22 - 021 Training school life

 The entrance examination was successfully completed.

 Awen was also chosen as an examiner for the practical test, and both of them were admitted to the highest class.

"But aren't we the only four people in this ...... entrance exam?"

 As Awen said, the room to which he was directed was filled only with students whom he did not know, except for the one who was the examiner at that time.

 They were the elites who had been admitted to the school without an examination.

 One of them, a man with blond hair, was leaning back in his chair and called out to me.

"Well. So there are some better ones among the losers. You'll do your best not to be a drag.

"Geek, don't you think it's a pity to bully him too much? The people who had to take the test are going to fail anyway."

"Yes. We're already in the field, we're not like those amateurs.

 The man called "Geek" has a girl on either side of him.

 Just by the way he was dressed, he looked ...... like a man of greatness.

 No, wait, ...... this face looks familiar.

"There's something strange out there!"

 Awen said this with an air of eagerness, but he looked away, as if he was no longer interested.

 I remember.

 I had seen him several times when he was a little boy in the service of the princess.

 Geek-von-Calum. Heir to the earldom of Callum.

 And the Counts of Callum were the only Imperial nobles who had ties to the Kingdom of Athrelita and Princess Kilik.

 As I was thinking about this, I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

"How do you do?"

"Your Highness Merillia."

"Let's not, Your Highness. We are all students here.

"But ......"

"And it's a little ...... lonely that you only address me with honorifics."

 He was a cunning man.

 The way he pursed his lips, even when he did it on purpose, was a picture.

"Well, well, well. Your Highness. "My pleasure."

"Yes, Mister Geek. I see you're all here.

 Huh? What did you say about honorifics to me?

 Before I had time to make a comment, the instructor in charge came into the classroom.

 He was large enough to walk through the door. .......

"Are you all here?"

 It was Major General Girn.

"Good. Gillen in charge of the special class, rank of major general, now we have a problem. What's my class number? You there, answer me."

"Yes. I'll be in class 7.

"Yes. This is how we check the level of knowledge of those who did not take the test. Do you know what happens to idiots in the army? You guys."

 I doubt that more than half of them understood the intent of Major General Girn's question.

 Geek took the initiative and gave the answer.

"Send the fools to the front. The harder they work, the faster they have to be processed.

"Mm. These are the men who are expected to lead our country in the future. We cannot allow that to be the case. So, gentlemen, learn well."

 Send the idiots to the front .......

 And the harder they work, the more ...... cold talk makes sense.

 The same idiot would do less damage if he did nothing.

"Now, you special class members will be going into the field of battle in a few months. I sincerely hope that you will not be idiots then. But you're class 0, apprentice officers. It is very possible that your expected role in the field of battle will be to serve in the front line. Therefore, from now on, until the actual battle, you will be trained in three main areas: magic training, swordsmanship training, and strategy training. If you are good at swordsmanship, it does not matter. In any case, be strong. And train your brains. Understand?"


 Finally, life at the training school began.