30 - 029 Strategic Training ③

"Mock battle: ......"

"Mr. Lilt, did you know?"

"Just a form ......"

 A tool to simulate warfare through magic.

 I had heard that it was used in military discussions, but this was the first time I had seen it in action.

"The rules are not clear. As a commander, you give instructions, and the pieces move according to the moves that are theoretically possible on the map. If the instructions are ambiguous, the pieces may do strange things, and the best pieces may move beyond the commander's expectations. Weather and troubles can also occur. This happens with a probability calculated from data that has occurred in the area throughout history."

 From the description, it is a rather sophisticated magical tool.

 Only a few people have seen the real thing.

 A limited number of people, like the ...... geeks. The geek says to Major General Girung.

"I can imagine that the situation on the southern front is quite reasonable, since this is mentioned here for the sake of it.

"That's right. They're going to be desperate for a man like you with real-world experience.

I'm sure. And with this achievement, how many men will we be able to take care of?

 Geek asks with a smile on his face.

 But Major General Girung's reply hardened his expression.

"I can take care of 10,000 men. You can leave half of them with me, depending on how well you do.


 Major General Girun grins and Geek stiffens from nervousness.

 I guess he did not expect to be entrusted with half ...... of the 5,000 lives.

 And I had not thought that far at all.

 Once the number exceeds 1,000, the war situation depends largely on the success or failure of the unit.

 In a few hundred, a hero is a hero, but beyond a thousand, a war criminal is a war criminal.

"Well, I don't expect that much. But if you can beat me with this, I'll really let you do it.

"You must be joking. You know better than anyone that the atmosphere of a game on the board and the atmosphere of a real game are very different.

"Well, yes. But that's why it's important to leave it with us. To be frank, there is no need to take the high road on this scale. If we can get to the bottom of what is theoretically correct, then we may be able to finish this sooner."

 I see.

 You can't know what it's like until you've actually been involved in the life and death of a person.

 I haven't seen hundreds or thousands of lives exchanged. You may be able to feel it in the air.

"Well, try it. "Well, try it. Even if it takes a month in real time, it'll still take a whole day."

 Rear Admiral Girn then lays out the map in the classroom.

"The game has already begun. The conditions are not the same. Some boards are hopeless. Pick a spot and sit down."

 At the call, everyone rushes to move.

 The ones who were late to the party were us in the test group and the geeks who, perhaps on a dare, did not make a move.

"Let's show them that we're not like you!

 The geek and the women on both sides of the room are provoking me.

 The one on the right, with long wavy hair and an open-breasted dress, is .......

Eleonor Ri Vallius. She is the third daughter of the Marquise de Vallius. Please take a moment to get to know me.

 Against left.

 Blonde hair and slanted eyes.

"I'm Lilith Re-Levius. Countess Leviathus' eldest daughter.

 He introduces himself languidly.

 Melillia followed behind me.

"Eleonor is Mr. Geek's fiancée. Mr. Geek's family home, the Count of Kalm's Frontier Domain, is vast, and the powerful nobles near the Imperial City were fighting to take it over.

"Is the same true for Lilith?"

No official announcement has been made, but I'm sure it will happen."

 I see.

 A picture-perfect harem of aristocrats. Awen stared at me with hatred.