32 - 031 Strategic Training 【 [Geek Point of View] → [Lilt Point of View]

 ◇Geek's Point of View

"Huh. ...... winning in a positive history is not necessarily an advantage."

 The pieces on the board are overwhelmingly ours in number and quality.

 We have suffered from bad weather conditions, which is an irregularity in the official history, but the probability of the same situation happening on this board is only about 30%.

 The man standing aloof in front of you probably doesn't know that.

"Why is this guy a princess in the first place? ......"

 I didn't like him.

 I hope Her Highness Merillia will be a little more alert to the unusual situation where a man of unknown identity is so highly regarded.

"Well, if we beat him here, he'll probably lose interest."

 He shifts his gaze to the board.

 I have already experienced this simulation. As a result, I have developed a route where the weather does not get worse in the simulation.

"Now all we have to do is to take care of the wizards just in case.

 We will take advantage of our superiority in numbers and devote our manpower to searching for the enemy.

 At the same time, we will prepare our positions so that we can launch an attack immediately.

 We took precautions.

 Even if he realizes the usefulness of the wizards and tries to bring about a thunderstorm, which is a prerequisite for victory, the wizards are disposed of as soon as they are found near the enemy's main camp.

 Then I win.

 (◇Lilt's point of view)

"It has begun."

 Three days have passed on the board, and the pieces are moving according to the initial instructions.

 So far they have only been able to move, but now they are ready to start maneuvering.

"First of all, let's try to crush the scouts.

 The opponent's formation is visible to us if it is in a visible position, but we cannot see the hidden units.

 We want to find out as much information as possible about the enemy's position, including how much of the rearguard is left, but of course, it is more difficult for us to move in the opponent's field, so information transfer tends to be delayed.

"But still, ......, you've been spreading a lot of spotting around the main camp. ......"

 Already close to 20 groups just by destroying them.

 We can use our superiority in numbers here. .......

 And they are no longer hiding it, they are advancing a firepower force centered on the Order of the Dragon.

"I see,...... this route,...... well, what we do is the same no matter where we come from."

 The end result of the positive history is that bad weather prevents the performance of firepower weapons, but if the bad weather is ...... artificially created, it can naturally be more effective than that.

 No matter where you come from, there is only one thing to do.

"Let's let the wizard do his job."

 We will summon thunderclouds along the route of Geek's march, or rather, along the road that leads to us, as seen on the map.

 Our advantage over the Blue Army is our geographical advantage and the quality of this wizard force.