29 - 028 Strategic Training 2

"Are you on the southern ...... front against the Celestian Republic?"

 Melillia asks.

"Yes. They've formed an alliance with the Duchy of Balm in the southeast."

"Nah. ......"

 Melillia is astonished.

 The geeks and other aristocrats on duty were more than a little surprised by her words.

"Hey, Lilt. What's wrong with that?

 Awen asked me by ear, and I answered while trying to get my head around it.

"The Republic of Celestia has no major enemies to the west or south, and we trade with them, but we don't get along with the Duchy of Balm to the southeast, and they've been watching our backs, so we've been able to maintain our frontline."

"Hmmm... ...... I mean ......."

"The Celestian Republic will now be able to apply its full strength to the Empire."

"That's ......."

 Awen seems to understand.

"We will gather soldiers from all fronts of the empire, but we can't move the commander class or the ace class. You are expected to move first with the soldier class, but you can also take command and be the key on the battlefield right away.

 Certainly, Merillia's magic and Awen's swordsmanship are ace-class enough to move the battlefield.

"You'll hear about the practical skills in the other lectures. In this section, we will check how to move when you are asked to play an active role in the field as a commander. First of all, there will be a group leader class in the field, or in some cases, a captain class right away."

 A squad consists of a few people, but a corps consists of dozens to hundreds of people. That's enough people to influence the war situation.

 On the southern front, the Celestian Republic, which had about 20,000 soldiers, would increase its numbers.

 If we consider an increase in force of more than double the number of troops,...... is it possible that a neutral field with a shortage of commanders or a capable man could suddenly lead a squadron?

"Are we the only ones coming out of the training school?"

 Melillia asks.

"Those who have been admitted as a special class like you have already been sent to various places. We will mobilize the regular class, but to be honest, it will be quite different from what is expected of you.

"I see. ......"

 It was going to be an earlier debut than expected.

"In this lecture, you will hone your skills as a commander, but there are really only a handful of people who can make it in the field where you want immediate results," he said. If you show such ability in this lecture, I will raise your rank by my authority and send you to the field.

The whole class is buzzing.

"Special promotion: ......"

"Does this mean that you will no longer be class 0 at the time of training school?"

Saras and Merilia whispered.

"We'll use this ...... to determine its power."

Major General Girn brought out a map.

"Let's see what would happen if you were in command of a battle based on historical facts," he said.

The map spread out in three dimensions. Soldiers, bases, weapons, and forces are displayed on the map.

"It's a mock battle on the board.