28 - 027 Strategic Training (1)

"We will now begin strategic training."

 Rear Admiral Girn's voice echoes through the classroom.

"Some of you in this class have already been in combat, so we'll match you accordingly. Have you done your homework, of course?

 The first group with actual combat experience is the Geeks.

 On the other hand, those who have no war experience at all and need the most preparation are us in the entrance examination group.

"Even though I've done some research, I don't ...... feel confident about it."

"Don't worry. You can learn what you don't know from now on.

 Merilia, who for some reason was sitting on this side of the room, encouraged Awen, who was feeling weak.

"This is a special class, and in the future many of you will be in higher positions than I am now.

 Class 7, above the rank of major general. ......

"The empire is always on the front lines in many directions. Therefore, each front is often headed ...... by a general. This is the final point that you are going to ...... now, answer the path that those who stand in this position must be aware of. Salas."

"Hmm. "

"Correct. What does it mean?

"To be kind to others and to do the right thing in a virtuous manner."

"You've studied hard."

 Royal Road.

 It's all that the top aims for.

 But the basis of it is virtue. If you don't do what you do with a good heart, people won't follow you.

 So no matter how inefficient they are, if they take even one prisoner, they will do their utmost to recapture it. This will lead to attracting the most people and increasing efficiency.

"Well, however, as a military man, neither a general nor a general can think this far. It's more likely that it's the royal families and the upper nobility that need this."

 Major General Girn's eyes catch those of Merilia and Geek.

"Then what is the path you need to take as a military command? Lilt."

 His eyes meet Rear Admiral Girn's.

"<>, sir."

"Good. Tell me your high road.

I will be courteous and respectful.

"Hmm. ...... what is its purpose?"

"Bowing is free. If you make them feel good, it's often easier for them."

"Good. To rule with both arms and knowledge, but the military is a mass of arms to begin with. What we need is the knowledge part.

 When I finish my answer, Awen is quick to call out to me.

When you say it, it sounds like you really feel it.

"Why not?"

 I answered with a laugh.

 After that, the confirmation continued.

 What is required at the working level is to get the facts right.

 And at the upper level of the working class, we need to be aware of .......

"<>. It is the duty of the people who support the empire to have a system that is based on the rule of law and that protects the upper class if they work diligently."

 Geek replied.

"But, of course, being industrious and stupid is a hindrance."

"Yes. As a matter of fact, our schedule has been accelerated and you will be going to the southern front right away. What is required of you there is this diligence and the ability to get the facts straight."