .......

"Lyto, I give you an order."

 I thought up tasks that even Lyto would not be able to do and imposed them on him so that he would have no time for anyone but me.

 Lilit did it all, and did it well. ...... and .......


 The more I thought about it, the more I felt crushed by all the emotions that welled up in me.

 But .......

"I'm going to find it, I'm going to find it, I'm going to find it, I'm going to find it. ......"

 Even if I have to chase you to the ends of the earth, ...... I will find you.

 You can't run away from me. It's unforgivable.

 I'll find you and I'll tell you what I'll do. .......

 First, you'll have to make me some tea. No one makes tea better than Lyt.

 Second, I need to get my hair done. No one knows my hair better than Lit.

 I don't like my garden anymore. Lito, who used to tell the gardener what to do according to my mood, is gone.

 The rest can be found at .......

 There is so much more to do.

 But ...... first and foremost .......

"You must find ......."

 And .......

"Apologize ...... because you're going to do it ......"

 The pillow was already soaked with tears.