25 - 024 Magic Training ③


 But the geek's magic only drowned out my magic, and unfortunately I didn't reach the stone I was aiming for.

"Well, we'll just have to aim for another one."

 He shoots water magic at the blue crystal.

 But this too was shot down by the magic of Geek's cronies.

"Kuhuhu...... they can't pass the exam forever just because they shoot their magic stupidly and in vain. Mr. Geek."

"They should take a make-up class or something. It would be better if they would go away."

"We can take our chances after they run out of magic."

 I see: .......

 Saras saw this and moved before I did.

"The purpose of this assignment is to find out the characteristics of magic, its compatibility and how to deal with it."

 Magic power spurts out from Salas's right eye, creating a whirlpool of wind like a shock wave around him.

"Wow ......, this is ......."

"But you can win a war by force."

 Just as Salas had said, more than half of the crystalline stones floating in the air were destroyed when they hit the ground at once.

 Even the magic that had been sent flying in a hurry to interfere with the .......

"Salas, pass."

 Must be the power of the magic eye. That's .......

"Hmm. My power is gravity manipulation.

 That must be why, when he was an examiner, he was able to manipulate an axe larger than his body at will.

 The geeks watched helplessly, but then, as if coming up for air, they started to make noise again.

"d*mn ...... what power ......!"

But that little guy on the side hasn't done anything yet!

"Yes! Don't let him pass."

"No, we just lost half of ours⁉ We should do our own ......."

 He was so intent on sabotaging the project that he had not yet completed his own.

 Geek tells his cronies.

"Once you've made sure everyone has passed, destroy all the crystals."

 That's how it came about. .......

 Then .......

"Salas. Can you use some kind of protective magic?"

Hmm. I'm on it.

 Almost as soon as he answered, a magical barrier was erected around him.

 It is a barrier so strong that three ordinary wizards would need to be present, each with their own advanced skills.

 Saras' power is not only in his magic eye, after all.

Is this enough?

Good enough. Thank you."

 It's been a while since I've used this big move, so I thought it was just a precaution, but it turned out to be more than enough insurance.

"Hey! They're going to try something.

 Some magic is released from the Geeks' side.

 Before they could reach me, my magic was released.

"This is ......."

 It was Her Highness Merilia who murmured.

 It may have been magic I've never seen before. No, it was the kind of magic I was aiming for.

 The bigger the trick, the more the Kingdom's style would be on the radar. To prevent this, we imitated the magic of demons and created this .......

Dragon Breath!

"What the ......?

Our magic!

 The magic of the Geeks was so great that it swallowed up all the remaining crystalline stones and destroyed them.

"Lilt, you passed. And those whose names have not been called at this time will be given a make-up class. Details will follow, so please follow the instructions."

"Nah. ......"


 In the end, only the geeks and their cronies who had been trying to sabotage the project were given make-up classes.