24 - 023 Magic training ②

"Then, let's begin."

 As if on cue, an oversized blue crystal burst into existence.

"Merillia, you passed."

 That's great. Freeze the crystal with ice magic, then give it a slight shock and that's it, the crystal is broken.

 It's not a big deal for those who are good at magic, but that's not what this lesson is about.

"Awen, how much magic can you do?"

"Uh,...... I can at least do some simple defense with wind magic, but most of my attacks are with this,......."

 He points to the black sword on his back.

 That should be enough.

"I suppose I could use the sword to help. Can you make just the slash fly as wind magic?"

"You could do it if you wanted to, but ...... it's not very powerful and it's just a juggling act, okay?"

"Maybe it's okay. Aim at the green stone over there and try that."

"Oh? Like this?"

 Awen draws the sword from his back and swings it down from the top with the same momentum.

 The slash, which became a blade of wind, shattered the green crystal as if it had been sucked in.


"Awen, pass."

"Wow. ...... Why?"

 The revelation was made to Awen, who was the most surprised of all.

 Not from me, but from Salas.

"This assignment is not to measure how much magic you have.

"Whoa ...... can't you do something about the whispering from behind?"

 Awen, I guess you basically specialize in frontal combat: .......

 Saras continued to talk at his own pace, not minding Awen's quibbles.

"Magic is a phase. Each substance or person has an attribute that makes it weak."

"Weaknesses ......?"

Different substances are attacked with different degrees of ease. In the military, it is important how to hide and expose the weaknesses, so it is a challenge to identify them."


 Awen murmurs in admiration as I add my own.

"Some of those stones have a fixed power to destroy them, or a fixed attribute that makes them vulnerable."

 As we talked, more and more crystals were being destroyed.

"Mirei, you passed."

"Aina, pass."

"Root, pass."

 But the instructor Aires, who can accurately detect the magic released by anyone while maintaining the magic in this situation, is really something else.

"Okay, I'll do it too."

 If it's a compatibility test, it can be done with simple magic.

 I spotted the red crystal and cast a simple fire spell.


"Oops, my bad. I had that one in my sights first."

 My magic was drowned out by a geek's magic shot from the side.